Sunday, 5 April 2009

Pin-up? Me? Well, I kinda changed it, I'll admit that :-P.

A contest entry again, I hope you aren't too fed up with them ;D...My sister let me borrow her phone :D. Its camera isn't as good as my old phone's :(, but it's way better than the Z1010 XD.

I love red :). I'm sure everyone who reads this blog has figured that out (and is well sick of it) by now XD. Therefore, any contest calling for bold red lips would catch my interest ;)...
But...How does one do a pin-up look with short hair?

I began anyway. I applied 3 coats of my trusty Penelope Cruz Red (that I haven't added to my Swap Sale yet), then went on to do the eyes...Did one. Looked in the mirror.

I loved my naked eye. It was so piercingly fresh. It suited the look much better than the other, lined one.

I changed my mind. To hell with rules, let's deviate :-P.

Ended up with this...

[Note: I'm never cheerful when taking pictures, mostly because my ugly face turns the whole process into an abhorrent chore >:-).]

The red lips are there alright :), but the eyes are something different...No black, nothing dark except black mascara on uncurled lashes, top and bottom. White cream shadow (from my new Revlon :D) on upper lids, and an underline of gold (yes, gold - not sure where that idea came from!).

Here's a closer look...

Note to self: Must not squish mouth on close-ups when wearing bold lips...Makes my lip line look wonky.

Red lips, porcelain skin...With spiky lashes, smudgy gold liner, and short messy hair...An alternative kind of pin-up :-P. And surprisingly, so damn me :).

And because you're probably getting a bit worried by now, here's your tutorial ^_^.

Face: Oriflame Visions Fresh Face Foundation in Porcelain Doll, Tigi Bed Head Fixx-It Stick in Light, and Rimmel Lasting Finish Compact Pressed Powder in Transparent. My current skin staples still ;).

Eyes: White cream shadow from the Revlon quad in Copper Crayon...Damn, I didn't expect to hit pan that soon :-/! But I still have lots of shadow left in there, so there's no need to worry ^_^. Benefit EyeCon on my under-eye area to keep things looking fresh. Gold liner on the lower lashline - Avon Arabian Glow liner in Gold. And Rimmel Lash Maxxx on all lashes, but I didn't curl them.

Cheeks: Nothing :). Just foundation and powder ;).

Lips: L'Oreal Star Secrets lipstick in Penelope Cruz Red. Three coats. I wanted a bright strong red mouth :D.

More pictures...

Just messing around with my very unphotogenic face :-P.

Oh look...Startled :o! Lol.

Since I was happy with my 'messy pin-up' look, I thought I'd try the second part of this contest ;). But I do have to warn everyone that I totally improvised...I've no idea how to do biker looks or make-up XD.

But anyways, here we go :-P...

Same sweater ;). I bought that jacket at a market for 5 Euros, but it's still one of my faves :). And can you see my dove necklace ;D? Isn't it lovely ^_^?

Updated product pic, 'cause as you can see, I've changed most of my make-up...Well, put it on what I already had, in a way. Read on ;).


*Remove white cream shadow, leaving just a tiny bit of it right over the lashes, like micro-liner.
*Apply brown shadow (I used the one from Almay's Trio For Blues - surprisingly, Almay shadows are really good :D!) all over eyelids, using a brush.
*Pat on some Oriflame bronze pigment over the centre of each eyelid with a finger, then blend a little with another finger to add shimmer to the look.
*Go over the gold liner with the Oriflame Visions Eye Shimmer Pencil in Shimmer Gold - a bolder, brighter gold :).


*Apply Estee Lauder blush in Rosette (third from the left on pic).
*Add MAC Hello Kitty Beauty Powder in Tahitian Sand for a more glowy effect.


*Blot away the red lipstick.
*Apply Oriflame Plump & Gloss in Naughty Girl.

To finish, I swept the Tahitian Sand Beauty Powder all over my face. And there you have it...Transformed :). More pictures...

I seem to like this pose too much for my own good :-P.

I've no idea what that facial expression is supposed to convey...What about you? Lol.

I suppose I moved, that's why it looks faded...But I still kinda like it.

If you'd like to participate in this contest, here's the link :). I hope my entry turned out all right...I did enjoy this :D. Except the taking pictures part, which is a total pain and which I always hate, but oh well, we can't have everything :-P. Let me know what you think, and thanks for reading ^_^.

P.S. I saw the tag ;). Will do it soon ;D.


~tHiAmErE~ said...

love it!
especially the first pic

you look totally gorgeous!
red suits you

✿Ji✿ said...

You look cute with red lipstick!^-^

I think essence is a pretty good brand for its price!^^

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

you look pretty in red! i liked how you did your eye makeup!!
you're too harsh on yourself... smile!! :D

good luck!

Askmewhats said...

wow you do look great with reds! I hope i can pull off a red like that :)

miku said...

you look very Katharine Hepburn when you don't smile, but I -as a faithful reader- demand one of you smiling! hehe

Jerah197 said...

good luck!! :)

Anonymous said...

What a red lippie! I think, I could never imagine myself wearing red, hehe... but never say never! ;)

Care G. said...

Red compliments your color well. :) And very pouty lips. :D

gio said...

You look great in red! Good luck!

aquaracer said...

what is cris' signature look without some red loving, hmmm? ;-)

i do agree that taking pictures of one's self is such a pain. at least for me... that's why i don't post so much pictures of

Cris said...

OMG guys sorry for not commenting back! Won't happen again ^^.
Thanks so much for all the kind comments :D! They give me motivation to keep doing contests and not to hate my appearance quite as much...Although I'm still working on that last one :-P, lol.

Aquaracer, I only post pics for contests (and thank you, another person who hates photographing herself - that makes me feel better XD), but I've had a very positive response to my poll so I might start doing Looks just for the sake of it :-P. If I find the time ;).

Miku, thanks :) (wow, I NEVER would've dared comparing myself to her, lol) - and I'll try very hard to get an aesthetically pleasant pic of me smiling for my next Look post or contest entry ;).

✿Ji✿ said...

but that´s a lot isn´t it?^^
who wants to be able to cook, when he can do everything else and just buy food?;)

Cris said...

Lol I guess you're right ;).

Miss imperfect said...

your red lips look amazing i'm so lazy i never do my lips

ning * star said...

thank you so much for awarding me <3
lol, scary food? haha...they are yummy

M said...

your red lips! they're gorgeous!