Friday, 29 May 2009

Kinda late swap update. Rhyming not intended, I'm just too lazy to eliminate it.

Other people have 'hauls', I have Swap Updates :-P :).
Well, not for much longer, since I (yay ^_^!) have indeed & finally run out of stuff I don't need...At least for now XD.

Swap 1 [The USA].

(For my L'Oreal lipstick in Nude, Maybelline lipsticks in Passion Red & Moon Star, a purple Avon gloss, and lots of extras :D. I was feeling generous XD.)

An L.A. Colors (I keep typing 'colours' XD) eye palette in Mesmerise (that I've swapped off too XD), Wild & Crazy eye shadow in New U Girl, and 2 Jesse's Girl trios in Lime Lights and Purple Haze.

I actually quite like the Purple Haze :). Probably because it's not purple per se - it's violet, periwinkle and lilac >:-).

Swap 2 [England, the Sugar Kaleidoscope palette swapper again, she's one of my regulars :)].

(This was a 2 part swap. In total, I've sent her: 5 L.A. Colors palettes, the black/white/grey KleanColor trio, a L'Oreal Voluminous mascara that I got from Posey for entering her contest & that she kindly permitted me to swap away :D, a set of 3 Travel Exclusive Juicy Tubes, a lightly used Bourjois mini nail polish in 38 that my sister got sick of >:-D, a NYX eye shadow in Prune, NYX depotted shadows in Prune and Deep Purple, and a lot of extras, I can't recall all of them now XD.)

& I ended up receiving all this lot...

Part 1:

A Mary Kay Signature palette, a Mary Kay lipstick in Pink Melon, Bourjois Asia foundation in Beige Clair (too dark, will be using it for tan looks ;D), Eyeko Minty Fat Balm (finally I have some Eyeko >:-D, last person around the blogosphere to, I suspect :-/ - and I guess that's another thing for the review list ;D), Burt's Bees lip balm (the one in a tin), Wet & Wild lip liners in Pink Mauve and Willow, Mary Kay lipsticks in Pink Daisy and Pink Coral (these are testers that won't fit into the palette, but I don't mind ^_^), a Tarte lip balm in Friday, a Mary Kay lip liner in Dusty Pink, and just for the sake of it, a Mark Hook Up connector :-P. I'm very likely to swap for Mark stuff, so it's good thinking on my behalf ;D.

I love this palette, it looks so beautiful and chic :). And here it is with my first ever Mary Kay eye shadow duo...

Part 2:

Cleanse Your Soul mini Geisha body cream (spicy, love it ^_^), Pout Love Glow (looks really promising, can't wait to actually use it), Revlon Bedroom Eyes powder :D liners in Plum Wicked, Jaded and Fishnet Jet, NYX eye shadows in Luxor and Cool Blue, a Revlon eye shadow trio in Plum Like It Hot (XD), a depotted Lorac eye shadow in Jade, Barry M lipstick in 100, Pout lipstick in Mi Amore, Revlon lipstick in Nude Attitude, Wet & Wild lipstick in Pink Suede, Estee Lauder lipsticks in Divine Wine and Sugar Honey, and a Hard Candy lip palette in Pin Up.

Showing off my new lipsticks :-P :).

Same order as before ;). I swatched Nude Attitude at a shop here & I'm positive the one I have is prettier. The shop one was much browner :-/...Shade discrimination again >:-(? But whatever, I have the good one >:-D and that's all that matters :). And oh, it is so good. I'll have to come up with a Look of the day to show it off to you all ;D.

I'm a bit confused about why would a palette calling itself Pin Up consist of, well, caramel, brown, bronze and clear :-/. But they're nice :).

Swap 3 [The USA, another swapper].

(For my Limited Edition Avon duos in Daring Doll and Porcelain Doll, a Cover Girl eye shadow I got from a swap, and some extras.)

That Everyday Minerals mini concealer in Peach was an extra :). I also got three more Mary Kay duos ^_^ in Jade, Twilight and Cotton Candy, and an Elf gloss in Baby Lips. Swapped that off ;). But here's my palette, updated ^_^.

And I'll be receiving more Mary Kay stuff soon, so I guess I'll need more palettes >:-).

Swap 4 [The USA & a different person again].

(For my Avon Angel Cake eye shadow duo and Sahara Sun nail polish.)

A skincare sample I didn't keep, a Wet & Wild lipstick in Hot Red (this is too good for such a cheap item - unbelievable ^_^), a Mark Hook Up gloss (Sugared Almond on the left & Marshmallow on the right, these are amazing :D), an Elf white liner (had to swap that away, it wasn't pigmented enough for me), and Prestige liners: an eye liner in Poly and a lip liner in Tomango.

There are more, but I've run out of label space >:-D. And since I want to label everything properly, you'll just have to wait for my next swap update...Coming soon ;). Thanks for reading :).


Chrissy said...

Wow, someday I want to swap too! It's just that the postage rates are awful. :(

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

omg talk about swapping :P more looks from then!!

btw i tagged you :)

Kim said...

Swapping looks like a lot of fun, and I know I have a few things I'm not so interested in keeping. Have you always had good experiences with it?

miku said...

Awesomeness i cannot wait for looks with these :D

Cris said...

Chrissy, I'm sorry to hear this :(. I hope you can swap one day, it's really wonderful :).

Nic Nic, OK :D! & I'll do the tag too, thanks ;).

Kim, yes, my swaps have always been good :). I guess I'm lucky XD...The main thing is to pick trustworthy & kind people to swap with, then everything will be brilliant :).

Miku - will do :-P ^_^.

aquaracer said...

oh, lovely swap!! the lippies look great! and lovely colors of e/s duos!! i like the colors a lot. yay, more fotds from ya ;-)