Sunday, 7 June 2009

Blind Swap lot and look & Clinique Plum Seduction swatches as requested.

Thanks so much Nikki for being my first Blind Swap ^_^!!!!!

Well, it wasn't completely blind for her, since she knew that I was sending her a Korres Body Butter - I offered to, 'cause it's hard to get in her country and easy in mine ;D. But I sent her lots of other stuff from Europe too :-P :).

It was completely blind for me though. I had no idea what I'd be getting...Which can be a bit scary, but I trusted Nikki to pick good stuff for me :).

When I got the envelope, everything was all wrapped up in pink tissue paper, how cute ^_^. Of course I didn't photograph it, I was too eager to unpack it all :-P XD.

Her note :). So sweet & nice of her to add one ^_^.

I'm not sure what this is. But it's cute XD.

Edit: It's a bag holder ;).

Skincare: Paul & Joe Light Cleansing Milk and Moisture Lotion mini bottles. (Well, they're not that mini - 25 ml each ;D, lovely ^_^.) They're beautiful :). Can't wait to use them ^_^!

Make-up :D!!!

Careline eye shadow duo in Poison Ivy, IN2IT eye shadow duo in Sphinx, Embodyment Organic Essentials Cherry Lip Balm, and Nichido blush in Sunkissed.

She remembered (from a comment I left on this gorgeous look of hers) that I was looking for an orange ;D :'D! Now I can try to recreate the look ;)...

Here's a close-up of Poison Ivy :). The built in brushes are a bit hard to manoeuvre if doing anything but a simple lid colour, but the pigments are amazing ^_^!

And masks ;). Four of them :D. These are the face-shaped tissue kind - I've never tried similar ones before, so I'm definitely looking forward to it :).


Coenzyme Q10...


And potato XD.

All in all, my first Blind Swap was a wonderful experience. Thank you Nikki :). I hope everything I sent you makes you happy too ^_^.

Of course, I had to do a look with all my new make-up ^_^. Here it is :D.

I look kind of grumpy because I was annoyed at my face being extremely unphotogenic (as usual). And I was tired.


By the way, the Pucci Guerlain mascara brush is terrible. I finally gave up & replaced it with my Clinique mini tube brush that I'd kept. (Thankfully it fits the tube tightly ^_^.) And the mascara isn't anything special either to be honest :-/. But I got it in the Pucci eye set & for the Pucci eye set (not for the mascara as such), so I don't really care XD.

The colours are so beautiful :). I think my next look will be light on the eyes though, I want to do something soft ;D. I've done quite a few intense eye looks for the blog so far & I need a break ;).

[Funny pic of me, starring my wonky mouth & unclassifiable expression :-P.]

Here are swatches of my Clinique Plum Seduction quad for Kim :).

It's very nice :). I swapped for it even though it's mostly purple XD. But these colours are very beautiful so I don't mind that at all ^_^.

Well...Thanks for reading ^_^! I've got a really huge swap to present next...Can't wait ;D.


Askmewhats said...

wow you did a wonderful look with the products
hey that's a bag holder, you put the holder on the table and you can put your bag when you're in a restaurant or something :) I'm glad you enjoyed our blind swap, I'll be putting up what I got from you soon :) need to crop photos! thanks so much for the blind swap :D I enjoyed it :D

miku said...

Well, aren't you in a swapping fever? Oh, I love the swatches!

Steph said...

wow love the look! :) i havent tried swapping yet. seems fun!

Blair said...

What a cute swap!! The mini skincare samples from P&J are adorable~

Can't wait to see your next swap installment! =D

fuzkittie said...

NICE swap!! All the nice skincare~~ :] Your blank stare photo is very sultry!

aquaracer said...

wooooo, more swap goodies! :)

i like that ur make-up opens up your eyes more. and the make-up you used on your lower lashline has a very nice sheen.

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

you actually look pretty with that "grumpy" look :P

cool blind swap!

miRaCLe said...

cute look with the swap item! :D


Anonymous said...

I love your eyeshadow look! The person was so generous!

M said...

blind swap fun! :D nikki is so sweet!

Cris said...

Nikki, so did I :D, thank you ^_^!!!

Miku, thanks, if you want swatches of anything just let me know ;).

Steph, it is :).

Blair, thanks ^_^! I'm so happy somebody likes the swap blog posts, lol.

Fuz, thanks :). Looks grumpy to me :-P. But I'm glad you like it :).

Kristine, the lower lashline shadow's the pale shade from the Poison Ivy duo ;). I really like those shadows, they're beautiful & work really well :).

Nic Nic, do I :-P?

Miracle, thanks :D!

Y, yes, she was :).

Mona, she definitely is ^_^.

Thanks everyone for commenting, I <3 you ^_^!

miss wiggle said...

Hi DiamondEnigma - Thank you for following my blog! Hehe... Nice swap! And I love your skin - very milky and princess-y! *envy* ;P

Audrie said...

Great swap!! And thank you for the swatches :)

xoxoTori said...

Oooo, so pretty! (: