Thursday, 2 April 2009

My Make-Up Collection Part 1: The Rimmel Case.

As you may (or may not :-P) know, I have collected so much stuff that I need more than one case to store it in. Some bloggers keep their stuff in clear cases or train cases...Not me though - mine have to be cute :-P ^_^. In fact, two of them are Hello Kitty ;). (These, I will cover later.) But I chose to begin this series (yes, this will be on-going until I cover all my stuff ^_^) with another much-loved case...

This was a present from my sister for my 19th birthday :). I specifically asked for this XD, and not because of the make-up it came with (wasn't much: Rimmel mascara, nail polish, a shadow duo and a foundation sample that was too dark so I gave it to her, but it was too dark even on her and she had issues getting it off 'cause it was a long-lasting one so she had to go to school with a mismatched face - lol, sorry for getting off-topic there XD)...I fell in love with that case :). It's just so nice and black and red and lovely ^_^.

Close-up of the Rimmel logo 'cause it's pretty :-P.

So...What do I keep in there ;D?

Well, the top section houses this lot...

Yup. Pencils :), and whatever tools I don't keep in the Shoebox ;D (will do a post on that too eventually).

Read on for pictures and lists of everything I have in there ^_^.

Tools and similar stuff:

*A little Clinique zip-up case I use to store various sponge applicators, little brushes, spatulas, eyelash curler spare pads, and any tiny tools (so they don't get lost). There's also a lash & brow comb in there ;).

*My 2 sharpeners: Tigi for normal and fat pencils, and Styli-Style for their flat pencils.

*Mascara wands, I keep them ;).

*Brushes: a MaxFactor one that came as a gift with (lol) sanitary pads, so I'm not even sure it's genuine :-P, Estee Lauder (lip and eye - but my sister discovered that the lip one works great as a liner brush :-/) and Oriflame (eye and lip).

Styli-Style Flat Pencils:

Styli-Style Flat Pencils in Rio, Paris, Buenos Aires, Vienna, Venice, Cairo, Left Bank, Soho, Monte Carlo, Madison and Aspen.

Another pic of these, from the back:

For your information, I didn't steal that 'Tester' pencil, they let me have it :-P. They had no Left Banks left except the tester, so they didn't need it anymore ;).

Eye shadow sticks, and mechanical liners:

Avon Colour Trend Bright Lights Shadow Stix in Pink Pops, Orange Crush, Vibrant Violet and Totally Turquoise, Rimmel Lash Maxxx Shadow & Liner in Pink Impact, and Oriflame Daydream Eye Definers in Free Spirit, Escape, Wander, Peace and Serene.

Pencil liners:

Oriflame Visions Dynamic Duos in Laurel & Hardy, Jekyll & Hyde, Aladdin & Yasmin, Batman & Robin, Thelma & Louise and Tom & Jerry, Oriflame Retro Chic Kajal, Avon Arabian Glow liners in Gold, Turquoise and Emerald, ArtDeco Kajal Liners in 20 and 32, and Soft Kajal Liner in 68, Tigi Bed Head Big Fat Fun Liner in Lilac, and Styli-Style Line & Seal in Smokey Quartz.

Lip liners:

ArtDeco Magic Lip Corrector 01, Oriflame Visions Read My Lips lip liners in Don't Talk Just Kiss, Nibble My Ear and Loud 'N' Clear, and Styli-Style lip liner in Tangerine.

Fat and little pencil liners (lol) ^_^:

Oriflame Visions Eye Shimmer Pencils in Shimmer Pink, Shimmer Silver and Shimmer Gold, Oriflame Visions Snow Scene Glitter Eye Pencils in Pink Ice and Silver Snow, Pupa eye liners from the Optical Red palette (gold) and the Optical Rose palette (silver), Miss Sporty Eye Pencil in Sapphire, Rimmel Eye Liner Pencil in Big Blue, Styli-Style Line & Seal eye liners in Twilight Crepuscule and Tanzanite, the silvery grey end of an old Oriflame Visions duo pencil (I used up all of the white end), and ArtDeco Camouflage Stick in 3.

That ArtDeco concealer is too dark for me, so if anyone wants to swap for it, let me know ;). And it also was something they let me have, for the same reason as Styli-Style Left Bank :-P.

That was the top section. The lower section contains...

Lip balms :).

A whole lot of lip balms ;D. I tried to collect them all for the blog, and I think I have, but there might be another one or two somewhere in a bag or pocket, you know how these things are XD. But I think they're all there :). Except the Burt's Bees lip balm from my swap with Sarah, 'cause I took the pics before receiving that ;).

Lip Smackers:

Frosty Favourites Collection (contains 2 Lip Smackers and a clear gloss), Giant Lip Smackers in Cotton Candy and Strawberry, and Lip Smackers in Strawberry Kiwi, Vanilla Lights, Berry Heavenly, Magical Melon, Cool Raspberry Ice, Party Berry, Marshmallow and Spun Sugar Shine - these were all from a party pack.


Top row: Limited Edition Classic, 2 different Limited Editions of Pearl & Shine, Velvet Rose, Sensitive, Med Protection and Hydro Care.
Second row: Cherry Kiss, Strawberry Kiss, Passion Fruits, Sweet Melon, Mandarin Vanilla, Sun and UV Alpin.

Oriflame (the first four are from Visions):

Strawberry, Berry, Mint, Tropics, Lollipop, Cranberry, 2 Winter Balms, and the classic Oriflame Lip Balm. I think I'll swap one of the Winter Balms away, but the problem is that they look identical so I have no idea which has been used (I used one of these maybe once or twice, and the other one's brand new).


