Saturday, 21 March 2009

MAC Hello Kitty, finally ^_^!!!

New Acquisitions (before you ask, I happen to hate the word 'haul') from MAC Hello Kitty:

*Eye palette in Too Dolly (left).
*Eye palette in Lucky Tom (right).
*Pigments in Milk and Deep Blue Green.
*Lipstick in Fresh Brew (keep reading for explanations).
*ArtDeco eye shadow in 243 - it's not MAC Hello Kitty, but I still bought it today so it belongs here :-P.
*Powder blush in Tippy.
*My sister's (OK, so I talked her into it XD) Beauty Powder in Tahitian Sand, and I'm allowed to borrow it if I ever need to ^_^.

Background: MAC Hello Kitty bag :), free with 4 items. If I remember correctly, it's free for every 50 dollars spent in the US, which means I would've received three. I love living in Europe :-P...
I do. I really do. But some things are unfair >:-/.

Anyway, I'm still really happy with my new stuff :D. I finally made it to MAC today, and made my sister come along 'cause salespeople tend to be more civil to me when I'm with her >:-). The MAC lady was really nice though, gotta give credit where it's due ;) :).
But...I was relatively late.

The palettes, pigments, glitters and glitter liners were all there, so I snapped the pigments up as planned :). I always knew I was going to get those ^_^. I actually planned on getting one palette, but after seeing them in person, I just fell in love and had to get them - I could, 'cause some stuff I'd planned to get was sold out (keep reading).
Just for the record, the palettes were 39 Euros each, and the pigments were 25 Euros each >:-).

This is why I do NOT normally shop for MAC in this country.

Seriously, what the hell? This is more than twice the US price. There's making profit, and then there's ripping people off 'cause they're fans of certain things...OK, rant over...But this is just wrong.

The lip products were cheaper, therefore many were sold out :(. Including Strayin' and Fashion Mews, which I really really wanted to get :'(! Of the three that were left, Most Popular looked just wrong on my skin and Big Bow was far too sheeny (plus excuse me, but I'd never get a lipstick with such a stupid name anyway), so I got Fresh Brew, a gorgeous creamy colour :). Special thanks to my sister for getting this for me ^_^, 'cause I had no money left - and now I need to repay her ASAP, lol XD. Don't worry, I will :-P ;).

Half of the glosses were also sold out (Nice To Be Nice, which I'd wanted to get, wasn't even available for swatching :( >:-/) , and I didn't like any of those that were left, so I passed. Both TLCs are still available though, and to be honest I didn't like them...Does anyone want to swap lipsticks for TLCs by any chance ;)?

The Beauty Powders were still available, and I convinced my sister to get Tahitian Sand because it was gorgeous on her :). She's not a Kitty fan, but she relented - I'm very persuasive XD. Fun & Games was sold out, but Tippy was not, and I bought it :D.

Hmmm...What else? The grey nail polish was sold out, the other two were not, but I'm afraid my craving for those has passed, sorry MAC people ;D :-P. The lashes were there and looked really good, but I have no idea how to use false lashes XD, and the black accessories just weren't that attractive to me ;).

I also went to a few other stores and finally swatched ArtDeco's spring stuff (will do a review soon :D) - I took pics too, so yes, you'll be getting swatches ;D! And I bought the new eye shadow in 243, it's an absolutely striking lovely spring green colour :D - if you're in Europe, you've gotta get this ;). I wanted to get the blue and lemony shades too, but they're similar to the Lucky Tom Kitty palette colours, so I won't have to :).

Went to the Laura Mercier counter at Attica just to have a look - I was completely broke after MAC :-P >:-). First Blush isn't out yet :(, but the saleslady said it'll arrive before Easter. That's fine with me, I'll have more time to save for it, lol ;D. It'll probably be over 50 Euros, but I adore Laura palettes and those colours are just so spring-perfect :)...This is one palette I'm very likely to buy ^_^.

Besides my MAC and ArtDeco stuff, I picked up Givenchy perfume samples, Neutrogena body cream samples (a girl was giving them out), and loads of ads, even for brands I know I won't be shopping from, 'cause the looks were still gorgeous and I love to be inspired ;). I even grabbed a card from YSL, because Purple Snowflake did an absolutely beautiful rendition of it, and I know I can't match her but I may still try ^_^.

And that's about it ;D...Will do a post on ArtDeco and that Honest Things tag as soon as I can ;). I'll leave you with more MAC Kitty pics...Thanks for reading :), and do let me know what you think ;)...Questions, comments, Kitty-caused swoons XD, whatever ^_^.

My pigments, lipstick and ArtDeco shadow close up :).

With the lights on...See that gorgeous blue green reflection :D? And isn't Milk just pure sweet loveliness ^_^?
The whole lot under electric light...Beautiful :).

P.S. I adore my free bag :) ;D :-P.


musicalfanlovesminerals said...

congrats on your hello kitty haul! in the philippines, it just opened today and a lot of the lip products were already sold out by the time i got there. i wanted a TLC in popster or a lipgloss in sweet strawberry but both were sold out. so all i got was a lucky tom palette. really? in europe it's twice the price? yeah, that is a lot. here it's around 50% more.

fuzkittie said...

