Monday, 16 February 2009

TAG: 25 Random Facts About Me.

For the record, I got this from this blog ;D :).

1. I can't wait for the Hello Kitty collection to arrive here (well, it's a random fact about me :-P).
2. My favourite colour is red, then white, then (yes, you guessed it) pink ^_^.
3. The 'She breaks, my Siren' quote on my picture's from a song called Siren by Tori Amos (yup, am a fan) and she wrote it for Great Expectations (the 1997 film), which I adore, and you really ought to see it if you haven't ;).
4. My mp3 player's a white 6 GB Creative Zen Micro while my phone's a Nokia 7610, and I got both second-hand from the same person :). <3 both ^_^.
5. I use way too many emoticons when I write >:-D. Even in my real (paper) diary.
6. I have kept a diary since I was 13, in English, though it's technically not my first language.
7. I don't really enjoy shopping for clothes, since I already have enough to live with (lol). Getting make-up, on the other hand, is something of an addiction >:-).
8. I'm Pro-Life (might as well announce it so people know, after all it's certainly not something I am or should be ashamed of).
9. I usually type with the 3 right fingers of my left hand and 3 left fingers of my right hand. It works for me.
10. I'm addicted to tea. Not black though 'cause it's dehydrating, but green, mint or herbal, I love :D. And I use each bag twice 'cause I'm thrifty/weird like that :-P.
11. My hands are always cold (as in cold enough to appear fresh from the freezer) and have always been like this, as far as I can remember.
12. I really <3 diamonds, and no, I don't own any. Yet :-P.
13. I hate smiling in pictures 'cause it always (in my opinion anyway) makes my face shape look very unattractive.
14. You know how SAD makes people depressed 'cause they don't get enough sun? For me, the sun depresses me. If it's really sunny outside, I don't feel like getting out of bed at all, never mind out of the house.
15. But I LOVE rain, snow, clouds, that kind of weather :D.
16. I hate the concept of Facebook. Why on earth would anyone want to keep in online contact with people from real life? Especially people from one's school or workplace, because they're not very liked usually, are they >:-)?
17. My shoes are Product(RED) Converse :). And that concept's a brilliant one (unlike Facebook).
18. I smile a lot, and most of the time there's no real reason for it. Just not when there's a camera of any kind in my vicinity (see number 13 ;D).
19. I'm 19 :-P. I will turn 20 in April.
20. I'm optimistic to the point of complete idiocy. (I wish I wasn't, but it seems to be too integral a trait...It just won't leave me.)
21. I HATE lies of any kind.
22. I've never been kissed. (Or done anything else intimate.)
23. I love learning random words in random languages. Actually, make that random facts about pretty much anything. I love knowledge :D. Knowledge is power :).
24. 24 is my favourite number :-P :).
25. Coming up with these was surprisingly hard, as is coming up with blog topics, but I hope I can manage :) (see number 20 >:-D).

Thanks for reading ^_^, and if you haven't done this yet, I tag you to do the same :-P (see number 23, lol ;D).


Jae said...

Great list, dear. I always enjoy reading little facts about my fellow beauty bloggers! ^^

fuzkittie said...

These are difficult to do, haha~ But fun to read!

Cris said...

Thanks to you both :), and yes, they seem like an easy kind of list, but lol, it's actually a bit hard to come up with relatively clever ones (of course, not all of mine are :-P).

Citrine said...

Yeah...It's fun to read these randon facts...I thin

I am addicted to tea as well...mainly green teas though...I used to drink 3 bottles of those a day during summer (of course, unbashfully using my mom's money...)

If I am not swallowing tea like that, I like blue colored gatorade...I don't even work out though...


~tHiAmErE~ said...

i love random facts!
i put random facts on my anime blog before just not sure if people actually read it because its a lot..

i also love using emoticons...
<('.'<) <('.')> (>'.')>

& i definitely agree! Knowledge is power!

see ya around,my make up sister!