Friday, 3 April 2009

Too Faced The Limited Edition Miss Sixty Palette, and random info (contests and giveaways) from around the Blogosphere. You're welcome ^_^.

Isn't it freaking lovely :D?

For the record, this was my first ever Too Faced item :). I know it's not new, but I love Limited Edition stuff, and I might've gotten it in a swap or whatever :-P...I don't mind it not being new :). I'm just happy I managed to get it ^_^!

For 13 Euros.

Yes, you read that right :). Too Faced retail prices are normally not as inflated as some other brands here (ahem, MAC, Benefit or Clinique, just to mention a few), but this was even cheaper than normal ;). Most likely because this is an old item :-P.

The back ;). I love love love book-shaped palettes ^_^!!!

The palette has a pocket in front ;), to keep this adorable mirror in ^_^! I hope I don't break it :-P. Oh, and isn't the whole jean theme so...Inspiring, for a palette XD? I love it :).

Opening this lovely palette reveals this...

Four eye shadows (great colours, I love them all), 2 powder liners (the left one's glittery and the right one's matte) that I suppose could be used as shadows if you felt like it ;), a double sponge applicator (kinda dishonest of Too Faced to describe it as a brush if you ask me, but I forgive them XD), an amazingly shimmery peach blush (might work for highlighting purposes too, it's that sheeny), and four lovely glosses :D.

The floral design inside is entrancing, isn't it ^_^? I love it when brands put some effort into packaging their products prettily, especially with palettes - had I merely wanted a few shades stuck in one container, I'd buy a cheap empty palette and make my own :-P ;).

But yes, something isn't quite right on that pretty picture...

The blush is a tiny bit broken :(.

But that's just my bad luck >:-D. This was the last palette they had left, so I wasn't really able to do anything about it :-P. At least it's the largest item in the palette - and it's just a tiny chunk ;D :).

So...Am I satisfied with this purchase?

Yes :).

Will I buy more stuff from Too Faced?

Yes ^_^.

Amazing colour range, fun names and packaging, affordable enough, and cruelty-free - seems perfect to me XD.

Now, as promised...Various info I've picked up around the net ^_^. Trust the girl with the hundred plus blogs on her follow list to know things that others don't ;D...Lol XD.

Oh, and all of these are international :D. I don't bother with stuff marked as 'US only' :-P ;).

*If you love to rock red lips, try the pin-up contest :).
*Feel like trying some stuff from Illamasqua? Well, go ahead and unleash your Alter Ego for this contest and you might just win :-P :D.
*Lastly, sweet Janet's hosting another contest ^_^, a double one - to enter, post your best interpretations of a masquerade look and a fresh lovely spring look ;).
*Laura of Pastel19 is having a giveaway :). It's for followers only though...So follow her ;).
*The Shades Of U is having an Easter giveaway :D! There are 2 amazing prize bunches - and all you have to do is tell her which one you'd love to win, and why ;D.
*Want to win a Beauty UK brights palette, Barry M lip paint and Eyeko Pastel nail polish? Enter here - but hurry up 'cause it closes tonight ;)!

Thanks for reading :). And if you know of any other cool contests or giveaways taking place, please do tell me ;D.


Vonnie said...

wow...such a pretty palette...and thanks for the give away contests info..:-)

~tHiAmErE~ said...

i was about to buy that palette too but since i haven't found a good review on it,i did not..

now ill see if i can still get my hands on it.


pastel19 said...

Thank you for mentioning my giveaway, I wondered why I got a flood of comments on it today! :D

✿Ji✿ said...

The palette looks really pretty!^^

I miss my short hair!;) I think short hair is equally versatile to long hair, I think I styled my short hair more often than my hair now.^^

Cris said...

Vonnie, no problem ;).

Thiamere...Get it ^_^!!! If you can find it ;D.

Laura, I hope that's a good thing XD.

Ji, I have no idea how to style short hair. Or long hair, for that matter...I'm lousy with hair XD, lol.

c said...

I remember seeing that palette before! I like the floral design inside :)

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

Whoops that was me above :P Signed in with wrong google acc.

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

thats a pretty palette! shame it's a little broken.. at least most of it is okay :) i have never seen miss sixty cosmetics, i find most their clothes in uk, a bit over over-priced!! o_O