Sunday, 16 August 2009

Last Swap Update...For now. I still have more to come (literally) & will post them once they do.

Believe it or not, Swap Updates are my favourite kind of post to write. Looks are a pain because I'm a perfectionist and it's so annoying to get decent pictures, because I wasn't blessed with a nice face >:-). On the other hand, products are generally beautiful to look at (and if they aren't, I won't swap for those XD) :).

So, here goes ;).

Swap 1 [England, Kaleidoscope swapper].

(For 4 ArtDeco eye shadows & a Magnum Beauty Box to match, Stila tinted moisturiser samples, some extras, and a birthday present for her ^_^.)

Yet another huge multi-swap ;).

*Tesco Ginger, Vanilla & Pink Pepper perfume (50 ml). I love this even though it's cheap :D. It's a really nice, warm, spicy scent.
*So...?SuperStar mini perfume (20 ml). The packaging's so cute ^_^.
*Sugar Sweet Cheeks baked duo in Cupcake. This arrived broken, but it can still be used so I don't mind.
*Icing by Claire's nail polish in Signature Runway (wearing it here).
*Physicians Formula baked eye shadow trio in Baked Oatmeal (I love this - must try more baked stuff).
*Ruby & Millie Eye Colour in Red 420P.
*Bourjois eye shadow in Brun Somptueux.
*Milani eye shadow in Garden Mist.
*Barry M lipstick in 129 - the famous Lavender Whip supposed dupe. It's more Lavender than Fashion Mews ;).
*NYX lipsticks in Tea Rose, Ceto and B52.
*Benefit lip cream in If Only I Had Known. Isn't the pot gorgeous?
*Everyday Minerals eye shadow in Comfy and eye shadow mini in Hot Chocolate.
*Sleek Eye Dust in Inferno. Sleek palettes are famous around the blogosphere, but their pigments should be too ;D! They're amazing. I'll probably do a look to prove it ;).
*A Rimmel shadow & liner as an extra (swapped that off).
*Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush lip gloss in Slice Of Heaven - beautiful and tastes so good, I totally recommend Beauty Rush glosses and plan to get more ^_^.
*TheBalm Plump Your Pucker Tinted Gloss in Strawberry My Shortcake. Cooling effect (always a plus during the summer) and it does plump :).
*A Lancome mini Juicy Tube in Frozen Punch as an extra (I swapped that off too).
*Prestige Total Intensity eye liner in Intense Olive.
*Wet & Wild Idol Eyes Creme Shadow Pencil in Pixie - perfect for brightening inner corners ^_^. This was an extra too ;).


Lipsticks from left to right: Barry M in 129, NYX Tea Rose, NYX Ceto and NYX B52.

Tea Rose is the colour of roses, Ceto is a mildly metallic tangerine coral, and B52 is a creamy rosy brownish nude.

Swap 2 [England, same swapper].

(For three Korres Lip Butters (Pomegranate, Guava and Plum), my Revlon eyelash curler (since I got & prefer the Shisem ;D), the Stila Illuminating Tinted Moisturiser (in 1), and some extras, including my Clinique Wow Violet lipstick.)

