Tuesday, 31 March 2009

First ever swap! It's here ^_^!

Well actually I received my package yesterday, but I wasn't able to blog then ;).

Before I begin...Thanks SO much Sarah ^_^!!! Seriously, she was amazingly kind and patient (it took me a month to send her stuff out - ahem, will do better next time, I hope :-P) throughout the whole process, and gave me so much lovely stuff that I never would've been able to acquire on my own :). Check out her make-up sale here - and even though it's a sale, she does do swaps for certain stuff ;).

So, without further ado...The goodies ^_^!!!

(Unfortunately, the OPI nail polish broke :( and puked ink all over most stuff, lol XD.)

I sent her one Korres Rose mask. With loads of samples so I wouldn't feel unkind, but...I still kinda do! Look at all the stuff she gave me ^_^!

Here we have: the plastic packaging from the Visee Glam Hunt Eyes eye shadow in G-5 (that thankfully protected most of it from the enamel ;D), my new broken OPI nail polish in Russian Navy ;_; (but I still kinda got one single manicure out of it, keep reading), Silk Naturals eye shadow baggies in Sizzle and Lurid (that one got inked and had a tiny hole in the bag, but I think I can still use it once or so :-P, lol - I don't let stuff go to waste if it can be saved at all), a Wet & Wild green eye shadow trio, the Visee Glam Hunt Eyes, a Revlon cream shadow quad (in Copper Crayon - it does say Crayon :o, that's weird :-/, lol XD), Wet & Wild cream shadow in Envy, a Burt's Bees lip balm, and Dior and Fresh skincare samples :).

Close-up of the eye palettes:

Thoughts and comments and stuff...On stuff ^_^! Lol I'm in a dorky mood today :-P.

Visee Glam Hunt Eyes: My first ever Japanese item yay ^___^! I feel so privileged :). It's funny, but I may just be the only one in the country to own this, and that feels so lovely ^_^! It's a great palette :), with the colours being white, green, purple, dark and silver (the pic's pretty true), and I love the imprints - and the packaging :D ^_^. Oh, and the back has a diagram on how to wear the colours - definitely a good thing for me, 'cause I am usually clueless, lol ;D.

Wet & Wild eye shadow trio: That thing has the best mirror I have ever seen (or owned) on a low-end item. It's actually large enough to be of use :D, unlike most >:-). It slides out from the side ;). The shades are great :D - if you're in North America, like greens and don't mind using cheap make-up, you have to get this :-P ;). And it's not tested on animals ^_^! I love this :). Does anyone have any other colours available for swapping ;)?

Revlon cream quad: I normally don't like Revlon, or creams :-P. But this is special :). It has all the colours one normally wears ;). Brown, blue, white...And red :D!!! OK, that one isn't 'normal' XD, but you know I love red shadow :). And this isn't a true red, it's more of a copper, so it's wearable ;) even if you're not a bright shadow person :). I'd be OK either way though, 'cause I am :-P ^_^.

Wet & Wild cream shadow in Envy: I saw this in an old photo shoot from US Seventeen, and it looked so beautiful on the model...I had to have it :). I tested it on my hand and it's lovely ^_^!!! I hope this doesn't crease badly when I use it on my eyes >:-), but if it doesn't, that would make it sort of perfect :)...For the price though, it already is ;).

Burt's Bees lip balm: This does smell and taste really strongly of honey, so if you hate honey this isn't for you :-P. But I don't, and I love this :). It's so soft and lovely ^_^! Will swap for this again when I use it up - but I hope that won't be too soon ;).

Silk Naturals shadow baggies: Lurid got soaked :(. It's a really nice brown though, cool-toned and with slight shimmer. And Sizzle is a gorgeous metallic light blue :D. I love the colour, I'll have to use my sample and if the shadow works well, I'll add this to my wishlist ;).

Last but not least, even though it broke...OPI Russian Navy.

The perfect inky blue. If you're fair and like dark blues, you have to buy this.

There, I've said it. And now I'm gonna search for this in every Sephora in town. I know I won't find it though - it was a 2007 release :(. But I can still try ;). I love this colour sooo much, I even did my nails with it! I used (you're not gonna believe this) nail polish remover to get the lacquer still left in the bottle into a semi-fluid state - can't remember where I read about this, but I did, and it works ;D. It does look quite clumpy on my nails, but I don't mind :-P 'cause the colour is this beautiful :). I might even get one more use out of that broken bottle, if I'm lucky ^_^.

Yes, my nails are all different lengths...So what :-P. I'm trying to grow them out ;).

Oh, and another New Acquisition I neglected to mention...Last Saturday, I went to The Mall (actual name - isn't it stupid >:-D?) with my sister and her friend. (Fine, actually I took my sister to the mall so she wouldn't get lost 'cause she'd never been there before, and we met up with her friend there.) I hate The Mall, and malls in general 'cause they're overwhelming (and remind me of a bad period of my life), but at least that place has a Sephora :). And I picked up the Too Faced Miss Sixty palette ^_^! (My sister had to lend me 5 Euros - I feel a bit guilty about that :-P.) It was the last one they had left :D, and the blush was partly broken >:-), but I can live with that :-P. Does anyone want a review :D?

Let me know ;). Thanks everyone for reading :), and Sarah for swapping with me ^_^.


' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

Crap, I'm so sorry to hear it broke!! :( And I thought airmail would've been safer in terms of keeping everything padded. I'm going to look for it and send another to you (with extra extra padding...)

Anonymous said...

Oh swapping... ;)
I see it so often on so many blogs, and it seems to be really fun!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

nice haul!
i haven't tried swapping yet...


Vonnie said...

I didn't know it is allow to ship nail polish internationally. Last time I tried to swap, the lady told me can't swap nail polish :(
I had that Revlon quad in Copper Canyon and got it from a swap too :))

Cris said...

Sarah, you don't have to if you can't find it...It can happen to anyone. But if you do, try packing it into a little box, that might help. And THANK YOU for agreeing to be my first swap and all ^_^!!!

Jess and Thiamere, try it ;). It's fun ^_^!

Vonnie, I don't know whether it's allowed...But it should be, it's not harmful :-P.
And I love my Revlon quad ^_^! But it really says 'Crayon' on mine - I suppose it was a misprint or something...So in a way, mine's Limited Edition, lol ;D.

aquaracer said...

that OPI color is really pretty :)

fuzkittie said...

Aw nice swap!! Please show us your new palette!

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

Aww Sarah is sweet! sorry to hear about your nail polish! at least you did some painting before you had to throw it out!

Cris said...

Aquaracer, thanks :D!

Fuz, will do a post on it soon ;).

Nic Nic, she's so lovely :). She'll send me a new one ^_^! Note to everyone: If you need a North American person to swap with...She's Cris-approved ;), lol :D.
And I've kept that bottle :-P. Not sure why, I'm just weird like that XD.