Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Contest Entry: Barbie Inspired Look.

Why am I happy about receiving (from a swap) foundation that's too dark for me?

[Don't worry, swap update coming up later this week ;). I got lots of new stuff as usual :-P ^_^.]

Because...I finally figured out what to do for Laura's Barbie contest ^_^!!!

Thanks for the contest, Laura :). See, I told you I'm the kind of person who enters right before the closing date, but that I would do it ;) :).
After all, there's no way I'm skipping a contest that includes red eye colour as a prize. You know me ;D.

Without further ado, my inspiration...

Malibu Barbie :D!!!

This is an unusual look for me, because I consider my fair skin one of my best features, and normally enhance its porcelain loveliness. But everyone should try something different once in a while, and with summer coming up, I thought I'd give the tan thing a go ;).

So, she's got a tan complexion, pastel blue shadow with some peachy pink on the inner corners, twiggy lashes (she is a doll :-P), and baby pink lips :). An adorable combination that I often work, actually - but with my fair skin ;). This time though, I'm doing it her way ;D.

My attempt at the look [excuse the toilet in the background >:-), I couldn't get the lighting to work properly in any other room]:

There will be more pics after the products pic & info ;).

Malibu Barbie Look Products & Tutorial:

Skin: I didn't use my usual foundation for this look ;). I needed a darker base. Bourjois 10 Hour Sleep Effect in Beige Clair (mine came from Asia - clarifying this 'cause I suspect that this is darker than Euro Beige Clair) provided it :). To bronze, I used my Laura Mercier Bronzing Book palette in Gilded - Matte Bronze Light (and this is light indeed, and thus perfect for fair girls :D) to bronze, and Gilded to highlight & as a cheek colour. On the picture, Gilded is on the left while Matte Bronze Light is on the right ;).
By the way, I love the Fafi brush :). I'm actually considering getting some more brushes XD!

Eyes: My lovely blue's from my Pupa Heart palette :). I also used ArtDeco eye shadow in 557 on the inner corners, a new eyelash curler (Revlon) I got from a swap, and lots of Pucci Guerlain mascara on upper & lower lashes.

Cheeks: Mentioned this before, actually - Gilded from the Laura Mercier Bronzing Book in Gilded ;).

Lips: Oriflame Visions lip balm in Tropics as a base, and (probably my favourite) Plump & Gloss lip gloss in Nice Girl ^_^.

Eye close-up:

I think this one's my favourite. I always love eye close-ups :).

My skin is so the colour of Barbie plastic in all these shots, it freaks me out :-/.

So, what's the verdict on me & tanned skin ;)?

I think I prefer being pale :). But this was fun :D.

Thanks for reading ^_^! I'm considering entering Naomi's Purples contest after all, and who knows...I just may ;).


Crissy said...

i think you pull off the tanned look more esp. with the hair :D for ~summer~

pastel19 said...

Yayyy! Thank you so much for entering. You look gorgeous, the tanned look is definitely you :) xx

fuzkittie said...

You did an amazing job! So pretty and adorable. Love the light lips with bright eyes.

xoxoTori said...

This is such a cute look! (: Yeah I really like the Physicians Formula Palettes! Oh also I saw that your looking for a Benefit Lemon Aid. Go to this link they have a lot of the stuff your looking for, for goo prices!

Browse around they have a lot of really good stuff. They also have stuff that has been discontinued from other brands. They are a really trustworthy site. All their cosmetics are real. I have bought from them before and will be buying from them again!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

so pretty

Askmewhats said...

goodluck ! :) that is very pretty

eclecticsatire said...

An awesome barbie look! Great job! :D

Good luck with the contest!


♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

love it! the best look yet....!!! pale lips really suit you!!

Cris said...

Tori, I can't shop online :(. But thanks :).

Nic Nic, I think I get better as I blog along ;). But this did turn out better than I thought it would - which I'm very happy about, obviously :D.

Thanks for the comments everyone :). I appreciate all of them ^_^!
For the record, I've been getting off my signature red lips look lately - trying out my corals & pinks for the summer ;).

I_heart_red said...

thanks for your comment..
Your look is also pretty *.*

Kim said...

Awesome, I wish I could pull off wearing such a pretty blue on my eyes!

Also, thanks for adding me baaack, I love your blog~! ^^ I'm so sad that I can't find a palette with rainbow colors that's of good quality.. but if you have any suggestions or heard of one, please do tell me. It's been one of those things I've been looking for. <3

makeupper said...

I too wish I could pull off wearing a gorgeous blue like that!

You look stunning! Good luck with the contest! :)

Jasmin said...

cute ! love the color !

miku said...

Ah barbie girl!

Blair said...

You look very good in blue shades!!!

Cris said...

May I ask people to vote on my poll ^_^?

Thanks so much everyone :D! I love blues :). Too much :-P. Lol.

Rae said...

Cute! Very Malibu Barbie -- your gorgeous blond hair works perfectly here ^^