Sunday, 31 May 2009

Swap Update Part 2 ^_^ & a few random bits and pieces.

[More look/contest posts next week, promise ;). & I've been tagged to show my blogging space, which I'll do ASAP too ;D.]

*IsaDora Delirious is available here in Greece :). I (of course >:-D) love how fluorescent the eye palette is :D, but I'm not sure whether I'll end up getting it yet ;). The liner is gorgeous, but my Avon Turquoise liner is similar enough, so I don't need it :-P. The lip colours are a bit too bright for me to like :(. (Maybe they'd work for darker complexions?) And surprisingly, I quite like the perfume :). Do test it if you have the chance to ;D.

*I've moved my eye products out of the Hello Kitty case & into a gold Estee Lauder one I have - it's much bigger. The Hello Kitty case now houses my cheek stuff, or, as I like to call them, face enhancers ;).
I'll probably throw in a pic of the gold case in my next post. I officially have WAY too many shadows. And I still want more. I'm still getting more :-P.
My fave quote related to this subject..."Well, at least we're addicted to something healthy."

*I've received my first ever Blind Swap ^_^!!! It's from Nikki :), and I feel a bit surreal, swapping with such a famous blogger XD. She got me truly wonderful stuff, I can't wait to share it with you ^_^. But of course I have to wait till she receives mine ;D.
Also, I've finally sent out the last part of my Watercolour Mega Swap :), so I'll be able to post that up soon too ^_^.

And here are some more swaps :).

Swap 1 [Malaysia].

(For my 2 Estee Lauder sample packaging eye shadow duos in Neptune and Jupiter, some perfume samples and some extras.)

A Clinique eye shadow in Blue Lagoon :), a Lumiere eye shadow in Cafe Latte, and 2 Estee Lauder mini glosses in Sugarcane and Burgundy ;). She also kindly added a sample of MAC Malt as an extra :). It's lipstick - I thought it was a Paint Pot sample at first (lol) XD, but nope, it's lip colour ^_^.

Swap 2 [The USA].

(I bought her three Korres Lip Butters. I've been kinda meaning to try some of these myself 'cause everyone adores them :-/, but I have enough lip balms ;D. Proof here :-P.)

She was beyond generous :). Behold this lot :D...And much of it was extra :-P ^_^. So, we have...

*A Mark Flip For It palette in South Beach :). I love these ^_^! As you know XD.
*Wet & Wild trios in Aquamarine, Jewels and Green Moss.
*A Prestige eye liner in Rhapsody.
*Mark eye shadows in Retro Peacock, Dragonfly and Heavenly.
*NYC eye shadows in Tiger's Eye and Aquamarine.
*Bourjois Little Round Pot eye shadow in Khaki Etonnant.
*Sonia Kashuk lip balm - that was an extra :). Gave it to my sister ;).
*Samples of Pure Luxe blush in Cheeky, Pure Luxe blush in Giddy (swapped that off), and Fyrinnae eye shadow in Polar Bear. These were extras too :).
*2 NYX loose shadows - also as extras ^_^! They don't have names on :-/, but they're a silvery white & a coppery red.
*Wet & Wild Diamond Brilliance lip gloss in 616.
*Palladio plumping lip gloss - another extra XD! This is such a nice peachy nude, and large as my collection may be, I actually did not have this colour...Until now :). Can't wait to use it ^_^.
*Lipstick extras - L'Oreal Watermelon Ice & Rimmel Birthday Suit. Swapped those off 'cause I don't use these brands ;).
*A Coastal Scents sample of Frenzy eye shadow (another extra).
*Jane Shimmering Blush in Wisteria - will swap that, I know somebody who has it on her wishlist ;D.
*A Revlon eye lash curler :). Yet another extra, and one I needed very much - thank you ^_^.

Here's a close-up of the South Beach palette :). The blush is upside down >:-D, lol XD.

I actually sort of like it though :), like my chewed-on Be:Yu lime nail polish XD ^_^. And here are the lip colours...

Nice :).

Swap 3 that was really a gift ^_^ [The USA again & a different swapper].

(I sent her a request for her Mark Bohista quad, but she couldn't find anything she liked from my stuff. So she offered it to me for free ^_^.)

I was expecting the Mark quad, and she mentioned some used Wet & Wild stuff. But I ended up receiving all this...

From left to right & all as usual: Mark Bohista eye quad, Wet & Wild Ultimate Expressions eye palettes in Sandcastle and Let It Snow (yay, covered on neutrals :D - I would've never shopped for them myself XD, thank you ^_^), a Luscious Cosmetics blush & highlighter duo in Coral Gables (that has some of the best packaging I've ever seen, read on ;D), a NYX lipstick in Iced Honey, Wet & Wild trios in Egyptian Sands and Belgian Chocolates, and a Wet & Wild blush in Berry Shimmer.

That blush can be built up to an intense & very beautiful colour that can be used as red eye shadow :).

Yes...My search is almost over ^_^. (I'm a perfectionist and will keep looking for red eye shadow that was made to be eye shadow, lol.) And since this is a blush, it's huge and will last near forever if used as shadow :). I can't believe I got this for free XD! Can't wait to use this - expect a look with it soon ;).

I compared the Belgian Chocolates trio that I got from this swap to the one I already have, and they're not identical :-/. However, they're similar enough, so I gave one to my sister ;D. She loves browns :).

More pics: the Mark quad, NYX lipstick and Luscious Cosmetics blush tin ^_^.

And here's the Luscious Cosmetics blush, opened :).

Isn't it lovely ^_^?!? I'd never even heard of that brand before receiving this. Thank you :).

& I guess the moral of this story is...Ask for things you like even if they seem out of your league, you'll never know who'll be kind to you XD ;). Thanks for reading :). Doing this contest next - why don't you try too ;D?


Citrine said...

Ha, our wet n wild trio collection are almost identical...(Except I don't have the Amazon green and I haven't seen you posting about a trio called Diamond...)

Quality wise they are really neat, but the compact get scratched so easily and it kind of pisses me off...but they are good toys never the less...

P.S. Anna Sui does have a tomato red eye shadow, it's called Eye Color Accent in 400...I have a blush in the same shade name, it make me look sunburned...

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

You had some nice swaps! Have you checked out the Nars red eyeshadow? I think that was from their spring collection, the promo pics make it look quite red.

Askmewhats said...

I love it that you've got swaps from around the world :) Great products!

Audrie said...

awesome swaps! :)

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

wow lovely swap, i cant keep up with your swappings :P

fuzkittie said...

Aw great swaps!! :D

Cris said...

Citrine, no, I don't have Diamond :(. Kinda ironic considering my blog name >:-). But being in Europe, I have to deal with whatever Wet & Wild I can find from swaps ;D.
My Aquamarine actually has a huge crack right across the lid, so yeah XD.
Will keep the Anna Sui in mind, thanks :).

Sarah, thanks :). Won't be buying Nars Grenadine though 'cause 1. It's not true red :(, 2. I have no idea where to purchase Nars in Greece XD and 3. After swapping so much, I'm kind of unwilling to work with this country's inflated prices ;).

Nikki, I know, I love it too :). Thanks again for the wonderful blind swap ^_^.

Audrie, Nic Nic & Fuz, thanks ^_^. Nic Nic, lol, I can barely keep up :-P but I love it anyway :D :).