Friday, 27 February 2009

Thoughts on the latest Avon catalogue...(Marimekko = <3 ^_^ !!!)

I was flipping through the online catalogue (in case anyone's interested, it's here ;D), mostly just because I enjoy reading this sort of stuff (that may just explain the already crazy-long list of blogs I follow XD). However, I'm not really a fan of Avon >:-), so my expectations were not high.
But, as I've stated in my intro, I am a fan of Limited Edition stuff :). So, when I came across the Marimekko page...

"OMG cute ^_^, this might just be worth getting..."

But I'm not a stupid girl (I hope :-P), so I decided to Google the collection before making any conclusions ;). Here are 3 things I found out:

1) This stuff isn't new, it's apparently been released in other countries months ago :-/...Oh well, better late than never ;D.

2) The Greek online catalogue showcases 4 items: the mascara (it's normal black mascara, just in cute Marimekko packaging), 2 eye palettes (Poppy Bloom and Poppy Bouquet), and one face palette (in Poppy Bouquet).

Eye palettes ^_^:

However, I found this:

Yes, there are two of them. Another face palette (in Poppy Bloom) has been made, but for some reason, we don't get it >:-/. Thankfully, the one we do have is the prettier one XD; I can't imagine that mauvey colour working well on me. Phew :).

3) Swatches :D. Gorgeous, lovely, amazing ones. At least to me. Have a look if you wanna see them ;).

And that was it :). I'm on a make-up ban until MAC Hello Kitty is released, I shop loads from it and get the Hello Kitty bug out of my system XD, but if there's any money left afterwards...These are officially on my wishlist ^_^.

The Marimekko collection's currently 40% off (thank God XD). The face palette's 12,90 Euros, the eye palettes are 11,70 Euros each, and the mascara (which I won't be getting) sells for 8,10 Euros. Not exactly cheap, but not expensive either. I'd say the stuff is worth it. You can also get a blush brush for 2 Euros if you buy 2 (or more, I suppose) items - I might consider throwing that in as well ;).

Other random thoughts I had while going through the catalogue:
*Reese looks good on the ads :). But that's still not enough to make me crave blah products :-P.
*I want a sample of Absynthe. It appears elixir-like, and to me that's a good thing :).
*The whole 'Imagine you're a [designer/actress/insert supposed fantasy career here]' fragrance ad concept is, in my humble opinion, completely stupid. That said, it might just work on enough people to justify its own existence...Not on me though :-P.
*I quite like the Evie watch :). But I don't need it ^_^.
*Lol at the car-shaped mouse XD.

But yeah, <3 Marimekko :). So if I'm not completely broke after Hello Kitty XD, I'll request an Avon person (that sounds odd XD) so I can get those lovely palettes ^_^.

P.S. If anyone has the trios shaped like an eye (in any colour, though I'm mostly crushing on Grey Guidance ;D), would you be sweet enough to take a photo of them (I want to know what the box looks like in real life) and/or swatch? Or if you can find swatches online (I can't find any :( >:-/), could you let me know? Thank you :).

And (as always), thanks for reading ^_^.


HeavenNRJ said...
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HeavenNRJ said...

Mmm... I think we have "Marimekko for Avon" for about a month or so only, so it's new for us as well.:) I am not a fan of Marimekko and their famous Unikko (Poppy) print but I have 4 cardboard file folders with Unikko *planning to buy 2 more* I might consider All Over Face Palette in Poppy Bouquet though... What comes to Absynthe... it's a bit better than Rouge but still too strong for me. And I got 6 samples with my last order!lol

Cris said...

I had actually never heard of Marimekko before seeing these, but they're just lovely :).
6 samples, wow! Lol :D. So you're a member/rep/whatever the word is? What is it like :o?
I looked at the Finnish catalogue, and it seems you guys get a free lipstick with Absinthe, while we only get the bag. No fair, lol.
And is there really an eye palette for 4 Euros? Now I'm jealous >:-/. And there's a make-up case for the same price...I think these prices are conditional (must buy other stuff to get the discount), but still...Well, at least I can look ;). Bless the internet ^_^.

HeavenNRJ said...

Yep, officially I am a rep, "inactive" one.:) It's much easier to register as a rep than searching for one somewhere near you. Being a rep at least here in Finland means that we basically get the access to online shop and get a possibility to earn a discount. This is why I have so many lipstick and perfume testers.:) Last month I ordered a "5 sample kit" of Absinthe for 50 ct, and what did I find in my box? Yeah, right! They send me my kit plus one free tester! lol

But in order to buy the palette for 3,9 you have to buy 2 other products from pages "x-y".:) Mmm, I hate those "buy this - get that", "pay 3 - get 2", etc. lol

PS You either love Marimekko's Poppy or hate it. It's like opera. lol However, I like Unikko print on my file folders, but would never wear a dress with all those big poppies...:)

fuzkittie said...

