Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Contest Entry: Fresh Spring Look. Cris-style :-P.

Important Note 1: Easter in Greece is next Sunday. I hope that explains a few things XD.

Important Note 2: If you can shop online, please take a look at this blog sale :). There's some lovely stuff (MAC, Asian skincare etc.), and you'll be helping out someone who needs it at this point in time ;D. Thank you ^_^!

This is my look for Janet's second contest. I had no inspiration for the masquerade look though :(, so I couldn't do that part...And I know I don't look too happy on here >:-)...It's the picture taking - I HATE it. I'm just not a very pretty girl, and it's hard to get pics that look relatively OK...I don't enjoy it :(. Oh, and I need a haircut >:-D. And colour :-P.

Anyway...My pessimistic ramblings aren't worth reading so I'll just get on with the blog post XD.

I have no inspiration pic for this look 'cause I made it up :-P. Before starting, I (oddly enough) knew what products I wanted to use, but had no idea how. I made it up as I went along XD. Basically, it's a multicoloured light eye with no mascara, paired with fresh lips and a pale but luminous face :).

Eye close-up:

(Note: My make-up skills are nothing special, so I usually work with two or three colours at a time ;D.)

How to do the Cris Spring 2009 Eye :-P

[I'll list the products below next to my product pic - I suppose using the exact same things as I did may simplify things a little, but you don't have to ;).]

*Line the lower inner lashline with white. We're going for medium opacity here - white enough to look white and not merely shimmery, not white enough to evoke a graphic 60s eye XD. I love them, but not for this look :-P.

*Line the lower outer lashline with a matte bright pretty blue :). Make it a skinny line ;).

*Shade the outer eyelid with a pink similar to the one I used - I can't think of a good way to describe the colour >:-). True pink perhaps? Not too hot, not too soft, not too milky and light :).

*Fill in the inner eyelid with a light lettuce green.

*Blend XD.

*Leave lashes alone. I think that keeps the look freshly blooming as opposed to overly dramatic :-P ;). Note though that my lashes are naturally black and long, so if yours are pale or you don't have many, you might try adding a single coat of a natural-looking mascara for a similar effect. Or you can let them be anyway - naked pale lashes are certainly out of the ordinary, and you know I love that ;D :).

And here's my usual products pic and list ^_^.

Face: As usual, Oriflame Visions Fresh Face Foundation in Porcelain Doll, and Tigi Bed Head Fixx-It Stick in Light. But, instead of using matte powder, I used my Shimmer Balls :). They do have a proper product name but I've no idea what it is :-P. And I took them off my Swap Sale 'cause nobody wanted them - but if anyone does, you can still let me know and maybe I'll let you have them ;).

Eyes: I used Oriflame Visions Dynamic Duo liner in Laurel & Hardy, Styli-Style Flat Pencil in Vienna, ArtDeco eye shadow in 243, and Avon's eye shadow duo in Porcelain Doll.

Cheeks: Nothing ^_^.

Lips: I wanted to see how my Burt's Bees lip balm would do as a base - it works well ;). (Only on lustrous or shimmery colours of course, but I never use base with matte colours anyway, I prefer to work them right into the lips.) I chose Oriflame Power Shine lip colour in Rose Bite for this look - shiny but soft :).

More pictures...

Revisiting the classic Diamond Enigma looking-through-the-hair eyes, as I'm sure everyone's had enough of my other signature pose (that mouth :-P) for the time being >:-). Oh, and my forehead is indeed a tad too pink - I was out of practice regarding shimmer balls, and...I ended up applying too much colour, as you can see XD.

Bending my head helps me look nicer, OK? If it works, there's no need to fix it :-P.

I'm not as hostile as I look, honest XD! Well, I hope so anyway :-P.

Oh, and I tried very hard to get a smiling photograph, but it wasn't meant to be >:-). I promise to do one next time though...It'll probably be my Easter look, and if I can't freaking smile prettily on Easter, I doubt I can do it at all XD. Thanks for your patience on this :).

And thanks for reading :).

P.S. I got something beyond lovely in the mail today :D (will elaborate in my next blog entry ;D), that I hadn't expected for another week or 2...I'll send out my end as soon as I can ;).


Sammiebbz * said...

awww i like the white eyeliner on you! looks nice :-) i should really use white instead of black sometimes :) XXXX

Gracie said...

Awww sis! I love this spring look! Looks realy really fresh!

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

aww pretty spring look! love the mix of colours :)

pastel19 said...

Aw I love this, so pretty!!
I may you have to do both the masquerade and the spring, or one or the other?


fuzkittie said...

Shimmer balls.. haha, they're cute! Great look!

Jenn said...

Nice look, love the lip gloss on you. Good luck in the contest.

Anonymous said...

I love the colour on your lips! ;)

Hm... I think you definitely should show us a picture with a smile on your face, Cris! I'm sure, you look really cute when smiling!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

i love the look..

it looks so subtle & soft...

Goodluck on the contest too!

Saimese said...

good luck on the contest :) i posted my entry today too

Askmewhats said...

cute look! :) Goodluck gorgeous lady!!!

Lisa said...

Your eyes are so colorful! Good luck on the contest :)

Cris said...

Thanks SO much for the good luck wishes & all the nice comments ^_^!
Seriously, I'd give up on contests if it weren't for you people :-P. I'm very harsh on myself and never satisfied with the results, but if so many people like this look, it must be good ;D. Thank you :).

I'll try to smile next time :-P. I just don't like how it distorts my face...But I hope I can manage a nice pic some day XD.

And due to all the nice comments about my lip colour, I'll buy a few samples of it along with my next Oriflame purchase, to include in swaps ;) ^_^.

Crystal said...

you don't give yourself enough credit dear! smile!

gio said...

I love this look, it's very soft and fresh! Godo luck with the contest.

tiff said...

I love it! Very fresh and springy. Good luck :).

Rylie said...

I really like the pale eyelash look!

jess said...

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Cris said...

Sorry, I like my eye colour :-P.

Crystal, Gio, Tiff & Rylie, thanks so much :).

smiley13tree said...

No, you are pretty! Just give a smile and I think you would look even better. :] Being beautiful is all in the mind, and who cares if anyone else thinks otherwise?? <3