*Revlon Leading Lady Blush in Smoky Rose.
*Bourjois blusher in Rose De Jaspe (the lid broke off but the product's fine).
*Lots of sample baggies ^_^. Most are eye shadows, but there's one of lip balm :-/.
*Jane Be Pure mineral gel liner in Black (comes with a liner brush).
*An Avene face wash sample as an extra - gave that to my sister.
*Avon Treselle roll-on fragrance - it's sweeter than my usual type, but I think I like it.
*Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker in Clear. Warning: this doesn't just make your lips feel cold or tingle, like most plumpers do - it has a very strong (probably close to painful the first time you try it) effect that's reminiscent of electric shocks >:-). Also, it smells freakishly exactly like cake (made me wonder just how fake food flavours may be nowadays). But it does work and the cake smell is pleasant :). And I got used to the electric shock treatment after enduring it twice :-P.
*Maybelline Line Stylist liner in Jade Flash (as an extra - I swapped it off).
*NYX Lip Pencil in Pink Nude.
*Tarte Lock & Roll Creaseless Eye Shadow Duo in Rose Gold. This works. I wore it on a hot day for over 12 hours and it didn't slide off :).
*NYX Lip Gloss With Mega Shine in Cady Shop [Candy Shop] and Frosteed Beige [Frosted Beige?]. Here's the situation: My glosses say 'Cady Shop' and 'Frosteed Beige'. The NYX official website lists 'Cady Shop' as Candy Shop (though the swatch is way off), but 'Frosteed Beige' is spelled with a double e :-/. Verify it here.
*Sleek Eye Dust in Jet Set and Vintage. I love these pigments so I got more ^_^.
*NYX eye shadow in Rust. I can never have too many reds ;D.
*NYX Chrome Eye Shadow in Iced Mocha.
*Everyday Minerals eye shadows in Lap Top and Net Surfing, and eye shadow minis in Mistle Toe, Snow Flakes and Starlit. Mistletoe is meant to be a single word as far as I know, but the packaging spells it as two words :-/.

I suppose this was the typoed products lot >:-). Lol. Close-ups:

Bourjois Rose De Jaspe, Jane gel liner, Sleek Jet Set, Sleek Vintage, NYX Iced Mocha, Everyday Minerals Lap Top, Net Surfing, Mistle Toe, Snow Flakes and Starlit.

Bonus pic:

Had to depot my Olivia lip balm to get a pot I could use for one of the Stila tinted moisturiser samples ;).

Not all brands featured have been added to the labels list, because 'the combined length of all labels cannot exceed 200 characters' >:-). I'm really sorry :(. [And annoyed >:-@.]

Thanks for reading ^_^.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Swap with Thiamere (and look featuring the products) & swatches of all my Mary Kay products as requested.

*Disclaimer: New camera, still getting used to how it works, which places to photograph at, etc. so pictures may look a bit different from my usual lighting. Sorry about that, I'm sorting it out as we go ;).

So, Thiamere has finally received the stuff I sent her :D (you can see it here if you'd like), and now I can post up my stuff too :).

How did this swap come about? Well, she left me a comment here saying how much she loved my Victoria's Secret Mosaic Highlighter, and I (knowing what it feels like to have a product you really want unavailable in one's country) offered to send it to her :). But she was so nice and offered me some things from her collection that she didn't really use - and so we had a swap ^_^.

Here's what she's sent me :).

*A note ^_^.
*A metallic pouch :).
*Hair elastics for my sister (who was so happy to receive something sent to her & a bit surprised to be known around the blogosphere, lol).
*Rose paper soap :).
*Careline (I love this brand :D) pigments in Vanilla White and Moist Green. These are amazingly metallic when used wet, and still beautiful when dry :).
*An Elianto 3D Eyeshadow Cube in Gold Brown. Which isn't gold brown >:-). (I'll post a look below.)
*Fashion 21 Fine Blush Powder in 1.
*A mini Sally Hansen lip plumping gloss.
*Everyday Minerals eye shadow minis in Matinee and After Party.
*Wet & Wild Precious Metals lipstick in Gold Rush. I'm so happy to have this 'cause word has it that this is a dupe of MAC Blonde On Blonde ;). I don't own that, but I'd like to - though for now I have this ;D. Yay ^_^!
*NYX Lip Gloss With Mega Shine in Burgundy.
*NYX Fruit Lip Gloss in Strawberry.

I've worn most of these products already, and I love everything. Thank you Thiamere ^_^!!!

Here are the close-ups...

I made up a look featuring some of these products today. This is the first one - I'll do a look with the rest too ;).