It's cute! The blushes look too cute to use

Cris said...

Yes, aren't they adorable ^_^?!?
[Damn you Hello Kitty XD.]

Hmmm, thanks for the info ;). Maybe I'll register then. Lol at the free tester, but at least it was a nice thing to do :-P.
Maybe it was 'Buy 5 testers, get one free'? Lol.
I don't mind those offers - if the products are good. But when one has to buy something lousy to receive something good as a gift...I'd rather not >:-).

And I probably would wear a dress with these on, lol. It might look kind of childish, but hey, it's a dress :-P :).

~tHiAmErE~ said...

whoa...i didn't know they had that collection...i need to go check it out..
i hope that its available in my country though..
such a pretty palette.. <3

love your blog!
lots of pretty amazing stuff!

thanks for subscribing on my blog!

Cris said...

You're welcome ^_^! [Hugs back. Lol, internet hug :D.]

Thanks so much for liking my blog :), it's a new one so it's pretty average :-P, but I hope it keeps getting better :D.

And I hope so too ;). It's not in the current catalogue, but maybe it will arrive in a few weeks/months. Saying that, I had no idea Avon sells mp3 players and underwear :-/. Thanks to this post, I've been reading Avon catalogues for other countries...It's fun XD.

Care G. said...

I wonder if they stay on well.. The only thing I got from AVON years ago is a concealer and a mousse foundation which didnt match my color.hahaha, i might give this brand another chance since I read quite good reviews about their lipsticks :)

Cris said...

I don't have those yet, so I don't know...But my other Avon shadows...The powders (Colour Trend ones) are actually quite good and long-lasting. But the creams don't stay in place - you get the classic 'No colour on lids except a fat line of cream shadow in the crease' problem after a while >:-). Layering powder shadow on top helps though...But then the eye doesn't look creamy anymore, which is kind of the point of using cream shadow in the first place XD. I won't be repurchasing their creams :-P.

CHOMSIRI said...

the mascara packaging is soo cute! i would want it just for that reason! haha

Cris said...

I did at first, but an Allure article tells people not to stockpile mascaras, and I still have mascara so...Not getting this one.
To be honest, I'm usually relieved when I can pass on stuff XD, because that leaves me with more money that I can use to buy things I truly adore :).

musicalfanlovesminerals said...

avon in your country has some really cute makeup! i wish avon here was like that too.

Cris said...

I know, these are beautiful :).
I wish we had Mark though >:-/...Europe only gets regular Avon :(, and Mark seems such a great brand from the stuff I've been reading online...Oh well, maybe one day they'll decide to expand ;D.

Anonymous said...

omg this is so cute! i haven't seen this yet!

i can send you mark stuff if you want to order from me... i provide free shipping for your first order and free samples also...

Cris said...

I would, but I can't pay you XD. I can't shop online :(.
There's a swap I'm in process of sending out at the moment though, and if that all works out I might consider regular swapping with people :). We'll see ;).

Chantel Dolay said...

the packaging is adorable (i'm a sucker for cute stuff) ! and i'm also iffy about avon since i'm such a huge MAC lover, but i looked at the swatches and they're very nice, and pigmented. thanks for this blog! ps - you'll love the hello kitty collection!

Cris said...

You're welcome :D. Knowing my blog is useful to others is such a great feeling :). I didn't even expect it to be XD.
P.S. I knooow XD <333 ^_^!!!!! Can't wait :D.

Audrie said...

Thank you for visiting my blog! These palettes look really pretty! If I were to get anything it would definitely be the blushes :)

Cris said...

You're welcome :).
It all depends on Hello Kitty...I might get everything (both shadow kits and the blush), or I might get nothing at all :-P.
But Hello Kitty's Limited Edition, and I'm a huge Kitty fan, so I have to deal with it all first :). Before I plan on getting anything else ;).

AbbieAndBrian said...

heyyy thanks for following my blog :)
i hope you get chance to have a go at my blog :)

Cris said...

[Lol, isn't this entry popular XD?]
You're welcome :). And if you mean the contest, I most certainly will :-P ;).

Posey said...

Just wanted to say thank you for following my blog!

Cris said...

I only follow blogs I like :-P.
You're welcome :).

TML <3 said...

cute eyeshadows =)

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