Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Spring 2009: Blooming Spring [IsaDora].

For those of you unfamiliar with it, IsaDora's a Swedish brand that's been around since 1983, and as far as I know it's available in the US, as well as most of Europe.
I loved their Dazzling Diamonds holiday collection (got the ring, palette and Diamond Glow highlighter/blush kit ^_^) so I'd been waiting for whatever they would come up with next...Yes, they did not disappoint :).

I love the look the model's wearing...So pretty :D. Will definitely try to imitate it one of these days ;D. I'm glad to see they're repromoting the Blonde inliner, since it's a great colour that works beautifully on pretty much anyone who's fair to medium in colour (you don't actually have to be blonde though :-P). When I was checking it out as part of the Autumn 2008 collection, the saleslady told me it was a softer, nuder alternative to the usual brightening but sometimes too harsh power of white inliner.

Also, I'm in love with their palette yet again >:-). Of course, I'll have to see it in person, but I'm sure most of you know that feeling of wanting the counters to stop putting out such great stuff in such quantities because you know you won't be able to afford it all :'D. And with MAC Hello Kitty on its way to Europe...Even though my birthday's in April, I would say I'm definitely broke.
Sorry for straying ;). But I'm not making any conclusions yet since I haven't seen this lot in person. Will report when I do ;).
The rest of the collection doesn't really appeal to me...Well, the violet liner would, but I already own one :-P. The lipsticks don't seem like they'd suit my taste and skin tone, and I'm sorry I have to say it but the blush packaging's just completely blah :-/. Plus, pinky peach can probably be done well enough with Fafi Hipness ;). And I know I'm too lazy to do my eyebrows with a pencil, so I'm gonna pass on that little item since it wouldn't be getting any use if I were to purchase it :-P.

[For the record: No reviews on nail polishes 'cause my local IsaDora counter doesn't supply nail polish testers (Yes, >:-/?!?) ...And no way am I paying for something I haven't even been able to test ^_^.]

Will buy: The Blonde inliner :D.
Will consider: The eyeshadow palette ;).

[P.S. How's that for a first post? I hope it wasn't too lousy :). Anyway, thanks for dropping by ^_^.]


Jae said...

Your first beauty entry was great, dear!! ^^*

IsaDora is a brand that I've always wanted to try, but never got around to actually using any of their products. I have to say, their Spring line looks SO amazing!!


Cris said...

Thanks :).

I'd definitely recommend trying some of their stuff if you come across it ;). And yes, <3 the spring line (that's why I blogged about it, after all :-P). Their last two collections were beautiful as well ^_^.

miku said...

I only tried a blush from Isadora when I went to Sweden...bad choice... I am completely inept when it comes to blushes!

Cris said...

Thanks for the comment :D. I don't own that many blushes, I prefer shopping for every eyeshadow colour that exists out there, lol.
[Blush collection? Hmmm...Mini BeneTint, MAC Fafi Hipness, Estee Lauder blush palette, Oriflame shimmer balls (not really a blush - more of a highlighter), IsaDora Diamond Glow (well, it's blush & highlighter) and palette colours. Not that much :-P.]

HeavenNRJ said...

I tried all the stuff from this collection today in the shop.:) The palette is amazing! Especially that light apricot and light green shimmery colours. What comes to that blush. Too much glitter I think, beautiful colour though. I just wonder would it be a new dupe for NARS Orgasm?:) Have seen NARS blushes only in the Internet, but Pinky Peach reminded me of all those swatches of Orgasm I came across for the last few months. lol I decided I have to think carefully before buying something because I might end up with a bunch of dupes in my pretty modest collection.:)

HeavenNRJ said...

Have you tested this new collection already?:) I like the palette, nail polishes, eye brow pencil and blush... *thinking* Plus I'm considering their matte palette too... I'm waiting for "buy 3 pay 2". lol

Cris said...

No, it's not out here yet :(. Am waiting ;).