Thursday, 25 June 2009

Still alive :-P. Awards, swap update, some randomness and a pic.

*Me wearing Brave New Bronze...

[Bare face, just Korres sunscreen.]

My face is funny :-P.

About my neck...Yes, my face is lighter than my neck. I don't mind, but I know that most people will assume that I'm wearing badly matched foundation or something like that, and will judge me accordingly.
Anything I can do about that? No. Thus, I don't care.
But I have started high SPF & AHAs on my neck too, and am hoping it evens out eventually ;).

Oh, and I like Brave New Bronze on me :). I haven't bought it yet (for this, I used the tester & took a pic once I got home) but I think I will ;D.

The new shade of SolarBits, I hate :(. But the repromoted ones are beautiful :). Bright Future is really pretty :D and I like Sunsationalist and Liberated too ;D. As you can see, got a mini wishlist - now I just need to act upon it :-P.

*I want this.

*Triple award from Sammie :D - who was kind enough to award every single follower of hers :'). Check out her blog if you don't read it already ;D.

Here are my pretty pictures ^_^.

I'll leave this open to anyone who'd like to take them :).

Well, Linda sent me a little something just for entering ^_^! Isn't that kind :)?

There's even a note :D.

And stuff: A CoverGirl trio, N. V. Perricone and Skyn Iceland samples, and a Bare Escentuals mini Well Rested Multi-Tasker For Eyes ;).

I only kept the last 2, but I can't wait to use them :).

*And I won the random draw with my pigeon smokey eyes :D! Am I lucky or what XD? I really should enter some more contests, haven't done that in a while...

Swap Update :)...

Swap 1 [The USA].

(For my Oriflame 36 eye shadow palette, and I added many extras ^_^.)

Two NYC liners, an Avon Satin Gel Eye Liner in Black/Brown Pearl which I love :D, I'm afraid I'll have to swap for more gel liners XD...A Revlon highlighter stick in Crystal Calm, two Revlon lipsticks in Soft Silver Red and Silver City Pink, and the last 2 items were something of a disappointment :(...

The Physicians Formula Retro Glow gloss is lovely, but...I'm allergic :(. Will swap it off.

And this is what the Fiori eye shadow trio looked like when we were arranging the swap:

This is what I got.

Yup...Broken :'(. She didn't really wrap it properly.

Oh well, at least it's a pretty colour :).

Swap 2 [England, Kaleidoscope swapper ^_^].

(I got her 4 ArtDeco eye shadows and a shadow box for them, 6 Elf single shadows, and lots of extras as usual ^_^. And I think there was something else, but we always do large, generous multi-swaps and I can't recall every single item ;D.)

Two Revlon quads in Sultry Smokes and Berry Bloom, a Pout eye shadow duo in Miss England (yay, more Pout :D), the Revlon Pure Confection Highlighting Face Powder, Barbara Daly For Tesco Moisture Foundation in Porcelain (I hope this is good 'cause it is a supermarket product :-P, but I have to say that the packaging, at least, does not appear cheap at all), a Mark Kiss Therapy tin in Shimmering Bronze (you know me & Mark lip products XD - plus I was looking for something like this for the summer), the Eyeko pink 3-in-1 cream :D, a half-full (I was aware of it, don't worry ;D) Physicians Formula loose powder in Translucent, a Victoria's Secret Sexy Cheeks Mosaic Highlighter, Estee Lauder lip gloss in Cool Coconut, Sephora tinted moisturiser in 100 (so far, love this ^_^!), Bourjois Rose Fougue blusher and Noir Cobalt eye shadow, and extras - a mini lipstick and Avon samples :).

Lol, I practically wrote a mini essay up there XD. Close-ups:

You can see the Eyeko pot better in the mirror ;D.

I'll try to do some looks soon ;D. If I still have readers :-P.

Thanks for reading then :).


miku said...

where have you been? i missed reading your blog T.T

eclecticsatire said...

Awesome swaps! (:


~tHiAmErE~ said...

glad to see you back,girl!
lots of stuff!

i like the VS mosaic highlighter.i've always wanted a highlighter like that!im

Askmewhats said...

Nice to see you!! I'm glad to read you're doing well! More swaps? Girl! You are on a roll!!!!! Enjoy the cool goodies :D

miRaCLe said...

wow!! nice swaps!!
have fun with them and create more looks for us :D

fuzkittie said...

Wow you're like the swap queen!! :D

aquaracer said...

brave new bronze looks great on you! you should get it!! haha.

Anonymous said...

Nice to have you back! You're swaps are great as usual. I love your skin! Not to be a creeper, but I love how it's so fair and translucent (is that the right word o.0)

Gel/cream liners are the best <3

Sammiebbz * said...

ooo yehh i doo like brave bronze on you! :O it totaly suits you! :) annd aww thanks for mentionin me :) loves the hauls youu get! i needa do a first swap soon! but a little scared lol xoxoox

Sofie said...

swaaap queeen is baaack! <3
And I think your skin tone is just fine dear ^^
I love to hear what you think about the eyeko cream!

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

you have flawless skin!!! i swear when i went to Greece, the ladies were tanned but you're the palest I've seen :P ive gotta starting using uv lotion on my neck more often too..

✿Ji✿ said...

Wow I guess you really like to swap!;)
I've tried green, blue and pink mascara, but they never really show up on my dark lashes!;__;
Ahh I hear a lot of great reviews on Rimmel mascaras...I'll definetly try it out once I'm finished with the ones I have!^^

Cris said...

Miku, occupied with stuff :-P. But I'm back :D! I missed blogging too...I'm pretty sure I can't live without writing :). Even if it's about make-up and such :-P.

Claire, thanks :).

Thiamere, yeah, it's lovely :D.

Nikki, I think I'm a bit addicted to swapping :-P...Oh well, it could be something worse (lol).

Miracle, OK, will do soon ^_^!

Fuz, it's amazing to hear this from the most famous beauty blogger out there :o...Thank you :).

Kristine, I'm pretty sure I will ;). I was staring at my lips' reflection on the bus, and [I hope XD] I don't usually do that ;D.

Y, thank you :)! I think fair skin's lovely so I try to maintain mine :).

Sammie, you awarded me, of course I'd mention you :-P. Swapping's not that scary really, it's like getting presents, I love it ^_^. And do check out the lipsticks again ;D.

Sofie, I'm in the process of testing it out ;). I'll do a review soon...

Nic Nic, I'm not Greek & I've always been pale :), so I guess it's genes really :-P.
I used to neglect my neck, but after taking pics for the blog I noticed that it was yellower & more tanned than my face, and I decided to do something about it ;). I hope it evens out 'cause I'd hate everyone to think I'm using bad foundation XD!

Ji, I'm getting blue mascara in (lol) a swap, and I hope it works, my lashes are black too. & I'm glad you could use my suggestion ^_^.