Neutrogena Norwegian Formula SPF 20 Lip Balm, Avon Care Vita Nourish Lip Balm, Avon Care Valentine's Day Special Edition Lip Balm, Softlips Cocktails Mexican Sunrise lip balm, and Bebe Young Care lip balms in Rose Tendre and Silky Vanilla.

That was the Rimmel case, ladies :). Next: Hello Kitty Eye - that is, the Hello Kitty case that houses my eye shadows...But I may have to move them soon, 'cause it's literally overflowing XD. I have so much eye stuff...And I still want more :D! Lol. They're all different though ;). Mostly XD.

Swatches and reviews on request ;).

If you want to swap for anything, you can ask...But I may say no :-P. Or I might say yes. Depends on the items ;).

Thanks for reading :D! I hope this post was pleasurable :-P...I know I love looking at other people's collections :), so I hope some of my readers do too ^_^.


Zoella. said...

WOW, that is an impressive collection of lipbalms missy! x

HeavenNRJ said...

Cool!:) I wonder why we don't have any LE Labello here?:/ How do you like Avon Care Valentine's Day Special Edition Lip Balm?:)

ohmypetticoat said...

God, you sure have a lot of lip balms! Haha.

Askmewhats said...

I love your collection! and I am salivating with all those lip products and eyeliners!

musicalfanlovesminerals said...

that's a LOT! i can't wait to see the rest.

Jerah197 said...

whoa you got loads of stuff!!! love it :D

Cris said...

HeavenNRJ you're back, yay :D! Missed you ^^.
I don't know why there are no Limited Edition Labellos in Finland :o...That must suck :(.
I love the Valentine's balm :D. It's pink and shimmery, and feels nice and soft - if you can find it, get it ;).

Thanks for the comments everyone ^_^! Yeah, I have a bit of a balm addiction :-P...Have to keep my lips nice and soft and lovely :), or I'm sad :(, lol. And these are only my stick balms - I have a few potted ones, but I keep those in the Hello Kitty lip case (along with the lipsticks and glosses), so they'll be part of that blog when I type it up ;).

HeavenNRJ said...

Thanx, hun!:) I purchased so many stuff in this last month. And got my order from Cherry Culture after 2 months of waiting!:) Have to do something about it.:/ Gotta take pictures.:) I would be lost in all these yummy lip balms. lol I have 6 at the moment and I feel bad - I neglect some of them... lol

HeavenNRJ said...
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HeavenNRJ said...
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HeavenNRJ said...

Hey, you didn't mention which one is your favourite, did you?:) Or did I miss something?:/ lol

Anonymous said...

Oh, you have a lot of pencil shades! ;) I don't have any. Are they good? I think, easy to use, hm?

By the way, I never asked... where are you from? Just being nosey, hihi...

fuzkittie said...

Wooow you have so many Nivea lip balms! xD That's awesome! Great collection

Cris said...

I didn't because I can't pick a single favourite out of...50? Lol, I'll go count them.
42 stick balms (including my new Burt's Bees) :).
A few I'd recommend...[Confession: Haven't yet used any Lip Smackers except the fat ones :-P. I'm saving them until I use up a few of the others ;D.] Both Fat Lip Smackers (you don't have to get the big ones though, lol). Labello Cherry, Hydro Care, Med Protection and Velvet Rose. Oriflame Mint, Tropics, Lollipop, Cranberry and the Lip Balm...Both Avon balms, and both Bebe Young Cares, and the Neutrogena.
Oh, and my new Burt's Bees :-P.
But I love all of them ^_^!!!

Fuz, thanks XD.

Jess, regular pencils are good :). Styli-Style flats, you have to get a bit used to flipping them, lol, because they're shaped differently and all...But once I got the hang of it, <3 :D. I do own eleven ;D.
I don't really like the mechanical ones though :(. Very pretty colours, it's just hard to get them to draw well on the lid (as opposed to my hand). And they don't melt well - they burn instead XD.
[I often melt my liners with a lighter to get more colour - or to make them look liquider. Not a real word, I know XD.]
Where I'm from...Can't answer, I'm sorry (I do have my reasons). But since I've only lived in my 'true' country for three or so years, I'm not even sure it can be considered my country, lol. But I do have a Greek passport, so I'm not here illegally or anything :-P. [Honestly, who'd live here by choice >:-D? Actually having to live here is nothing like a vacation, trust me...]
Oh, and English's technically not my 'first' language, but it seems to be my best. Maybe 'cause I love it :).

Nicola said...

you have a lip balm addiction like me!! :) i need to stop buying them!!!

Tierra said...

Wow! Are you sure you don't want to use a makeup case? Haha

May I recommend:

Cris said...

Lol thanks. But I never have that much money left - or when I do, I have stuff on my wishlist I'd rather spend it on :-P.
But I like that thing - if I ever get one, it'll be a similar one ;D ^_^.

Asuka said...

You got a cool collection there :D
Specially the lip balms..OMG I am a crazy lip balm fan...8->
btw..if you are interested in buying Oriflame stuff...just send me a mail...I dunno whether you are already an oriflame agent :) anyway I am...:D heeeeeeeeee
send me a mail
I know it sounds crazy :D heeee.....
btw ..there's a special promotion on this pallette in June..:) check it out :)

Cris said...

Me too XD! That's why I have so much of their stuff, catalogues are my weakness :-P ;).
That palette looks nice but I won't be getting it - I have SO much stuff now that I have to be a bit picky ;).

Anonymous said...

^_^ heheee....I can imagine..

& hey did you see the new essentials hydra rich lip looks nice...:D