Tuesday, 30 June 2009

New Acquisitions, through swaps and not, & Ji's giveaway ^_^.

*Read this.

[Though you probably already have ;D. If not, you should, trust me.]

*Ji is having a giveaway ^_^! It includes Essence :-P :D! I normally hate giveaways that require people to post about them, but she doesn't - it's optional ;D. So I chose to do so for once ;). Plus I have an excuse to promote her blog with this :-P, and her blog deserves it :).

*The clouds background on my blog is because it's easier to read with a lighter background ;). I'm not renaming it to Cloud Enigma any time soon :-P.
Though it does sound kind of nice now that I think about it :).

I will do looks this week, promise. I'm just feeling kind of drained lately and a no-look post is better than no posts at all, right :-P?

Swap 1 [Australia].

(I bought her five Korres products: a foundation, powder, serum, eye shadow and Lip Butter.)

Lots ^_^!

The Cargo Vacation Kit, Sephora Sunswept palette, Stila Illuminating Tinted Moisturiser, Tarte blush stick in Flush (raspberry loveliness ^_^, it smells and looks amazing :D!), Stila Illuminating Finishing Powder in Gold, OPI Hopelessly In Love, Stila pigment in 8, 2 extra pigment samples (one by a brand called Alima, and MAC Lovely Lily), MAC Flowerplay lipstick, Clinique Mango Tint Superbalm (I already own Raspberry Tint ^_^), Cargo Plant Love lipstick in Nahinni, Stila It Gloss in Striking and Inviting, and MAC Lipglass in Silly Girl and Gold Charm (mini & an extra).

She was also supposed to send me a Shadebender in Sorcery but she'd misplaced it, I'll get it if she finds it. It's still a generous swap though :).

The Sephora palette, Flowerplay & Nahinni. The bronzer's a cream product while the blush is powder ;).

(The glosses are SO much prettier in real life. I may have to retake pics!)

Contains one blush/bronzer tin in Coral Beach, 15 servings (lol) of Daily Gloss in three colours (five of each ;D), eye shadow cards (these will really fit anywhere - but I really hope they work!) in Costa Rica, Mojave, Bermuda, Aegean, Green Bay, Corsica and Yukon, and one mini mascara :).

Brilliant - I was running out of mini mascara backups (I never buy mascara) ;D. Now I'm covered ^_^.

I have access to the Aegean here, but I don't like swimming :-P. Or rather, I don't like all the SPF/hair removal/et cetera various procedures that one has to undertake, and I'm really not keen on exposing my body. I laugh at (or envy, the poisonous not the inspiring kind) others' bodies too much.

Got this 'cause I'm running out of body lotion ;).

This range is sold at supermarkets here, but it's manufactured by Korres ;). Cinnamon Orange, yum ^_^.

Here's some stuff my teenage sister bought at my advice ;D.

Korres backne shower gel (fine, it's for 'oily skin with imperfections' :-P), face wash, and spot treatment, from their teen skincare line ;). Although I have told her repeatedly that her skin would look much better if she'd be more regular with sunscreen...But who listens to their big sisters much :-P?

Also, here are some Bourjois shower gels she got (again, I recommended them :-P)...

Ten something Euros for the lot :). I prefer soap, but I may steal the chocolate one sometimes :-P...

Does anyone else have access to their body care stuff? I'm curious...If anyone's in France, you probably do though ;).

And my little sister gave me her pocket money and asked me to pick up something nice for her, so I did ^_^.

Hello Kitty by H & M :). I'll go get her the pink one too ;D.

Thanks for reading :)! Thanks for being patient with me not posting looks or reviews! Thank you ^_^!

Lol. I really want to recreate this, so it'll be up very soon ;).

P.S. Edit: Really easy contest: just go here & leave a comment ;D. That's all you need to do to enter :)! Lovely, isn't it ^_^?


miku said...

Oh I love kings and queens!

Cris said...

It exists in Romania too :D? Nice ;)!
I love the little stories they have :). Although some fragrances are odd...Tobacco :-/? Lol.
Cinnamon Orange was actually available in a regular & a shimmery version, but I just got the regular one, I don't need shimmers 'cause I never expose my body ;D.

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

awww you're such a nice sis! I like advising my sister too XD but her skin is completely different from mine... so advise her with makeup :P wow another nice swap!!

Anonymous said...

LOLOLOL. I don't get mascara samples so I have to buy mine. xP That's a good idea though since there are so many mascaras to try and they expire in like 3 months.

fuzkittie said...

another swap, swap queen!! :D

Sugar Bunnie said...

I use to love looking at swaps on flickr
but always bring back memories,lol
some of these stuff I've seen or heard of before.

Cris said...

Nic Nic, I try to be :).
Actually, she's different from me too, even with skin (she's really tan but with rosy undertones - quite unique :D, and I'm, as everyone can see on here, really pale with pink undertones but the sun makes me yellow :-/), but I just know more about all this so I can usually help her :).

Y, it came in the set ;). It's not like I can just go and ask for mascara samples when I shop...I wish :-P. The salespeople normally even steal the samples for themselves as far as I can tell >:-).

Fuz, thank you ^_^!
I've actually arranged about a dozen more swaps >:-). Oh well, they're good deals & it's summer XD! And I'll enjoy it all tremendously ;).

Sugar Bunnie, I love discovering new stuff through swaps :).