(See what I mean about the camera? But I promise I'll get used to it and take nicer and clearer pictures very soon ^_^.)
My fringe was annoying me so I trimmed it myself >:-). Could've been a disaster but I think it turned out alright :-P.

Skin: The usual. Loose powder instead of pressed though (Physicians Formula). Not sure why - I think I want to finish this one up 'cause I don't really need both. But I may change my mind >:-D.
Oh, and I forgot to contour. If it shows, I really don't care, I don't consider myself attractive anyway :-P.

Eyes: I applied the Elianto eye shadow as a wash, with a large, wide brush. Then I used Moist Green pigment by Careline wet, on my outer eyelids. Made a bit of an outer V too, but nothing too dramatic. To brighten inner corners, I pressed on a bit of Vanilla White pigment there, with my little finger. I lined my lower eye line with Styli-Style Flat Pencil in Buenos Aires (a shimmery white), using the skinny side, and then used ArtDeco Kajal Liner in 20 (a dark leafy olive green) on my inner eye line. Curled lashes with mascara on both top and bottom finish off the eyes.

Cheeks: Fashion 21 Fine Blush Powder in 1.

Lips: Wet & Wild lipstick in Gold Rush.

Sometimes I feel stupid, writing such detailed descriptions. This isn't a magazine. But even if nobody else really reads them, they help me a lot when I want to wear an old look again ;). So they stay.

Products picture:

Eye close-up with eyes open:

Eye close-up with eyes closed:

(I quite hate this pic but I need to show the colours.)

Bonus pic:

I put up my hair but then took it down again. This was the only decent pic of me with my hair up. (And the other full-face pic was the only decent one with my hair down, so they're even XD.)

And here are the swatches of all my Mary Kay products to date. Somebody asked me for a look, but it'd take me ages to use all these colours in a look XD, so I made swatches :).

Two photographs, taken with different lighting, in order to give the truest impression I could manage ;).

From right to left: Single eye shadows in Raspberry Rush, Periwinkle, Fig and Seashell, and duos in Cotton Candy, Ivy Duet, Jade, Safari Sunset, Tutti Frutti and Twilight.

And the rest ;). From left to right: Lip Liner in Dusty Pink, blushers in Apricot Breeze, Burnished Bronze (I suppose that one's technically a bronzer, but I'll use it on my cheeks), Desert Bloom and Pink Meringue, and lipsticks in Pink Coral, Pink Daisy and Pink Melon.

The lipsticks are pinker in real life, but they just wouldn't photograph properly >:-@. I gave up, but I may use those in a look or three so you'd get to see them :).

Oh, and here are swatches of my Mary Kay Mini Mineral Eye Colour Quad.

Silky Caramel, Lemongrass, Amber Blaze and Denim Frost. Silky Caramel is a soft matte while the rest are shimmery and mildly metallic.

Is there anything else I should swatch? Let me know ;). Thanks for reading ^_^.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Avon lotion sample review & Swap Update & Essence Vs. Avon quad comparison.

*Explanation about sample reviews: I like to review the skincare samples I receive, so that I can remember what worked, what didn't, and what I'd like to acquire in the future. They may be helpful to others too ;). But obviously I can't review a product I've used once in the same manner as one I've been testing out for a while, therefore I mark sample reviews as just that ;).

*Avon Solutions Hydra-Radiance Moisturising Day Lotion SPF 15 sample mini review: I've never liked Avon skincare (with products from the Planet Spa line being the notable exception). But this was a sample, so why not test it out? It's light, and not as moisturising as I like my products to be, but with the current hot weather, light is good...The problem comes from the low SPF. SPF 15 is fine in countries with little sun - but these tend to be cold >:-). In cold climates, this won't be moisturising enough for most people. In hot climates (if there's a place that's hot and sunless that I've forgotten about, feel free to let me know), SPF 15 is not enough. I can only recommend this to teenagers in cold countries, and preferrably you should try out a sample before getting the actual thing. Not an impressive product, and I won't purchase ;).

