Thursday, 26 March 2009

Look what I've got for swapping ^_^!!! Plus, Bourjois swatches, thoughts on Spring 2009 stuff, and various other randomness.

That's right :D...2 brand new Tinted Lip Conditioners from the MAC Hello Kitty Collection ^_^! I have one Pink Fish and one Popster ;D.

I would like to swap these for Fashion Mews and Strayin' only. Sorry guys, I'd love to grab some more for each of you who missed out on these (and swap them for the lovely stuff you may have to offer me), but I have run out of money XD. I hope you can understand ;).

*I'd prefer brand new lipsticks (since mine are), but if you've only used them a few times, that's OK.

*I'd prefer to swap with someone in Europe (much less hassle for us both), but this only applies if I receive multiple offers (from various countries). If nobody from Europe is interested, I will swap internationally :D. Yay ^_^!

*It would be much easier if I could swap the 2 TLCs for 2 lipsticks in a single swap, but if you only have one available, contact me anyway, I might still consider your offer ;).

That's pretty much it. If I receive no offers within a month's time, I'll put these onto Make-Up Alley, but I'd much prefer to swap with someone I know from blogging :).

Got these today :). They haven't sold out yet, which is a bit odd 'cause shoppers in pretty much every other country seem to love them :-/. Oh, and Pretty Baby's tempting me, badly, especially because of the cuuute packaging, but facts are facts - I can't afford it at the moment :-P.

Kitty Kouture is here :D! To be honest, after my experience with regular MAC Kitty I was extremely worried about the price, but surprisingly...The Dazzleglasses are 32 Euros each, and the Kitty Kouture powder is 80 Euros - this is not much higher than the US price, yay :D! And it's still expensive enough to hold off the average consumer until my birthday in late April ;D! Well, I hope XD. I swatched everything, and the glosses are just gorgeous, much better than the regular Kitty glosses (I didn't really like any :( - but at least that means more money saved, lol), and the powder is the Best I have ever tried in my life. (Well, it better be at that price >:-) XD.) And that lovely packaging ^_^...It's official - this is where my birthday money'll go, even if I have to kiss goodbye every single other item on my Wishlist ;).

I don't have pictures, but if you're interested in Kitty Kouture, Fuzkittie has a lovely video reviewing everything ;). Watch :-P.

Oh, and one of the MAC ladies was asking whether Sushi Flower was permanent, and I blurted out that it was before anyone else had a chance to reply. Felt a bit of an idiot after, of course XD. I do tend to speak my mind without thinking :-P.

Sephora had nothing special, except for a Sephora palette with 4 eye shadows and lip colours each for the 2 looks it offered - natural and dramatic. The Dramatic section included red eye shadow :D, and the whole thing was on sale for 15 Euros ^_^! Might go grab it later if I have the money, I'm a sucker for red eye shadow ;). It's so hard to find :-/...

I also went to a department store to swatch the Bourjois Vintage Blushers for the lovely Sarah of A Watercolour Sky (one of my favourite beauty blogs ^_^) :). She had them on her wishlist (and we've got a swap planned as soon as the first one is done), so I thought she (and maybe some others who read this blog, lol) might like to see them ;).

[Explanations come after the pics ;D.]

This was taken on the bus stop, in moderate natural light.

On the bus, with the (annoyingly bright and irritating, for me anyway, and) evil Greek sunlight coming through onto my hand...But yes, I do pick a window seat if I can help it, sun or no sun. I'm such an oxymoron >:-)...Lol.

At home, with very little light. (I like to basically barricade myself once I get home XD :-P.)

So, the colours are (from left to right) ArtDeco's new blush for spring, which just doesn't seem to photograph well :(...I actually kinda messed up my swatch for it for the collection review I'll put up soon, and I wanted to redo it. Still very sheer though :-/ :(. It's a mauvish pink, with no shimmer, and you can barely see it on the pics >:-).

