Thursday, 26 February 2009

Oriflame liners & Skydiver swatch(es), and various randomness.

Hello :).

I was actually planning on doing a lip blog (that sounds odd XD), but this morning I woke up with...
A pimple on my upper lip >:-). I don't get spots often, but when I do, they're always in odd, ridiculous places. Last one was right under my right eyebrow :-P.

So, there I was, thinking about what on earth I was going to write (I really didn't want to do yet another tag, for obvious reasons >:-D)...
When I got an idea from my comments :D. Keep leaving me comments, people, they make me happy :) (lol ^_^) and make the blog better as well, I think ;).
Comment in question:
"I've never heard of Oriflame, but I already like a brand that calls one of its eyeliners 'Laurel & Hardy'!"

Oriflame's a Swedish brand, and it's sold by catalogue (similar to Avon). It's available in most of Europe and some parts of Asia, but not in the US. (Well, many US brands are not available in Europe, so it's only fair :-P.) You can buy loads of various stuff (again, like Avon): skincare, body care, hair care, fragrances, accessories, and of course, make-up ;D :). There are 3 make-up lines: the Oriflame Beauty line itself, the Giordani Gold ('luxury') line, and the Visions line that's made to appeal to teenagers (or people who like to use colour :-P).

There are 6 duo liners in the Visions line, and I own them all ^_^. They are:
*Laurel & Hardy: Black and white. Basic XD. Mine's really short by now 'cause it's the one I use the most ;).
*Jekyll & Hyde: Grey and tealish (metallic).
*Aladdin & Yasmin: Warm brown and coppery gold.
*Batman & Robin: Bright blue (with glitter) and silver. [NB. Am I the only one who doesn't see a connection with the name here :-/?]
*Thelma & Louise: Light pink and black (with glitter).
*Tom & Jerry: Purplish pink and bluish green. Thought: do these match the MAC Hello Kitty pigments :o? I guess I'll see when I get those ;)...Oh, and I don't see how the name suits the colours in this case either.

All 6 liners:

And here are some swatches :).
First three liners:

Last three liners (OK, last four liners actually, lol):

And to finish this up, here's a (not very clear but I tried :-P) pic of my Skydiver nail polish ^_^:
So damn pretty :). Most of the other colours, however, are not >:-) :(. There's one more I like, which is basically clear polish with a lot of glitter in it, and it's called...Serial Blogger (lol). Yeah, the names are good XD. But these are (in my opinion) the only 2 colours worth getting from the nail polish line.

Up next: more tags >:-D, My Make-Up Collection :D (that is gonna take a lot of photoshooting, trust me, so I don't know when this will be up), maybe a few more spring collection reviews (I don't know whether to do ones that have been done by other bloggers already, even if I do <3 them, like Dior and Lancome)...And once the pimple is gone, that lip post :).
Of course, if there's anything you'd like me to write about, let me know ;). Thanks for reading and commenting :), I really appreciate all of you who try to include a new (and not very interesting, I'm afraid) blog such as mine into the blogosphere ^_^.


♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

it's very interesting to hear about other European brands :D wow you're from Greece? I love Greece! I've been to two of islands, so beautiful ^^

miku said...

I really like the laurel and hardy one :D

Citrine said...

The pimple will go away in no time actually...(I always have acne under mu lips or acne mark...I still take the picture anyway...)

Jae said...

Those liners are SO pretty ^^*

Cris said...

Yes, I live in Greece. I don't like it though :-P.
I'd never take a picture with a pimple 'cause I'm so demented about the way I look, lol. I don't even do FOTDs 'cause I don't consider myself pretty enough, I wish I did :(.
Thank you all for the comments :).

nackybeauty said...

thanks for dropping by my blog & leaving me a comment :D

the red eye shadow from mac is called "passionate".
i love red too!!! my favorite color!!! :D

Cris said...

Thanks :)! [Adds to wishlist.]
Mine too ^_^.