Sunday, 29 March 2009

Spring 2009: Beauty Pop Colour Expression [ArtDeco].

Promo image for the collection. Brights for spring = gorgeous :D. And way more original than all those First Blushes :-P. Don't get me wrong, I love them, but they're such an obvious choice.

(You can see a tutorial for this look right here ^_^.)

ArtDeco's a German brand, around since 1985, and probably most known because of the unique (for a high street brand) 'refillable' concept - shadows and blushes are sold in pans, and shadow boxes (to package them in) are sold separately. This allows people to make their own palettes and combine colours in whatever way they like :), change the colour combinations whenever they feel like it ;D, and you can reuse the boxes until they break XD. Which is quite unlikely to happen for a very long time :-P.

[Collection description from official website.]

Collection products: Oil-Free Long-Lasting Foundation, 4 new eye shadow colours, 1 new blush colour, 2 new waterproof eye pencils, black liquid liner, 2 new Eye Designer refills, 2 new shades of High Performance lipstick, 2 new shades of Perfect Colour lipstick, 2 new waterproof lip liners, and 2 new shades of nail polish.

Oh, and a new Beauty Box :D. It's a 3-slot one, which means it fits either 3 shadows or a blush. It was designed by Romero Britto (an artist from Brazil), and 10 percent from sales of this item goes to charity ^_^. Not quite MAC Viva Glam, but still something :-P :). Plus, the bright, pop-art design's my personal favourite out of all the boxes they've created - don't you think it's lovely ^_^?

Pictured here with 3 of the 4 new eye shadows. The fourth one's a lovely bright spring green, and you can see it below because I've bought it :-P.

Size comparison pic: MAC Mutiny pigment, ArtDeco eye shadow in 243, and Rimmel eye shadow in Saucy Mint.

Next come swatches of everything I was able to swatch at the counter - I couldn't find testers for the Eye Designers :(. (They're described as 'light citrus' and 'sparkling orchid'.) And we never have nail polish testers >:-). For the record, the nail polishes are a bright red and a pinky violet, and you can see them on the website :).

Please excuse these looking kind of pale - they were single-swipe, and I was nervous because this was my first ever full-collection swatch for blogging purposes XD (yeah, I'm stupid :-P). And I've no idea why my hand looks so fat there :-/.

So, from left to right & up to down:

*Lip liners in 90 and 83.
*Eye liners in 19 and 45. I really like the green one :D!
*Eye shadows in 77, 222, 227 and 243, and the very camera-shy >:-D blush in 33...
*High Performance Lipsticks in Sweet Rose and Peony Red.
*Perfect Colour Lipsticks in Poppy Red and Spicy Tangerine.

Eye shadow swatches close-up:

Lipstick swatches close-up:

I need to practice my swatch-taking...Lol.

So, what am I personally excited about :D?

This collection's must-have item has got to be the Limited Edition Beauty Box :). I'll be getting at least 2 ^_^. It may fit 3 (and not 4, as usual), but the design's amazingly bright and happy :D, and it's a charity item ^_^! I love those :). Plus, I need Beauty Boxes 'cause I don't own any yet ;). The Perfect Colour lipsticks are outrageously bright in a good way, plus the swatches lasted all day ;). I do own similar colours, but definitely check them out if you don't. The liner swatches also lasted all day (and didn't fade when I washed my hands), so if you're looking for waterproof liners, try these, the colours are lovely ^_^. (I personally hate waterproof items though :-P.) Last but not least, the eye shadows :). Go grab all the colours you haven't yet got, 'cause these are amazing. I bought the green one ^_^, and remember I said the blue and yellow match the Hello Kitty colours? Well, not precisely XD. The blue is quite close, but it's matte, not glittery like Stylin', and it's bluer :-P. And the yellow is far more lemony than gold. I wanted to go back for it, but then I found a match in my collection - the yellow from Avon's Orchid Delight duo. So (unless you own them or similar colours), definitely go grab 222 and 243, and try the other two 'cause they're great, just less unique - but still great shades to add to your collection in the (admittedly unlikely) event that you haven't got them ;).

Will buy: At least 2 Beauty Boxes :), and Eye Shadow in 243 - but wait, I've already bought that ;D :-P ^_^.

As always, do let me know what you think :). Oh, and here's another blog on this bright collection ;) ^_^.


✿Ji✿ said...

Love the colors!<3

VanityMakeup said...

Those look really great!

✿Ji✿ said...

Haha that´s so true, I think essence is the cheapest brand in Germany, but some of the stuff is really good! (don´t like the mascaras though)

I won´t dye my hair anymore, it took so long to grow my damaged hair out!XD

Cris said...

Never had mascaras...But I love the lipsticks, glosses and eye shadows :-P :).

And my hair is kinda damaged from the bleach but I don't even mind, lol.