Next comes yet another Swap Update :).

Swap 1 [Indonesia].

(I bought her two Korres Body Butters and added a decant of my Kings & Queens body lotion as an extra.)

Remember the Too Faced Peacock palette I got on my birthday :D? I finally managed to find the Unicorn one too :), and was even willing to buy new stuff to swap for it ;). So worth it. Too Faced palettes are glorious :-P.

I also got a Kate eye shadow in GN-1, two mini tubes of Clarins Extra-Comfort Cleansing Cream and one of Gentle Foaming Cleanser, a Clinique mini Superbalm Moisturising Gloss in Ginger, and Fancl powder tea sachets as extras :).

Here's a close-up of the Too Faced & Kate...

I'm thinking of wearing the blushes from both palettes as a flush/contour duo ;D. And the Kate shadows are beautiful :). They look like they'd suit my dark eyes...Will probably get more Japanese shadows in the future ;).

Swap 2 [Germany].

(For my Lip Smackers Party Pack, Mark Femme 4 quad, Mary Kay eye shadow in Storm, Prestige eye shadow in Indigo, Oriflame loose eye shadow in Midnight Star, NYX depotted eye shadow in Lakemoss Blue - well, the blue shade from the Lakemoss trio, and lots of extras :D.)

I swapped for the two Estee Lauder lip glosses (Pure Pops in Peppermint and Blueberry), IsaDora Colourmatic Eye Pen (microliner ;D) in Soft Black, and four mini perfume oils :). She also added candles and samples (an eye shadow sample & skincare - Nivea eye cream, Vichy Normaderm lotion and Bebe Young Care face cream & body lotion) as extras :D.

I had to give the Bebe Young Care to my sister because she adores the brand and we can't get it here, lol.

Unfortunately we both hadn't realised that the glosses were the Not For Individual Sale ones (thus not full-sized), but she offered to send me a swap evener (so kind of her - I'm sure many swappers would just tell me it was my fault), and today I got this :D.

Yeah, I asked for a mini Pikachu XD. Also the Essence Quattro eye shadow in Sixties Reloaded and Clinique trio (containing Sunburst & Rum Spice - I have Sunburst but it's part of a similar mini quad and I could always use more of those colours ;D :-P). And she still sent me extras: a mask, Vichy moisturiser sample, tea and sweets ^_^. I haven't had Campinos in years XD. Everything looks wonderful :). I'll probably swap with her again ;).

The Essence quad kept reminding me of something though :-/...
I went through my collection & discovered this.

They look similar, but they aren't really (as you will see). For one thing, all four Essence shades work >:-D. (Which is way ironic considering that the Essence quad is much cheaper...)

I swatched the Essence quad to prove that they're actually quite different :-P. (You can see swatches & a review of the Avon quad here.)

[Don't mind my ghostly hand, I'm still figuring out how to work that phone camera, and I wanted the truest-to-life swatches possible for obvious reasons ;). Feel free to request an accurate pic of my hand colour if you need one >:-).]

The colours may be alike, but the Avon ones are matte. The Essence ones are gorgeously shimmery, they remind me of Japanese shadows :). I definitely recommend Sixties Reloaded to all my EU readers ;).

I still have more swaps to post up XD...

Thanks for reading :).

Monday, 10 August 2009

Swap update...Oh, and an Italian products giveaway ^_^!

*Waiting for my new phone to fully charge ;). This :)...

*How adorable are these new Bourjois trios ^_^? I can't wait for them to come out :D! Got my eye set on the smokey one ;)...

*I don't usually do this, but I tend to make an exception for Euro bloggers 'cause I'd love to have more of us around :-P. So, if you'd like to win some gorgeous products by Pupa and Deborah (for reference, I used Pupa eye shadow for this look ;D - please excuse my face and note the wonderful eye shadow!), all you have to do is follow this lovely blog :), and then blog about the giveaway yourself ;).
This is especially brilliant for those of you who don't live in Europe, because you'll be able to try a lovely brand you don't have access to :). So get entering ;D.

