Friday, 5 June 2009

Swap update, skincare sample mini reviews & for a change, New Acquisitions I've actually bought >:-D.

Here they are ^_^. I love Sephora :). (Who doesn't XD?)

Stila eye shadows in Poppy (was a wishlist item, yay ^_^), Mood and Toffee :).

Best part: they were a Euro each ;D :-P.

I love the quotes the Stila shadows come with :).

*Clarins Gentle Night Cream sample mini review: Makes an OK eye cream unless it gets into the eye - then it hurts like hell. [Like most face creams :(.] As a face cream, feels nice & soft when I put it on at night, but in the morning my face looks kind of drained. (That may be me though, not the cream XD.) Won't purchase ;).

*L'Occitane Honey cream sample mini review: Wonderful. I put this on at night, & when I woke up my face was lovely pale and glowing ^_^. I was literally shocked. Will look at the boutiques (I know 2, one in Kolonaki & one at The Mall - this is more for my reference 'cause I doubt I have any Greek readers, lol) for it - apparently it's been discontinued (>:-/?!?) but this is Europe, we keep things for way too long XD so I hope I can find some :). If I don't, maybe I'll check out the Korres honey cream, it'll probably be cheaper too. (I'm in Greece, remember ;D?)

*The Piz Buin sunscreen I swapped for is a bit irritating on my skin :(. Will switch back to Korres Watermelon sunscreen ;). I'll try the Piz Buin as hand sunscreen though, I hope my hands aren't as sensitive. If it doesn't work even there, I guess I'll have to get rid of it XD.

And here's the Swap Update of the moment ;D ^_^.

Swap 1 [Singapore].

(For my mini Elizabeth Arden Red Door perfume bottle, Elf white liner, and some extras.)

We swapped for the Strawberry Shortcake pouch & Barry M lipstick in 123, the rest are extras ;). Hello Kitty note papers, cherry tea and pink bracelets - she was so sweet ^_^.

The pouch was for my (soon to be 7 year old) little sister - she's jealous of all the parcels I've been getting so I thought I'd get her something too :).

The lipstick really is this purple, and full of large chunks of glitter...I opened the tube & my first impression was, "Oh God, no :(!", but I tried it on...And it's beautiful :). It'll look great with a futuristic purple & silver eye look ;). Definitely not a natural look lipstick though, lol XD.

Swap 2 [Canada].

(For my L'Oreal Essential Colours palette, Oriflame Pink Strass lipstick, Glamour gold palette and Max Factor eye shadow brush - she asked for that as an extra and I let her have it.)

Scrunchies for when I grow long hair again (they're cute ^_^), a Dior glittery gloss top coat, a Mary Kate & Ashley gloss for my teenage sister who's a fan of theirs, and a Clinique eye shadow quad in Plum Seduction.

Swap 3 [England, Kaleidoscope palette swapper again ;)].

(For a Too Faced foundation in London Fair I bought her, a Revlon eye shadow in Riviera Blue, the Ulta duo I got from one of my first swaps, a Pure Luxe blush sample, an Elf Baby Lips gloss, some Everyday Minerals Shopping Spree eye shadow I depotted for her, & extras.)

Lush Jungle conditioner (I hope this is good 'cause my hair's fried), [yet another] Wet & Wild I-Sparkle quad in Twilight, Pout glosses in Tickle My Fancy and Be My Baby, a Pout blush stick in Fuchsia Fusion, NYX Nude lipstick, Revlon cream blush in Just Peachy (wishlist item, yay ^_^), Hard Candy Shazam Loner eye shadow, an Avon moisturiser sample, and (lol) a lollipop XD. My sister was so happy ^_^ - I gave it to her XD.

I really love Pout :). Why did they discontinue such a lovely brand :'(?

That's the Pout blush & NYX Nude ;).

Swap 4 [The USA].

(For my L'Oreal Star Secrets Gong Li Coral. I ended up swapping it after all.)

An Avon cream sample I gave away (lol, I'm twenty - I don't need facial fillers yet >:-D), lovely Mark gloss palettes ^_^ (I think the colours are Candied Apricot & Candied Apple or something like that), a Hello Kitty mini lipstick ^_^, Revlon lipstick in Black Cherry, and Burt's Bees lip shimmer in Champagne :) - that one was new & sealed.

I'll be doing some reviews next week ;D. If you want me to review anything I own, just let me know and I'd love to :). I've received such a request in a comment recently & it makes me feel like a famous blogger, lol. Thanks for reading :).


miku said...

if I were your sister I would pillage your room every 2 weeks! I love L'Occitane products, especially eye creams, I am currently using the one with immortelle (forget me not flowers? I have no clue how it's translated) and it's so good!

Sugar Bunnie said...

great stuff♥
I've never tried burt's bees,is it any good? didn't know that it had shimmer♥.

~tHiAmErE~ said...

lots of stuff to play with!

you're such a nice sister..
you purchased something for her too..

who doesn't like strawberry shortcake?
its pink & its

will be looking forward for the review!

Kim said...

Stila shadows always look so pretty.. I bought two pallets from beautycrunch and I'm sad that I don't like them. ._.

I'm interested in swatches for that Clinique quad, as I'm on a hunt for something like that as a carry-around. Or any other lovely eyeshadow quads you may have, haha.

miRaCLe said...

wow~~ you sure are the swapping queen!! ^^
great swaps! :D

Crystal said...

oh wow so much swaps! so much goodies!

Cris said...

Miku, lol. She doesn't love make-up as much as I do :-P. But when she does need something, I'm very useful ;D...Lol.
& I know, L'Occitane has great products :).

Sugar Bunnie, not all of them do, but this one does ;). That's why it's called Lip Shimmer. I think there are 7 or 8 shades total. & I personally love their lip products and definitely recommend them :).

Thiamere, thanks ^_^! I try to be :).

Kim, done ;).

Miracle & Crystal, thank you ^_^!

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

wow so much stuff @_@ Pout did siuch pretty packaging but discontinued before i could try out more their stuff. tho they were kind of over-priced :P

P-ham said...

ur look is so dewy and angelic here, very pretty!