Yay awesome!! :D

Citrine said...

Tippy looks like a nice blush...I kind of regret not getting it since the love rock from grand duo is way too pigmented...I need a sheerer blue-pink...

I like that big tote as well! I love big bag to stuff my junks in...

Lisa said...

You should totally buy product from YSL! But give the liquid eyeliner a miss.

Lydia said...

Nice Haul! I didn't get anything from Hello Kitty ;(

Askmewhats said...

wow!!! wonderful haul!!!! Musicalfanlovesminerals is right, yesterday was the MAC HK launch and everything's been sold out I heard so it's great you got your hands on these :D

miku said...

Lovely stuff!

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

YAY on haul!!! fab HK haul.. cant wait to see the look you create from the palettes ^^

Cris said...

Thank you all for the nice comments :D! I'm certainly feeling very satisfied at the moment ;) ^_^.

Yes, the price is freaking outrageous >:-/...Just to compare, my Isadora Dazzling Diamonds eye palette was 35 Euros - it's got 5 shadows, and they're bigger than MAC's. These had 4 colours each, and they're not tiny, but smaller than IsaDora's, so...Yeah :( >:-/.

Tippy's great, I really wanted a bright blue pink colour :D...And if one's to buy a Kitty blush, it ought to be pink ;).
I swatched Moon River, and it's really pretty :), but with those prices, I have to pass >:-).
And yes, the bag rules XD. I'm still not sure what to use it for though, since I want it to last ;D. I'll be using it as a background for my photos though :).

I want one of the YSL Lip Twins, when I have some spare cash I'll definitely go get it ;).

And I think I will go back and buy 2 TLCs (one of each), and try to swap them for the lipsticks I want...If nobody wants them, I can always keep them ;).

Jerah197 said...

great acquisitions :P *not to say haul hehe*

Lipstick on the cup said...

Beautiful HK collection! I really like ArtDeco eyeshadow base, have you tried it? :)

Ji said...

Yeah it´s really great to live in Europe, everything is twice or more the price than anywhere else in the world!(okay i´m exaggerating)
Love the stuff you got!<3 The pink pigment looks really pretty!^^
I´ve read one Agatha Christie book, but I just don´t like these ongoing series with seperate stories!;_;

~tHiAmErE~ said...

that's great!

actually that's one of the main reason why i don't buy MAC...its so freaking expensive.
i'd rather just stick to one high-end cosmetic than splurging on lots.

but i think you got such a nice collection!
i especially like that lavender-pinkish pigment....


Cris said...

Lol, somebody actually noticed the haul thing :-P. I appreciate that ;).
I don't know...It's just that this word, for me, just evokes this image of someone hauling a huge bag of vegetables on their back >:-)...I'm weird XD.

Nah, I don't use base (shock horror, lol - but at least I'm being honest). I love their shadows and liners though :).

Ji, concerning make-up, I think you're actually not >:-). Which is sad and annoying :( >:-/.
I love love love my pigments :D. But I hate knowing that I spent 50 freaking Euros on 2 pots >:-D. And knowing that in the US, I would be able to get more >:-/...Oh well, at least we have MAC :).
And I've read almost all Agatha Christie books, lol. I think her stuff is the only literature I have liked my whole life :). [OK, besides Shakespeare and Jane Eyre and 1984 and...I'll shut up now since this isn't a book blog XD.] I used to like Harry Potter like everyone else but now I don't :-P.

I buy stuff I fall in love with :). I did save up for months for this collection by the way XD, but I knew I had to get this stuff 'cause I love Hello Kitty :). But normally, if I can buy Laura Mercier for almost the same price as MAC, I go for Laura :-P.
And thanks ^_^, I love both pigments :D :).
Only consolation for spending 25 Euros on a pigment pot: They're So. Damn. Huge :D. They'll last virtually forever ;) ^_^.

Care G. said...

Ooh! I envy the pigments! But Im saving for MAC brushes, and the price here in th Philippines is awful. :) Great haul Cris

Grayburn said...

Nice purchase! The lip pots were gone the second week they were out here. Why did I not grab one?? Well because they are bloody expensive here too! I'm heading to the US next month so I'm trying to save all my purchases for then :)

xo Grayburn

Anonymous said...

Hi Cris!
Can't wait to see a FOTD with your HK goodies! ;)

Cris said...

Care, I don't enjoy buying brushes (odd but true confession) - I'd rather get yet another bright eye colour...Lol. But good luck with saving, stay strong ;D.

Grayburn, enjoy your trip to the US :D! Shopping heaven, I'm sure...Lol.
The lip pots were actually the cheapest lip item here, they're 16 Euros each. And I have 2 up for swapping now ^_^! (Only for MAC Hello Kitty lipsticks in Fashion Mews and Strayin' though - sorry everyone.)

Jess...I'll try ;). I normally only do Look posts for contests, 'cause I'm not that confident...I think I might add a poll to my blog though, asking people whether they're interested in Look posts. If people like them, I'll have a motive to do more XD.