Now for the Swap Update...

Swap 1 [England, Kaleidoscope (regular) swapper. Explanation for new readers: I've nicknamed her that because that was the first thing we ever swapped for ;).].

(For a partly used tube of Piz Buin suncreen, two Korres Lip Butters (Wild Rose & Jasmine), a Korres Body Butter in Quince, Avon lipsticks in Frozen Rose and Berry Berry Nice, a pot of Oriflame Radiance Energy cream, and extras as usual.)

Amie (French, rhymes with 'cherie') Morning Clear Purifying Facial Wash, Superdrug Simply Pure Eye Make-Up Remover (I thought I'd include it in the multi-swap 'cause I needed some), Nivea moisturising fluid for my sister, Complex moisturising fluid (this didn't work for me at all and I re-swapped it), Boots Botanics Organic Face Hydrating Day Cream, Milani eye shadow in Leaf Green, C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Tint (rosy tint), Ultra Mentha Lip Shine (the strongest of the three) and Orange Mentha Lip Shine (smells & tastes like Fanta :-P), a Bourjois chocolate highlighter (a.k.a. Delice De Poudre Highlighting Powder in 53) for my sister (yes, I'm nice ^_^), a Revlon eye shadow quad in Neutral Khakis, Jane Endless Eyes liquid liners in Darkest Blue and Charcoal (these were kind of dry though, especially the blue one), Urban Decay Pleather Pencil in O (re-swapped, not my colour at all :-/), Revlon lipstick in Pink Pout and NYX lipstick in Athena. I also got a Maybelline Wet Shine Diamonds lip gloss in Spoiled In Rubies and a nameless Milani gloss as extras :), but I ended up swapping those.

The C.O. Bigelow stuff makes my mouth feel cold, so it's simply brilliant for the summer :).

I'll be reviewing the skincare sometime in the near future ;). So far, I'm happy with the ones I've kept :).

Oh, and here are the close-ups...

Urban Decay Pleather Pencil in O (I'm guessing that refers to the book? Or perhaps it's a zero...), Revlon Pink Pout and NYX Athena. Athena's great if you're looking for a frosty, almost white shade of pink.

Swap 2 [The USA].

(For a Korres Lip Butter in Jasmine, three Oriflame Visions cream eye shadows, and extras.)

Jean Paul Gaultier MaDame and L.A.M.B. by Gwen Stefani samples (the latter was an extra and I gave it to my sister 'cause it's awful XD), Stila It Gloss in Fetching, Hard Candy eye shadow in Platinum Loner, Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush mini lip gloss in Sugar High (tastes so good), the Too Faced Love Lisa Beauty Battle Box ^_^, and my new staple - a gold Shisem eyelash curler ;).

Here's a close-up of the palette :).

(Yes, the cheek section has smashed in transit, but I don't really mind because it can still be used.)

Swap 3 [The USA - second swap with the girl I got my Mark Vintage Khaki eye shadow from ;)].

(For my Urban Decay Pleather Pencil in O, Sephora tinted moisturiser, and lots of extras - I was feeling guilty about not sending any the first time.)

An Urban Decay XXX Shine Cooling Lip Gloss in Guys Love Betsey (beautiful organic-looking red), Physicians Formula organic bronzer in Natural Glow (this is light enough to wear on cheeks & use for contouring - you know I don't do tanned skin ;D), and a Markwins eyes & cheeks palette as an extra :). The cheek colour's surprisingly pigmented and glowy, and I'll be trying the shadows soon.

I'd post more, but I'm limited to 20 labels per post >:-), so they'll have to come up in my next ;D. Thanks for reading :).

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Finally got my contest prize ^_^! & Swap Update and some nail pics.

