Friday, 1 May 2009

Some more New Acquisitions from swaps, various contest info, and lots of random notes.

*I know I was supposed to do a contest look, but I'm really not in the mood. I need motivation to expose my unpretty face >:-). But I'll have a few of these up soon, I promise ^_^!

*I can't wait for this (hoping to get everything), this (I so hope it's true ^_^!) and this :).

*I saw the new Avon quads in the latest Avon e-catalogue ;). Thankfully my fellow Europe residents have access to them now :), and hopefully my Asian readers eventually will too ^_^. Oh, and assuming you have the option of returning them (mine was a gift), which you should do if one shade is as defective as mine >:-), do grab one or two! The working colours are lovely :). Ahem. That's the problem of course, all colours are supposed to work >:-), but never mind XD.

*US readers: If you liked the Too Faced palette that I got with my birthday money ;), you can buy one here :D - and it's really cheap too :-P. And if you're feeling oddly kind, you can buy me the Unicorn one and I'd love to swap with you ^_^! (Lol - hey, it's worth a try XD.)

*UK readers: Blog sale promotion :). I like the green Bourjois, if anyone's feeling kind XD.

*By the way, thanks to all my new followers :). Can't believe that as of now, 72 people consider my blabbing worth reading :-/ :)...It feels great XD!

*Contests! I'm listing them, 'cause I tend to forget about them unless I do that >:-). So, there's the Barbie contest, Cinco de Mayo contest, pin-up contest, and the "Help Me Celebrate My Birthday" contest - come on, you know you want to check that one out XD. And of course, all are international ;).

*I'm done with notes now, thank you >:-). The actual blog post begins here :-P ;D.

I did receive more than these 2 swap lots ;). Including my package from my swap with Claire ^_^! Even though we both blog, we met through Make-Up Alley ;). But, it's not polite to start using one's stuff if it has been received first, so I won't blog about these until the other swappers receive their stuff ;).

Here are the things I can blog about :).

The Bourjois gloss was a GWP ;). I forgot to post a pic of it before >:-), so I did so now ^_^.

Swap 1 [Germany].

(For a Korres foundation I bought her.)

Yes...That is the Fafi pouch :). And brush, of course ;D :-P. My first ever MAC brush ^_^! I hope it's good :-P XD...

And lovely extra stuff :D! 2 lip balms ^_^! That's the famous anti-AIDS pot from The Body Shop :D, and the other one's by a brand called Olivia, which I'd never heard of before, but I've tried that one out (am wearing it now, actually ;D) and it's great :). It feels and looks really glossy. I'm very happy with it :).

Swap 2 [England - not the same swapper who gave me the Sugar palette though!].

(For my Clinique Sugar Sugar eye shadow, Rimmel Maxxx It Up eye shadow, Rimmel Pink Impact shadow stick, some perfume samples, and some extra stuff ;D.)

A Hello Kitty liner ^_^!!!
From H & M >:-). Of course I still hate H & M. But I'll forgive them their lousy clothes and accept this Hello Kitty pencil :-P :). Which by the way has the Sanrio date stuff on it, so I suppose H & M had the first official Hello Kitty make-up line before MAC did ;).

There's also a John Frieda leave-in treatment she threw in :), an Urban Decay gloss (my first ^_^!) in Love Junkie, and a MAC lipstick. There's only around half of it left, but it's Pretty Please - that was a wishlist shade for me ;). I'm happy :).

Swapping is so addictive. I will miss it...I've sent out almost all of my stuff I had for swap, and once I run out of things to swap, I will have to slow down :').

But I still have my blind swap to complete ;D! Collecting things for it, slowly :).

Thanks for reading ^_^! A contest entry will be next ;).


Catherine said...

Nice swaps!

Whit said...

oooo you'll LOVE that mac brush- i have the same one with the fafi packaging and i use it for touch ups!

Askmewhats said...

wonderful swaps! You are lucky to have swaps from different countries :D

Chrissy said...

I agree, nice swaps. :)

Kasumi said...

goodness girl! You are like swapping queen!
I'm afraid of trying avon palettes now bc yours was "defective" haha.
Thank you for the giveaway shoutout!!! :)
Why won't you do blind swaps?? There is ALWAYS things to try!!! hehehe

miRaCLe said...

nice swap! i never own a mac brush too! let us know how is it! :D

eclecticsatire said...

Girl, you are on one major swapping spree. :D Can't wait to receive your package. ;)


natural cosmetics said...

nice nd lovely swap!!!

miku said...

Oh! Those are awesome packages!!!

fuzkittie said...

Aw how nice~ You got extra goodies!

Cris said...

Thanks for the comments ^_^!
Lol, Swapping Queen - thanks :D!
I'll be doing my first blind swap soon ;).
Claire, I've sent yours, I hope you get it soon :).
And yes, extras are lovely ^_^!

aquaracer said...

ooooh, lots of nice goodies!!! and that fafi bag's cute! :)