Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Most cunning Tag ever >:-) & some more new stuff ^_^. From swaps. Naturally :-P.

[Courtesy of Fuz and Crystal >:-). I did see this tag in the morning but I had no time to blog then :-P ^_^.]

Rules: Take a picture of yourself RIGHT now. No primping or preparing. Just snap a picture. Load the picture onto your blog. Tag some people to play.

Well, it's not too ugly.

Usual skin stuff, some light clay shadow on the eyes (from my Oriflame 36 colour palette), Rimmel mascara, Bourjois powder as a cheek colour :-P (more on that thing below ;D)...My lip colour has worn off :-P ;).

I am not tagging anyone - this is just too cruel.

Swap love :-P ^_^...

Swap 1 [The Netherlands].

(For my L'Oreal Metamorphosis palette, Avon Orchid Delight duo, and some sample extras.)

A Bourjois powder in Apricote, that I'll be using as a cheek colour, and for contouring ;). It's too dark to use as a powder, but makes a wonderful peach blusher - I can't believe some people have skin this orange though. It's hard to imagine :-/. But I guess it's true XD.
I want to try this thing as an eye shadow ;D.

And extras ^_^! I'm not sure what that Sabon Vanilla & Coconut sample is (it appears to be a scrub), but it smells heavenly. If you ever come across stuff by this brand, grab something - you won't regret it ;D ^_^.
And Lancome mini cream tubes: Primordiale Optimum Nuit Visibly Skin Regenerating Night Treatment and Hydra Zen Neurocalm Soothing Anti-Stress Moisturising Cream Fluid. I'm giving these away 'cause Lancome tests on animals (and only skin stuff that has been tested on people has ever worked well for me) and I think I'm too young to use these, but they'll be appreciated :).

Swap 2 [England - second swap with Kaleidoscope palette swapper ;D].

And I'm already planning our third. She's wonderful :). Behold my lovely package...

(For 4 mini Bourjois cream blushes, and some extras.)

Unbelievable :').

Wet & Wild Celestial Realm quad, Milani Denim Blues quad (extra!), Wet & Wild Belgian Chocolates trio, 2 Wet & Wild lipsticks, Mary Kay Safari Sunset duo, Barry M Dazzle Dust (my first, yay ^_^!) in Khaki (though it isn't khaki :-P), Nails Inc nail polish in Victoria, a Dr. Brandt Infinite Moisture moisturiser sample :D (extra!), a Tarte lip balm in Thursday, no that isn't MAC :-P - it's a Wet & Wild shadow in Cornflower in MAC packaging ;D, lol, a Clarins Gentle Night Cream mini tube (extra!), and Prestige eye shadow in Indigo.

A blues quad and expensive skincare - as extras?!?

She is so incredibly kind. I can't wait to swap with her again :).

Here's the Wet & Wild shadow...

I did think it was MAC, at first XD. It looks kinda cute in there :-P ;D...

Thanks for surviving my ugly Tag pic >:-D.

(Not that I ever look good. OK, must not let thoughts of that kind take over me, it never ends well...)

To end this on a positive note...More swaps coming up ^_^. Can't wait :D ;).


fuzkittie said...

Hehehe you look absolutely cute! Nothing ugly about it.

Jasmin said...

love the swaps. cute stuff.

miRaCLe said...

cute snap! :D

and lovely swaps!! ^^

mszcheysser said...

Dear, you look great in the morning ;) Jeaaaalous.

Woohoo for the swaps!

Askmewhats said...

love your photo! so simple yet pretty! Wonderful swaps! you are addicted to swapping! :D

Audrie said...

aww you look just fine without makeup, nothing to worry about! :)

Cris said...

I'm not cute, I'm not without make-up, and I didn't take this in the morning >:-).
But I am addicted to swaps :-P ^_^.
Thanks for the comments :).

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

you look good w/o makeup!!

Crystal said...

you always have new loot! thanks for doing this tag dear! nice pic!

Sofie said...

You look just fine dear! You look really pretty in a natrual look like that... I wish I could look half as pretty with almost no make up T-T

aquaracer said...

yep, you def look fine. nothing ugly about the pic =P

wooot! more goodies!!! the bourjois' packaging looks too cute and girly!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

cunning tag,eh?
i agree!

nothing worse than being caught up not primped up..hehe
but u still look pretty,hun!

nice stuff you got there!