*Getting a new phone (finally >:-D, lol) next week...Which means more posts ;D! I'm going to apologise yet again for slacking off, but I'm just not a summer person. I thrive when it's cold. [And I just happen to live in Greece >:-). Country swap, anyone :-/? Lol XD...]

I'm referring to the Barry M Nail Paint in Mint Green (famous for allegedly being a MAC Peppermint Patti dupe - can't confirm since I don't own the latter :-P), my prize for winning the random draw in Rebecca's Animal Instinct contest ;). (Here's my winning Smokey Pigeon look ;D ^_^.) That particular item was delayed (the reason was a perfectly valid one and I didn't mind), then sent, returned due to the sticker with my address falling off (lol), re-sent with lots of lovely extras to make up for the delay :), and finally reached me last Tuesday :D.

And here it is :).

I also got a mask, Tresemme and John Frieda samples (my hair's very dry right now for obvious reasons so these were brilliant ^_^) and a Glamour Doll eye shadow in Trophy Wife - this is so pigmented and metallic. I'm gonna love this ;D. Thank you so much Rebecca :).

(For the record, I've won a few other contests and giveaways, but I haven't always received my prizes...Oh well :-/. Thumbs up for all the honest bloggers who do complete their giveaways ;D ^_^.)

Of course, I had to wear the Nail Paint ASAP ;)...

(Pre-clean-up pic, which can sort of be seen, sorry about that XD.)

It's beautiful :D. It looks a lot better than it did on others' blog pics (no offence meant or anything, it's just far more appealing in real life). As for the formula, it applies quite well, and two coats provide enough colour :).

Now, it's time for a Swap Update :). (New readers: I'm an odd girl and usually swap instead of 'hauling' ;D. Oh, and hi :D!)

Swap 1 [Singapore].

(For my Jesse's Girl trio in Lime Lights, and some extras.)

Fine, I suppose I didn't need both XD - but red's my favourite colour :-P ^_^.

Oh, and they're Sasa eye shadow singles in RD002 ;).

Swap 2 [Canada].

(For my Bourjois mini pigment in 9 and Schwarzkopf mini shampoos...Remember those? Yes, this swap was arranged a long time ago, took two months to show up and was sort of stressful because of that :(. But it was worth the wait ^_^. Oh, and I did add extras ;D.)

Lots of stuff :D...All by Mary Kay ;).
So, I got blushes in Apricot Breeze, Burnished Bronze, Desert Bloom and Pink Meringue - the two bottom ones combine wonderfully for a pink contoured cheeks look ;).
And eye shadows in Ivy Duet, Fig, Periwinkle, Raspberry Rush, Storm, Tutti Frutti and Seashell. I asked for six shadows, but she added another as an extra ^_^! Along with lots of nice samples :). Despite the slow shipping, I'm glad to have done this swap :).

(Updated my palette with Storm, Raspberry Rush, Periwinkle, Fig and Seashell. Although I've since swapped off Storm and replaced it with Twilight, lol.)

Swap 3 [The USA].

(For my Revlon Black Cherry lipstick, a mix CD, and extras.)

Finally got a denim shadow :). I've always wanted to try that ;)...It's Clinique High Impact Eye Shadow in Faded Denim. The Sugar Sugar mini was an extra and I swapped it off because I already had that shade.
And a Colour Me Nude Lip Concealer by Etude House. I've worn that twice since then and I love it. If you're looking for a statement nude (I did say statement nude - this isn't a soft natural look and 'Lip Concealer' is a very fitting name for it), this is your product. I'll probably do a look with it to show it off ;).
More extras: a Hello Kitty lip balm ^_^ and a sample of the famous Urban Decay Primer Potion ;).

And here are some nail pics that I took before my Mint Green mani (pictured near the beginning of this post).

Two coats of OPI Rosy Future on all nails. Then, two coats of Oriflame Visions Skydiver on my thumb, and two coats of Icing by Claire's Signature Runway on the two dark nails.

