Tuesday, 9 June 2009

MAC Fashion Mews review and look & Adorable Blog award ^_^.

(Requested by Chomsiri :). But I'm sure many people wouldn't mind a review of this XD.)

Review: MAC Hello Kitty lipstick in Fashion Mews.

[It has a kitty stamped onto it, how cute ^_^!]

MAC info: Sheer pale lavender [Glaze].

MAC's Hello Kitty collection included 6 lipsticks, of which I own three. Fashion Mews is a light, creamy pinkish lavender colour. It's not as lavender in real life as this though...

Which I would have been disappointed about, had the real life colour not been this beautiful :). It's lovely, and looks a lot like a nude shade, except it's well, not nude or peach. See my pic for reference ;).

The packaging is adorable ^_^, the name sounds good (unlike Big Bow for example >:-D), the staying power is very good (lasted through eating for me, although I was careful ;D) like all MAC lipsticks :), and I love that soft lovely smell ^_^. I personally had no dryness issues - but I rarely do, so I think that'd depend on one's lips' normal state. Can't speak for everyone on this ;).

So, is there anything bad about this? No :). The only minor trouble with this is that it's Limited Edition, so it may be hard to get hold of if you haven't already ;). I won't factor the price as a negative aspect because overpriced though 18,50 Euros may be, it's still not as much as, say, a Dior or Laura Mercier lip colour ;D. I won't even mention how fine by Euro standards the US price of 14 $ is - a L'Oreal lipstick is selling for more than that here >:-D.

Would I recommend this? Yes :). Definitely. Especially if you're a fan of Hello Kitty and lovely statement nudes ^_^.

Here's the look I did with it ;)...

(See what I mean about it being a pinkish lavender shade with a nude look & effect? I'm afraid my description's a bit confusing, so I hope the pic helps XD.)

Pout Love Glow, no mascara or liner, Oriflame Aqua Vibes Cool Eye Shadow stick in Hawaii as a base & Lumiere eye shadow in Cafe Latte over it, for a minimalist, gleaming look :). This is how I'd wear this - but I'm totally open to suggestions, just leave a comment ;D.

By the way, the moment I saw Cafe Latte, I thought, "This is the shade for Fashion Mews :D!" ;). Does this happen to anyone else? Knowing what to wear a product with before actually trying it...It often does to me, anyway.

Here's another bizarre not-quite-smiling pic. Photographer's block won't lay off :-P. I'm never photogenic >:-) but I usually can manage to look presentable, and in the past few days, it isn't happening >:-/.

& I've received this from Thiamere :). Thank you ^_^!!!

This is so cute XD ^_^.

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& I don't know who else hasn't received this, so if you haven't received this yet and have an adorable blog, I award you :-P :).

Thanks for reading ^_^!

P.S. If you'd like to request a review, go ahead ;).


Anonymous said...

Cris, thanks a lot for the award, but I have done this ward post already. ;)

But I highly appreciate it! <3

Hm... I can't help thinking of how you would look, if you didn't dye your hairs blonde. ^_^

I believe, your natural hair color would look great with your dark brown eyes, don't you think so?

aquaracer said...

haha, i have this lippie and i haven't used it yet because i don't wanna mess up the hk logo (too cute!!). it looks adorable on you. and yes, it's def sheer.

fuzkittie said...

The color looks sexy on you!

Askmewhats said...

thank you so much for the award and you look great with the MAC lippie :D

ning * star said...

aww, thank you soo much! Love!

eclecticsatire said...

Fashion Mews look so adorable on ya! :D


♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

Thank you for the award!! so sweet of you!! you must do the pink lips/black eye look now :D as a request!! hehe. that lipstick looks fab on you ;)

Rita *Lala* said...

thanks for being a follow :) i'm new on blog thing so is highly appreciated :)
your blog is really adorable!
the lipstick looks great on you. i love pink lips :D

miku said...

OMG I love the lipstick and your second look!

Cris said...

Thanks for the comments everyone ^_^!!!
Nic Nic, OK - now that you've requested it, I definitely have to do it ;D.

simon n josh said...

The colors really look good on you. Cool review.

✿Ji✿ said...

OMG thank you so much for the award!♥
You spoil me rotten with all this tags!xD♥

miRaCLe said...

cute lippie! :D
i love the nude effect!!