Then, Bourjois Little Round Pots (13,5 Euros each here) in Ashes Of Roses, Ashes Of Carnations, and Ashes Of Wall Flower (odd name XD). The R, C, W were made by me with a random Bourjois liner so I wouldn't forget which colour was which >:-). These were all multiple swipes 'cause I wanted to make sure they stayed on long enough for me to take pictures XD.

Due to that [in]famous Greek sun, I was able to see the colours in both 'natural' daylight and bright sunlight (which really brought out the shimmers) - you see, every cloud has a silver lining XD :).

Ashes Of Roses: This is a light pink that reflects coralish in bright sunlight - it actually reminds me a lot of MAC Fafi nail polish in Girls Will Be Girls (which I own) XD. If you have it too, you'll get what I'm talking about ;).

Ashes Of Carnations: This is more orangey (not full on orange though, don't worry), and the sun makes it appear close to brick red. Like Ashes Of Roses, it's quite shimmery, but not in a bad way - I think that as long as you don't overload, they'll look lovely glowy :).

Ashes Of Wall Flower: This is a matte rose in natural light, and has just a soft (and I think, more cool-toned) shimmer in bright sunlight, as opposed to the other two, which really reflect gold. I think this one's my favourite if I had to pick one :), but if you've got money to spend, grab all three (test them on yourself before you do, of course ;D) - all colours are gorgeous :D, plus they're Limited Edition :-P.

It's been a good day :). The only bad part was having a seedy ugly man stalking me (and offering to buy me stuff XD) all through the store with the Bourjois >:-). It's not the first time either (though they're different people each time) >:-/. Why can't normal people ever approach me for a change :( :-P?

Look of the day, just because I think the face pic turned out OK. But oddly enough, I just couldn't get a decent eye one this time :-/.

No make-up at all, just sunscreen ;). Except the eyes (light blue from Pupa Heart on lid, dark blue on crease, melted blue glittery end of Oriflame Batman & Robin on upper line, and curled naked lashes) and the lips - one coat of Strayin', applied at the MAC store ;). See why I want it :'D?

[I'm not marking this blog as 'look' 'cause it's not a complete look ;) :-P.]

I believe I'm done here :). Thanks for reading, and comments are always welcome ^_^. I do read all of them :-P ;).

Regarding the TLCs, you can contact me by e-mail, or just leave a comment ^_^.

One last note...

IsaDora Blooming Spring has been released :D!

Does anyone want swatches ^_^?

Let me know ;).


Ji said...

I´d love to see some swatches!^^

Thx for your sweet comment, glad you liked my sweater...I´m kind of annoyed of warm clothes, cause it´s so warm inside my school and so cold everywhere else!XD

fuzkittie said...

Kitty Kouture is definitely worth it! I agree, the powder is divine!

Askmewhats said...

Lucky you for the wonderful products you got! HK collection is sold out here in the Philippines!

Cris said...

Ji, will try to do them next week, hopefully I'll be able to shop ;). Thanks for being interested :D! [Note to everyone: ArtDeco Spring 2009 coming up within the next few days I promise XD. I have the swatches and all, I just need to write an actual blog ;D.]

Fuz, it is :). It really is. I couldn't even imagine that a powder could feel this perfect :). No more cheap powder for me after I get this, lol :-P.

Nikki, thanks ^_^! It's half sold out here as well, I bought the TLCs for swapping purposes only 'cause I don't like them >:-) but everyone seems to, and I really want Fashion Mews and Strayin' so hopefully I'll find someone willing to swap :).

Shades Of U said...

I love the TLCs! And I was able to swap one of the HK lippies for a Pink Fish TLC backup. :) Hope my post convinces someone to swap with you. :)

Ji said...

You should try to take pictures outside, natural lighting makes you look pretty!;)
I hate to take pictures inside.*laugh*

I´m messy and I can´t find things half of the time, but I don´t care!*laugh*
I was such a neat child I can be messy as an adult!;P

miku said...

I love sitting in the window seat when I'm on the bus/train/car. I like to watch everything run past me. I would love to swap with you... but alas, no MAC at the end of the universe where I live *tear*.