(I always just paint over when I'm planning to use a darker colour after a lighter one. Why waste remover :-P?)

This (funny-looking) picture gives a much better profile of Rosy Future. It's similar to Skydiver, but while Rosy Future reflects violetish rose, Skydiver reflects glass-like icy light blue that reminds me of skyscrapers :-P. Rosy Future's more subtle ;), while Skydiver is a vibrant one, even though it's light.

I tried to capture the red glitter in Signature Runway, but failed >:-/. It's there in real life though. By the way, that's probably the reason why this colour doesn't make me look dead (me & black lacquer normally don't suit each other). Yay for that :).

Before doing a full mani with Barry M Mint Green, I swatched that on my ring finger. (Building up from the pics above, that is ;D.) I certainly had a funny-looking hand that day XD.

Thanks for reading, everyone :). Time to catch up ;D...

Monday, 3 August 2009

Back with something red & PosieTint...

I'm back. I won't say that I'm fully back to regular blogging 'cause I don't know whether I will be...The weather leaves me feeling drained, stupid and fatigued, so even when I'm otherwise unoccupied, I don't feel at all like devoting much time to blogging (especially look posts). But I'll do my best :).

*Benefit EyeCon sample mini review: First of all, I had the mini from Justine Case. And with it being eye cream, it did last quite a while ;). I have mixed feelings regarding this product...It did make my eye area look flawless. But when some got into my eyes, it hurt. Since the main advantage of using eye cream (& not face cream) is supposed to be that it's more compatible with the eyes, I'll keep looking for something closer to perfect ;). Still, I do recommend trying it :), though I won't repurchase for some time while testing out other products.

Here's the look I wore yesterday...

Probably a very Cris look :-P. I certainly don't know anyone else who loves red so much that they wear it on their eyes >:-).

In a nutshell: a wash of matte red on the lids, my usual white liner, a rosy cheek stain and...Blue gloss ;). Combined with light, soft skin. (That actually photographed better than I expected it to. I'm happy :D.) Read on for the tutorial ;).

Skin: Matte, light and lovely :). I used my Oriflame Porcelain Doll foundation, Tigi concealer & Bourjois Apricote powder to contour, as usual, and debuted my Bourjois Mineral Radiance powder in Vanilla. Am very satisfied with it ;). I was afraid of it being too dark because it did look a tad too orange in the pot, but it's perfect :).
I also used Pout Love Glow to highlight under my eyes, on my cheekbones, & other places that needed it.

Eyes: Chi Chi eye palette in Brazilian Goddess, the red shade, used wet. (Very pigmented colour there :D, I'll post a close-up below.) White liner. No mascara. Curl. I LOVE my new Shisem eyelash curler, it's amazing ^_^.

Cheeks: Benefit PosieTint. It's beautiful :). Read on for a close-up ;).

Lips: What lip colour does one wear with red eye shadow? I went for blue. Benefit California Kissin'. I think it worked :).


More pictures...

(I obviously need to practice looking happy...)

To be honest, I wasn't sure about this one. It looks sort of robot-like :-/...
But then again I never like my pictures >:-).

Starring PosieTint.
Lovely. I know this seems to be one of my favourite words, but it's just the right one here. It's so eerie soft...So pretty...
(I can't believe I called me pretty. But hey, it's not me, it's PosieTint :-P.)

And this picture's not too flattering, but it's just to show how intense & matte the Chi Chi red shadow is.

No base. I used it wet though ;).

Red shadow fans: Chi Chi is an Australian brand. I got mine from a swap, and I highly recommend getting this palette if you're seeking a matte, true red :). This colour isn't pink, bronze, copper, rust or orange - it's red ^_^. Go get it ;D.

Thanks for reading :). Need to catch up with others' blogs now ;)...

Oh, and expect lots of swap updates up :-P. Sorry XD! But at least some of these swaps were with other bloggers :).