Monday, 3 August 2009

Back with something red & PosieTint...

I'm back. I won't say that I'm fully back to regular blogging 'cause I don't know whether I will be...The weather leaves me feeling drained, stupid and fatigued, so even when I'm otherwise unoccupied, I don't feel at all like devoting much time to blogging (especially look posts). But I'll do my best :).

*Benefit EyeCon sample mini review: First of all, I had the mini from Justine Case. And with it being eye cream, it did last quite a while ;). I have mixed feelings regarding this product...It did make my eye area look flawless. But when some got into my eyes, it hurt. Since the main advantage of using eye cream (& not face cream) is supposed to be that it's more compatible with the eyes, I'll keep looking for something closer to perfect ;). Still, I do recommend trying it :), though I won't repurchase for some time while testing out other products.

Here's the look I wore yesterday...

Probably a very Cris look :-P. I certainly don't know anyone else who loves red so much that they wear it on their eyes >:-).

In a nutshell: a wash of matte red on the lids, my usual white liner, a rosy cheek stain and...Blue gloss ;). Combined with light, soft skin. (That actually photographed better than I expected it to. I'm happy :D.) Read on for the tutorial ;).

Skin: Matte, light and lovely :). I used my Oriflame Porcelain Doll foundation, Tigi concealer & Bourjois Apricote powder to contour, as usual, and debuted my Bourjois Mineral Radiance powder in Vanilla. Am very satisfied with it ;). I was afraid of it being too dark because it did look a tad too orange in the pot, but it's perfect :).
I also used Pout Love Glow to highlight under my eyes, on my cheekbones, & other places that needed it.

Eyes: Chi Chi eye palette in Brazilian Goddess, the red shade, used wet. (Very pigmented colour there :D, I'll post a close-up below.) White liner. No mascara. Curl. I LOVE my new Shisem eyelash curler, it's amazing ^_^.

Cheeks: Benefit PosieTint. It's beautiful :). Read on for a close-up ;).

Lips: What lip colour does one wear with red eye shadow? I went for blue. Benefit California Kissin'. I think it worked :).


More pictures...

(I obviously need to practice looking happy...)

To be honest, I wasn't sure about this one. It looks sort of robot-like :-/...
But then again I never like my pictures >:-).

Starring PosieTint.
Lovely. I know this seems to be one of my favourite words, but it's just the right one here. It's so eerie soft...So pretty...
(I can't believe I called me pretty. But hey, it's not me, it's PosieTint :-P.)

And this picture's not too flattering, but it's just to show how intense & matte the Chi Chi red shadow is.

No base. I used it wet though ;).

Red shadow fans: Chi Chi is an Australian brand. I got mine from a swap, and I highly recommend getting this palette if you're seeking a matte, true red :). This colour isn't pink, bronze, copper, rust or orange - it's red ^_^. Go get it ;D.

Thanks for reading :). Need to catch up with others' blogs now ;)...

Oh, and expect lots of swap updates up :-P. Sorry XD! But at least some of these swaps were with other bloggers :).


~tHiAmErE~ said...

love the red

its so bold!
you look hot

that posie tint suits
your cheeks look so naturally flushed

Askmewhats said...

awww I've missed your post and it's nice to see you back and such lovely RED eye makeup!!! i can't wear them I'll look crazy, but it looks so hot on yoU :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Cris!
You look beautiful in all the photos! ;)

Cris said...

Thiamere, thanks :). I think you wanted to see what PosieTint looks like, so I hope the pic helps ;D.

Nikki, it's my favourite colour, I'd wear it even if it looked bad on me, lol. I love this eye shadow, it's such a nice shade of red :).

Jess, I don't :-P. But thanks :D!

miku said...

I love the look. And I love your hair. It's super cute.

fuzkittie said...

Wow the red is striking!

Kim said...

Welcome baaaack~!

Damn, red looks pretty awesome on the eyes, I've never attempted that before. XD Great look, you suit it well! :3

Anonymous said...

Hi! I love the red on your eyes!

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

ohh i wanted to get the posietint at one point. looks great on you!

Cris said...

Miku, I was actually having issues with my hair that day >_<, so thank you :).

Fuzkittie, I know :D! I'm so lucky I found it :).

Kim, thanks :). And yes, I like how it looks soft and yet bright :).

Y, thank you ^_^!

Nic Nic, I know, I love it :). I think I may prefer it to BeneTint...But of course they're both great ;).

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

thats a pretty striking red look! I was considering in getting posietint! I heard the product gives a pretty flush! Looks great on you :D