Thursday, 19 February 2009

TAGs can be quite addictive indeed ^_^. Here's another popular one :-P.

Got this tag from here, check it out :).

So, what am I using at the moment? Read on to find out ;D ^_^.


Shampoo: Tigi Dumb Blonde. It's great :) (and yes, I'm a [bleach] blonde).

Conditioner: At the moment, I'm using these tiny tubes that came with my bleach; I have a few lying around and I want to use them up before I buy conditioner ;).

Styling products: I don't style my hair :-P. If it feels dry or weak, I spray on some Tigi Health Goddess.

Hair mask: Pantene Blonde Expressions, but I don't like it much and wouldn't really recommend it.


Shower gel: Oriflame Arctic Cranberry...Or something like that anyway, can't be bothered to go upstairs and check the label :-P.

Body moisturiser: I have four. Tigi Melon Body Butter for really dry areas, Cherry Blossom body lotion (from The Body Shop) for my lower body (NB. Won't repurchase this, it feels too alcohol-ey for me to like it :(, even though the smell is nice...), and I alternate (depends on my mood :-P) between Tigi Creamy Dreamy Orange and Oriflame Pop Glam Vanilla (that was Limited Edition, and I kind of regret not buying 2 of them 'cause I love vanilla) body lotion for my upper body :).

Deodorant: Avon, supposed to slow down hair regrowth. Not sure if it does, lol.

Fake tan: No thanks, I like being fair :-P ^_^.


Cleanser: Oriflame Cranberry Milk Cleanser; I love this stuff, it feels so soft :), kind of like Clinique's cream cleanser. I prefer creamy cleansers to face washes.

Eye makeup remover: Oriflame 3-In-1 make-up remover (the green bottle). It works really well, at least for me.

Exfoliator: For my face? Oriflame's Cranberry scrub, used once a week on average, or whenever my face needs it.


Primer: I don't use one.

Foundation: Oriflame Visions Fresh Face Foundation in Porcelain Doll :).

Foundation brush: Fingers ;).

Concealer: Tigi Fixx-It Stick in Light.

Powder: Rimmel something, I can't remember the exact name and can't be bothered to go upstairs and check :-P. By the way, hit pan (yay, lol) :D.

Blusher: Lately, the rosy colour that comes with my Pupa Heart palette (I have the blue one).

Bronzer: I like being pale :-P.

Highlighter: From the Pupa blue Heart palette again ;). At least that way I'm sure it matches my blusher ;D.

Eyeshadow base: When I need it, cream shadow under powder works well enough for me. But generally, I don't mind reapplying (as long as it's been hours and not minutes >:-D).

Eyeshadows: Oddly enough, I haven't worn any lately.

Eyeliner: White inliner :). Specifically, the white end of Oriflame's Laurel & Hardy (from Visions). Yes, I love that brand ^_^.

Eyelash curler: From The Body Shop, but I want the Shu Uemura gold one. One day...

Eyelash base: I'll be honest and say I've never heard of it...Don't think I need it though, I like my lashes :). In fact, they're the only part of my body I'm completely satisfied with.

Mascara: Rimmel Lash Maxxx...Is it 3 xes? I forgot. Lol.

Lipstick: Since my sister has boycotted companies that test on animals, she gave me (among loads of other stuff) her L'Oreal Travel Exclusive Essential Colours palette, and I've been using those for a while now. Mostly the deep and red colours, but the mauvish and shimmery pink are OK too. (I still use stuff that has been tested on animals, but whenever I shop, I try to pick products that have not been tested over those that have.)

Lipgloss: Haven't worn any lately, I prefer lipstick :). But I do own many glosses and do use them, it's just that I haven't been in the mood to do so these past few days.

Nail colour: Oriflame Visions Fast & Furious nail polish (I think they called it that 'cause it's quick-drying) in Skydiver :). The best damn colour of the whole range, it's a sort of pink/lavender that reflects glass blue when the light hits it...I <333 it :D. Maybe I should post a picture instead though, lol.

I, as usual, will tag anyone and everyone who wants to do this ;).


fuzkittie said...

Haha you're on a tag roll!!

miku said...

Whoa! You really like Oriflame don't you? i really want to buy the shu uemura curler too, saving up to buy it online \(^.^)/

Strawberry Blonde said...

you really like Oriflame! I used to have some of their stuff, actually I still have a lash moisturizer from them, pretty good :D

Monika Dubska said...

ahh tigi is excellent :)
great post!

Hope to hear from you,
Monika ♥

Cris said...

Lol, tags are the easiest kind of blog :-P.
[Tigi and Oriflame: <333 ^_^.]

Ondine said...

I've never heard of Oriflame, but I already like a brand that calls one of its eyeliners 'Laurel & Hardy'!

Allison said...

I absolutely ADORE Tigi! The products always make my hair look so good :)
And I applaud you on not fake tanning, I do because I look translucent when I'm pale!

eye cream said...

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