Sunday, 16 August 2009

Last Swap Update...For now. I still have more to come (literally) & will post them once they do.

Believe it or not, Swap Updates are my favourite kind of post to write. Looks are a pain because I'm a perfectionist and it's so annoying to get decent pictures, because I wasn't blessed with a nice face >:-). On the other hand, products are generally beautiful to look at (and if they aren't, I won't swap for those XD) :).

So, here goes ;).

Swap 1 [England, Kaleidoscope swapper].

(For 4 ArtDeco eye shadows & a Magnum Beauty Box to match, Stila tinted moisturiser samples, some extras, and a birthday present for her ^_^.)

Yet another huge multi-swap ;).

*Tesco Ginger, Vanilla & Pink Pepper perfume (50 ml). I love this even though it's cheap :D. It's a really nice, warm, spicy scent.
*So...?SuperStar mini perfume (20 ml). The packaging's so cute ^_^.
*Sugar Sweet Cheeks baked duo in Cupcake. This arrived broken, but it can still be used so I don't mind.
*Icing by Claire's nail polish in Signature Runway (wearing it here).
*Physicians Formula baked eye shadow trio in Baked Oatmeal (I love this - must try more baked stuff).
*Ruby & Millie Eye Colour in Red 420P.
*Bourjois eye shadow in Brun Somptueux.
*Milani eye shadow in Garden Mist.
*Barry M lipstick in 129 - the famous Lavender Whip supposed dupe. It's more Lavender than Fashion Mews ;).
*NYX lipsticks in Tea Rose, Ceto and B52.
*Benefit lip cream in If Only I Had Known. Isn't the pot gorgeous?
*Everyday Minerals eye shadow in Comfy and eye shadow mini in Hot Chocolate.
*Sleek Eye Dust in Inferno. Sleek palettes are famous around the blogosphere, but their pigments should be too ;D! They're amazing. I'll probably do a look to prove it ;).
*A Rimmel shadow & liner as an extra (swapped that off).
*Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush lip gloss in Slice Of Heaven - beautiful and tastes so good, I totally recommend Beauty Rush glosses and plan to get more ^_^.
*TheBalm Plump Your Pucker Tinted Gloss in Strawberry My Shortcake. Cooling effect (always a plus during the summer) and it does plump :).
*A Lancome mini Juicy Tube in Frozen Punch as an extra (I swapped that off too).
*Prestige Total Intensity eye liner in Intense Olive.
*Wet & Wild Idol Eyes Creme Shadow Pencil in Pixie - perfect for brightening inner corners ^_^. This was an extra too ;).


Lipsticks from left to right: Barry M in 129, NYX Tea Rose, NYX Ceto and NYX B52.

Tea Rose is the colour of roses, Ceto is a mildly metallic tangerine coral, and B52 is a creamy rosy brownish nude.

Swap 2 [England, same swapper].

(For three Korres Lip Butters (Pomegranate, Guava and Plum), my Revlon eyelash curler (since I got & prefer the Shisem ;D), the Stila Illuminating Tinted Moisturiser (in 1), and some extras, including my Clinique Wow Violet lipstick.)

*Revlon Leading Lady Blush in Smoky Rose.
*Bourjois blusher in Rose De Jaspe (the lid broke off but the product's fine).
*Lots of sample baggies ^_^. Most are eye shadows, but there's one of lip balm :-/.
*Jane Be Pure mineral gel liner in Black (comes with a liner brush).
*An Avene face wash sample as an extra - gave that to my sister.
*Avon Treselle roll-on fragrance - it's sweeter than my usual type, but I think I like it.
*Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker in Clear. Warning: this doesn't just make your lips feel cold or tingle, like most plumpers do - it has a very strong (probably close to painful the first time you try it) effect that's reminiscent of electric shocks >:-). Also, it smells freakishly exactly like cake (made me wonder just how fake food flavours may be nowadays). But it does work and the cake smell is pleasant :). And I got used to the electric shock treatment after enduring it twice :-P.
*Maybelline Line Stylist liner in Jade Flash (as an extra - I swapped it off).
*NYX Lip Pencil in Pink Nude.
*Tarte Lock & Roll Creaseless Eye Shadow Duo in Rose Gold. This works. I wore it on a hot day for over 12 hours and it didn't slide off :).
*NYX Lip Gloss With Mega Shine in Cady Shop [Candy Shop] and Frosteed Beige [Frosted Beige?]. Here's the situation: My glosses say 'Cady Shop' and 'Frosteed Beige'. The NYX official website lists 'Cady Shop' as Candy Shop (though the swatch is way off), but 'Frosteed Beige' is spelled with a double e :-/. Verify it here.
*Sleek Eye Dust in Jet Set and Vintage. I love these pigments so I got more ^_^.
*NYX eye shadow in Rust. I can never have too many reds ;D.
*NYX Chrome Eye Shadow in Iced Mocha.
*Everyday Minerals eye shadows in Lap Top and Net Surfing, and eye shadow minis in Mistle Toe, Snow Flakes and Starlit. Mistletoe is meant to be a single word as far as I know, but the packaging spells it as two words :-/.

I suppose this was the typoed products lot >:-). Lol. Close-ups:

Bourjois Rose De Jaspe, Jane gel liner, Sleek Jet Set, Sleek Vintage, NYX Iced Mocha, Everyday Minerals Lap Top, Net Surfing, Mistle Toe, Snow Flakes and Starlit.

Bonus pic:

Had to depot my Olivia lip balm to get a pot I could use for one of the Stila tinted moisturiser samples ;).

Not all brands featured have been added to the labels list, because 'the combined length of all labels cannot exceed 200 characters' >:-). I'm really sorry :(. [And annoyed >:-@.]

Thanks for reading ^_^.


Askmewhats said...

you know what Cris dear? you've got the best products across the globe because you're such a good swapper :)

miku said...

amazing swaps as usual.

hammit said...

Man, I won't be surprised if you have every make up brand in the world.

miku said...

I completely agree with you, the idea was that after I curl my lashes it doesn't hold it, it weighs the lashes down. It's horrible.

Anonymous said...

Ooo. I tried the baked smokes trio. It's actually not THAT bad if you put it over a good primer.

Cris said...

Awww Nikki, thanks ^_^! That's so kind :).

Miku, I read that fluid formulas work best for that since they aren't heavy. Not quite sure how to ask for one though...

Y, I like that trio :D. & I don't use base but it still works for me.

Oh, and I don't own every brand in the world 'cause I don't like some :-P.

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