Sunday, 8 February 2009

So, here goes. My own little bit of webspace ^_^, all about beauty. Best of luck to me <3.


Well, haven't I said it all in the title >:-D?

Just kidding. I'm odd. And addicted to writing and make-up, so naturally I thought this would be a good idea. We'll see how it goes. This is a new blog and I'm by no means an expert (there, I've said it - trust me at your own discretion/risk :-P), but I really do hope you and I both enjoy it :). And hopefully a couple of others as well <_<.

I also seem to pick the oddest word fits to express myself, and I tend to seriously overuse emoticons ;). Especially this one >:-).

If there's anything you'd like me to blog about, let me know. I might just do it. [Though there'll be no pictures of myself, at least not yet. Why not? In short: I don't think I'm pretty, people tend to disagree, and I get infuriated...Let's just not get into that :-P.]

I might on occasion write about things completely unrelated to make-up, but I'll try not to <_<.

I'm not one of those people with 300 MAC eyeshadows...Kudos to them for knowing what they like, but frankly I'd be bored if all I owned was by one (or 2, or 5) brand[s]. Expect a variety of brands on here ;). Oh, and I love Limited Edition items ^_^.

If you have (or know of) a beauty blog that you consider great, pleeease let me know, I absolutely adore reading them :). I'll subscribe too :-P ;D.

Well, I think that's mostly it. In random order >:-D.

And so it begins :).

"Those who refuse to accept anything but the best very often get it."


Crissy K said...

Welcome to the blogging community! I'm excited for your upcoming posts. Don't worry on not owning a lot of makeup. It adds up over time. My best advice to you is to look into pure luxe minerals, Fyrinnae, aromaleigh. As well as coastalscents and beautycrunch. They'll allow you to play with top quality makeup while you find your favourites. Hugs!

fuzkittie said...

YAYYYY welcome!! Damn, I thought I'd be the first comment! :/ Heheehe, nice to meet you!! I look forward to your writings~

KINHA said...

Your blog is very nice and I already follow you and I wait visit.

Cris said...

Crissy K: Thanks :). It certainly does though, especially with me since I rarely buy clothes (yes, I'm an odd young woman ;D). I think I do own quite a lot, and I'll do a 'My Collection <333 ^_^' post of some sort soon...Thanks for the brand recommendations too. I live in Europe and can't shop online, but I'll keep them in mind if I ever come across them <_<.

Fuzkittie: Hi, thanks, this would've been an honour, I LOVE your blog :D!!! [OK, am calming down now, lol.] It's really odd to speak to somebody I've been reading for months now...Nice to meet you too :).

KINHA: Thanks :). I don't speak Spanish, but I'll start reading your blog...Well, looking at the pictures at least ;).

Grayburn said...

Welcome and hope you'll have lots of fun! Can't wait to see more from this site!

x Grayburn

miku said...

"Why not? In short: I don't think I'm pretty, people tend to disagree, and I get infuriated...Let's just not get into that" You know I have the same problem, maybe it's the fact that I am as stubborn as a bull :D

Cris said...

Finally, someone who understands :D (lol).
I'm very stubborn too ;).