Monday, 4 May 2009

Contest Entry: Red, White & Green.

This is for the Cinco De Mayo contest ;). Special thanks to Thiamere for informing me about it ^_^. I'm very happy to be entering this since it gives me an excuse to play with my new Sephora palette ;D.

[Note: I'm not sure why, but the lighting for these shots has been very bizarre...]

Please excuse the odd hair - I've finally decided on growing it out for the summer. It'll save my poor neck from being completely fried >:-D. And when autumn begins, I'm getting a pixie cut ;). With chocolate lowlights :-P.

Obviously joking about the lowlights >:-). But I'm definitely going short again ;D.

Eye close-up:

One eye, closed:

One eye, open:

You're probably wondering what the hell I was thinking with the lashes >:-).

Well, the main rule was to only use red, white and green on the eyes ;). So I did :-P. I'm wearing red eye shadow on the lid, green liner, and white eyelashes >:-). For the rest of the look, I wore red on my cheeks and lips, and my skin has been porcelained up as usual ^_^.

Product pic & details next ;D.

[The usual lot on my face ;).]

Eyes: Cream red (from the Revlon quad) as a base, then powder red (from my new Sephora palette :D) over it. Line with a green liner (I used Avon Arabian Glow liner in Emerald). My usual method of getting white lashes is to pat white pigment (mine is from Oriflame but any will do) over mascara, but I only own black mascara at the moment, so I couldn't :(. Instead, I used the white cream shadow from the Revlon quad as a base - I had to use one so the pigment would have something to stick to ;). I would've had better results with mascara, but that would be breaking the rules :-P. Then I curled my lashes very gently so they'd pop.

Cheeks: BeneTint ;).

Lips: Oriflame Power Shine in Sangria Red ;D.

I'm afraid this look wasn't very creative, but I like it anyway ^_^. More pictures ;)...

Am I smiling or not? Not sure either...

"Attractive? Who, me :-/?"

As if >:-).

And finally, trying this smiling thing on for size, again XD.

I just know I will regret this >:-D. But I do hate every photograph of me so don't mind that :-P.

Up next: IsaDora Blooming Spring swatches ;D, and even more New Acquisitions from swaps :). Thanks for reading ^_^ - and wish me luck :-P ;).


miRaCLe said...

cool! love the red shadow!~
wish ya good luck!! :D

Anonymous said...

I like this contest look, Cris!

And you look really cute in the pictures! Honestly!

fuzkittie said...

Pretty! The red looks so good on you!

CHOMSIRI said...

goodluck! :D

~tHiAmErE~ said...

that's real pretty...
u look so cute
i love the last pic!

white eyelashes..that's very unique!

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

a smile!!! a cute and pretty smile, really!! :D more more!

Askmewhats said...

gorgeous! i love it when you smile!!!!

Audrie said...

pretty!! You did a terrific job, you are so cute when you smile!

Crystal said...

you're smiling again! keep smiling dear! pretty pictures! and good luck with the contest!

eclecticsatire said...

You look super adorable in the last pic! Love your smile! :)


Grayburn said...

Creative! I love the Revlon cream shadows too!

x Grayburn

Chrissy said...

Nice. And yay, smiles! :)

Lisa said...

Pretty smile =)! Your eyelashes looked like you have snow on them. :P

miku said...


Cris said...

Lol at all the nice comments about my smile. I STILL don't like it >:-). But hey, I'm glad you do :-P ;D.
Snow lashes :D...Thanks Lisa ^_^!