Thursday, 16 April 2009

A swap package for me ^_^! Way earlier than I expected - and with extras! Am I lucky or what XD?

Important Note 1: I will be sending all swaps etc. next week at the earliest :( - I'm really sorry about this, but everything's closing down for a quite extended Easter break and there's nothing I can do about it >:-). I hope this doesn't cause too much trouble for anyone. Thank you ^_^!

Important Note 2: I'm a finalist in a contest, YAY :D!!! Please go here and vote for me :) if you liked my pin-up & biker looks ;D - of course, if you like someone else's look more, feel free to vote for them :-P >:-).

This time, shipping from Canada to Greece only took a week...How on earth did that happen?
I'm not complaining XD, but had I known it would arrive this soon, I would've sent my part of the swap out earlier...And now I can't and I'm making a lovely sweet person wait :(. That doesn't make me happy >:-/...I'll try to find some nice extras to make up for it though ^_^ ;D.

Anyway, here is what I expected to receive:
*One bottle of OPI Russian Navy. (Yes, she bought me one, even though it was not her fault that the first one shattered - she didn't have to! And yet she did it ^_^.)
*2 MAC Hello Kitty lipsticks in Fashion Mews and Strayin'.

Which is extraordinary in itself - I mean, if you'd found the 2 loveliest lipsticks from MAC Hello Kitty, which also happen to be extremely hard to track down >:-D, would you:

*Freaking keep them XD
*Swap them away to a girl you barely knew from blogging - and who lives on another continent >:-).


[She chose the latter. I still can't quite believe that. Thank you Sarah :).]

And here is what I actually received...

*The stuff I expected :). The nail polish was wrapped in loads of bubbles XD, and so were the lipsticks, lol - to make sure nothing'd break. Nothing did :).

*2 little pots for me to fill with the Kitty pigments for her - I did & will include them in my next package ;).

*Hello Kitty band-aids and a Hello Kitty key head XD! In my favourite colour ^_^! That was so unexpected, I had no idea there'd be extras, and certainly not Hello Kitty ones :)! Wow :D.

*A rather sweet note :). Wishing me a happy birthday ^_^! (I guess we both miscalculated the shipping time on this one, lol.)

*A sample bag of Buff'd Cosmetics mineral eye shadow in Chestnut (this was hidden in the Hello Kitty box XD). Eye shadow ^_^! A mineral one! From a Canadian brand ;D! In a reddish colour! This is such a perfectly selected sample for me :D!

I know I sound freaking ecstatic about this swap...I am :). That package made my whole day :). Thank you. Did I mention THANK YOU ^_^? Lol XD.

Close-ups ^_^:

Strayin' on the left, Fashion Mews on the right ;) :). Not swatching them or using them until Sarah receives hers though :-P. (I shouldn't have opened them either, but in my excitement I forgot - I'm sorry.)

I have swatches of something else though...My Kitty pigments :). I thought I might as well make swatches with the tiny bits of pigment left over on the spatulas ;D.

Left: Milk. Right: Deep Blue Green.

[Please note that I only do pigment samples for close blog friends - I hope you understand & won't hate me for that :).]

Deep Blue Green would be amazing drama on the eyes...And Milk is so luminous - I'm thinking of trying it on top of Fashion Mews some day in the future ;). I'm so satisfied with both :), very happy that Deep Blue Green is Pro permanent :D, and kinda sad that Milk isn't :(...But I'm sure MAC will repromote this luminous colour in the future, 'cause it's just too lovely to fade into obscurity ^_^.

Sarah, thanks again for an amazing swap :). Everyone else - here's her swap/sale blog if you'd like to swap with her or shop there. Highly recommended by me ;D.

Oh, and in case anyone was wondering what I'm sending her...2 Hello Kitty TLCs, Hello Kitty pigment samples, the Blushing Coral & Scarlett lipsticks from my Swap Sale :), 2 Bourjois blushes and some Korres products I'll buy for her ;). (This is part of a way larger swap - when I receive the next package, you won't believe how generous she is, trust me.) And I'll have to come up with some really good extras or I'll feel guilty :-P.

Thanks for reading, everyone :) - don't forget to VOTE FOR ME :-P!!! Pretty please ^_^, lol.

P.S. Many thanks to Vonnie for sending me high-quality scans of the NYX catalogue :). (Yes, I'm weird and like that kind of stuff XD.)


fuzkittie said...

Nice swap!! I'll vote for you! :]

Askmewhats said...

Those are wonderful goodies Enjoy!!!!

Marietta said...

Are you in Greece too?Girl you should put some details around, I wouldn't know! :D Where from exactly?And yes one week it's amazing time! Mine took one week too from NY!

Marietta said...

Oh and good luck with the contest!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

well,i have to say that you are lucky!

those are nice!

miku said...


✿Ji✿ said...

Awww good luck with the contest!♥
And such a cute swap!^^

Thank you for your sweet comment!♥
I´m already feeling better now.^^

mszcheysser said...

Nice swap! I love the goodies. (:

You live in Greece? Eek. You should take some pictures of your environment.

And yay, I shall vote for you!

JAYXONLY said...

Love the swap stuff ! so cute.. have a great weekend !

Crystal said...

this is a nice swap! great goodies! who doesn't love hello kitty?

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

awesome swap with Sarah!!

Cris said...

Thank you for the comments ^_^! And the good luck wishes - I hope you voted for me though :-P.

Marietta, I'm in Athens :). I'm not Greek though (don't ask, it's complicated & I prefer not to get into it), I just live here at this point in time ;).

Everyone loves Hello Kitty :-P ^_^...And I'll take pictures when I buy myself a new phone (with a good camera). I don't know when that'll happen >:-). I still have my old Z1010 to use as a phone though, so don't worry about me ;D.

Blair said...

Nice swap! Sarah is such a doll!

tiff said...

Deep Blue Green would make a hot smokey eye! It's beautiful. Good luck in the contest :).