Wednesday, 11 March 2009

This is where I try to prove that one can indeed look lovely while using only affordable products ^_^.

Well, as lovely as I can look >:-D. I don't exactly have the nicest face to work with, but I can't really go exchange it >:-), so this is the best I could do. Bear with me ;).

Abbie of AbbieAndBrian from Make-Up Reviews (if you want to know who Brian is, click here) is having a contest (do participate if you haven't yet ;D) and it's...Well, pretty lovely if you think of it :), 'cause you can do any kind of look you want - that's right, whatever :-P. There's just one rule (it is a contest after all >:-D): you're only allowed to use low-end brands. So no MAC, Dior, Nars, Shiseido etc. ;).

For this contest, I decided to do one of my favourite (and most frequently worn) looks: white eye shadow, intense black lashes, and a matte, nude face. Here is the only OK-looking picture I managed to get of my face >:-)...And it's not that attractive either :-P. I so wish I was photogenic :( >:-/...


It's not good, I know. But I've got close-ups of my eyes too, and those are much prettier :D.

Heart the lashes...I know the right eye looks very weird though XD.
Here's another with my eyes closed...

I don't know why my lashes look so limp here :-P. They do look curled in the other pics :-/...

And last but not least :D, my personal favourite :). Doing the contest has been worth it just for this :). I only wish that every pic of me could be this pretty :(...

I really, really, really love this one :).

Of course, I do know that any photos of me are the worst part of my blog entries >:-), which is why I'm pleased to announce that we're done here XD. Moving on to the good stuff...Descriptions and products - all from low-end brands, as promised :).

Face: Oriflame Visions Fresh Face Foundation in Porcelain Doll, Rimmel Lasting Finish Compact Pressed Powder in Transparent...And I wasn't allowed to use my Tigi concealer >:-D! So I ended up using the lightest shade from the Oriflame Daydream Eyeshadow Stripes Trio in Sweet Dreams ;). It sort of worked, but I'll stick with my Fixx-It Stick for my usual looks, thank you very much XD. I was lucky in having an eligible foundation; had my foundation been high-end, I would've had to either go naked or rush out and buy a cheap product just for this contest - and knowing me, both are unlikely :-P.

Eyes: I used the white shade from Oriflame Soul Mates Eye Shadow Duo in Mickey & Minnie as a base, and then carefully pressed on some...Well, I'd call it pigment. It's actually loose colour I got as a roll-on eye shadow (from Oriflame again...) years ago, but everyone knows how damn irritating and hard to apply those are >:-), so I depotted it ;). It's just such a lovely bright shimmery white colour :D and I love using it :). To line, I used Oriflame Visions Dynamic Duo Eyeliner in Laurel & Hardy, both the black and white colours...There's a very skinny line of black liner on the upper lids, and loads (really loads) of white inliner (I heated the tip with a lighter and layered on several coats to get that matte intense colour) - and of course, mascara...Rimmel Volume Flash, on curled lashes, several coats of it :). Lower lashes get loads of mascara for this look as well ^_^.

Cheeks: The peach blusher from the L'Oreal Essential Colours Palette. I also used the shimmery light gold shadow from the same palette as a highlighter ;D. [Side note: I also patted on some of that right under my eyebrows.]

Lips: Labello Sun lip balm as a base - high SPF lip balm mutes one's natural lip colour and makes lips appear lighter. Then, two coats of L'Oreal Made For Me Naturals Lipstick in Nude, applied straight from the tube.

Pictures of all my products for this look come next :).

Close-ups, with the Essential Colours palette opened, so you can see the colours ;)...

I used the second (from the top) eye shadow (as a highlighter though - not as eye colour) and bottom blush ;). Sorry that my Nude lipstick's covering the third lip colour...It's a sort of warm mauve. If anyone wants a review of the L'Oreal Essential Colours palette, just let me know :). And that's the Sweet Dreams trio and white pigment on the right side ;D. And my tiny Laurel & Hardy liner, isn't it cute ^_^? Lol XD.

Well, I hope you like it, Abbie :D...I enjoyed doing this :). Good luck to me now XD (lol).

Thanks for reading everyone :), and I hope I helped prove Abbie's point ;D.


Zoella. said...

So pretty! :) x

AbbieAndBrian said...

thank you soooo much for your entry
you did a really good job!!
i love the white liner on your waterline
makes your eyes look bigger :)

Anonymous said...

Don't be so hard on yourself! I think there are very few people who look like an angel with no makeup on. ;)

I don't have a photogenic face either, and as you said, the right makeup can change quite a lot as to the appearance.

ohmypetticoat said...

Awww...pretty pretty! Hope you win the contest!

Telbaby said...

i finally see a picture of you! you're so pretty, you should most them more often :)

Cris said...

Thanks everyone :D!

Sadly, being hard on myself is an integral part of me >:-). I'll never stop :-P.

miku said...

Well, it's been said that we are our own biggest critic. And it's true. Rimmel makes my lashes clumpy >.<

Grayburn said...

Oh you look lovely indeed and I love the contrast of black and white!

take care,

AbbieAndBrian said...

the rimmel duo in my collection blog is called 660 Cosmic and the Avon quad as called smokey eyes

~tHiAmErE~ said...

you look great!

& your lashes are naturally long...
im so jealous..

havent been blogging much lately because i caught a flu, but ill be back as soon as im fit as a fiddle

nice to see how pretty you look,sweetie!

have a great day!

Cris said...

Miku: I certainly seem to be my harshest critic >:-). But I suppose that's better than being too lenient and having others judge you :-P.
I've only tried 2 of Rimmel's mascaras...Lash Maxxx is actually quite fluid and not clumpy at all :). Volume Flash can get clumpy, but that's what lash combs are for ;), and I usually use that mascara when I want my lashes to look kinda clumpy anyway XD.

Grayburn: Thanks :). I do too, I love white make-up ^_^.

Abbie: Thanks ;D.

Thiamere: Thanks ^_^. I hope you get well soon :).
And about my lashes...Well, I have to have something in my appearance that I don't hate >:-D :-P.

aquaracer said...

i agree, your lashes are absolutely gorgeous! i wish i have them. haha!

Siew Goh said...

u have very pretty eyes!!! envy !

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

you look great! its not what you use, it's how you use it! ;)

Miss imperfect said...

this looks is amazing i feel like i look really weird with white eyeliner but u pulled it off hands down

Cris said...

Thank you all ^_^!!!
I adore white liner :).