Sunday, 15 March 2009

Results of insomnia on a Saturday night...My latest contest entry! Isn't that lovely :-P.

Yes, you read that right. It was Saturday night (though I suppose by now that'd be Sunday morning), I couldn't sleep, and I hadn't yet done my look for Posey's contest for which I by the way was running out of time for...So I thought I'd kill two objectives with one stone and just do it :-P.

Note to everyone who hasn't got that yet: I am NOT photogenic AT ALL. I absolutely HATE photographing myself for these contests, and I'm perfectly aware of my pics' inadequacies. Thank you.

Moving on...I won't be using this picture to enter since I'm not sure whether wonky faces count XD? I was just messing around, completely frustrated at my face's inability to look nice on a freaking single photograph >:-/ >:-D :-P.

Lovely, right >:-)? [That was ironic.]

Posey asked for editorial-style make-up, and now looking at it in retrospect, I sort of think mine wasn't wild enough XD, but I don't have time for another attempt so I'm gonna enter and hope for the best ;D.

Inspiration links (from one of my old issues of ElleGirl) here and here. [Bonus for my readers: the other two pages from the article ^_^.] Yes, that first scan is upside down. Isn't it always >:-), I hadn't used this scanner before and had no idea which way was which XD. But you can get the picture's general idea :-P...Or just rotate it ;).

Contest pics for my blog readers :D...Posey only asked for two, and she requires entering by e-mail, so I'll e-mail her and do my usual contest look blog for you lot :), and I'll give her the link to this as well ;).

Face picture I'll be entering with...(Don't forget to read the note in bold at the start of this blog ^_^!)

And it took me an hour to get this (OK-looking) one... Everything else was worse >:-). I do mean it when I say I'm not photogenic.

Eyes close-up:

These are easier to get right than full-face ones :). But contests need full-face pics >:-).

Single eye, open:

Single eye, closed (yes, it's the other eye - I'm being fair XD):

And...We're done here :D. Moving on to my favourite part...Look explanation and products ^_^.

For this look, I put together (and kinda tweaked XD) 2 looks from the ElleGirl article: the turquoise and light gold winged liner on bronze lids, and the duochrome orange-slash-fuchsia lips. Except I'm freaking irritated 'cause on the pics, you can't see the duochrome >:-/ :(. I can, but on the photographs my lips just look orange :-/. Oh well...It's quite a striking shade of orange though :-P :D. And since this was a high drama look, I wasn't gonna go with naked cheeks :-P. I used one of my favourite blushers - the one from my blue Pupa Heart palette ^_^.

Face: Oriflame Visions Fresh Face Foundation in Porcelain Doll, Tigi Bed Head Fixx-It Stick in Light, and Rimmel Lasting Finish Compact Pressed Powder in Transparent, as usual ;).

Eyes: Bronze pigment layered over a powder shadow similar in colour, turquoise liner on the upper lid, and pale gold on the lower lid. The pigment's by Oriflame, a sister to the white pigment from my look for Abbie's contest, except that it's bronze - I do love those pigments :D, all of them :). The other two that you haven't met yet are teal and pink that sorta reflects gold ;). The eye shadow I used as a base is from a 36 eye colours palette by...You guessed it, Oriflame >:-). Are you sick of Oriflame yet XD? Sorry :-P. This palette is a lot like the Coastal Scents ones, but it only has 36 colours and doesn't contain as many bright colours. I really like it though :), and my sister calls it my Happy Palette 'cause she finds that huge range of colours quite cheerful, lol XD. The bronze colour I used is similar to the pigment, but not as shimmery and bright. I used Styli-Style Flat Pencil in Venice on my upper lid, and a pale gold liner by Pupa on my lower lid...All it has on is Pupa, eye pencil and E104A...Maybe that's the shade's name. It came with the Optical Red palette ;). Both liners were heated with a lighter a little to get them to a semi-fluid state. I used several coats of mascara (Rimmel Lash Maxxx) on upper and lower lashes, but forgot to curl my lashes - I did do this look at an insane time, after all :-P.

Cheeks: I used the blusher from my blue Pupa Heart Palette :D. No highlighter. Not sure why, but that's the way it is :-P. If you want to replicate this look, I'd probably suggest adding some highlighter ;).

Lips: The inspiration pic had a fuchsia stain on the lips' corners and a bright orange lipstick in the centre. I modified this a little. No base was used for this look - since I was going to stain, I wanted to really, well, stain my lips XD :-P. I rubbed in the mauvish shade from my L'Oreal Essential Colours palette with my fingers (on corners only), then applied (straight from the tube, I was too lazy to use a brush :-P) three or four (I can't remember XD) coats of the very bright/fierce/lovely Maybelline Forever Metallics Lipstick in Orange Fusion onto the centre of my mouth :).

Piccies of my products coming right up ^_^.

Everything in one picture - that was hard, this look turned out palette-heavy XD. It doesn't have to be, of course, but my colours for this look live in palettes, so there you go :-P.

Close-ups of the palettes, liners, pigment and lipstick, so you can see the colours :).

Bronze eye colour from Oriflame palette: second in the second row (and column, for that matter XD). L'Oreal lip colour: third from left (the one that was missing in my previous post ;D). The Pupa blush is that huge section of colour with words ('heart', 'coeur', 'cuore' and 'corazon' ^_^) over it - the shimmery creamy pink next to it is the matching cream highlighter I forgot to use >:-).

That was my take on 'editorial' make-up...Not as high drama as I had hoped perhaps, but every cloud does have a silver lining...Or perhaps a winged gold & turquoise lining XD? Lol :D. And here it is: this look is, in my opinion, quite wearable for special occasions, and I'll be redoing it in real life (for special occasions ;D) because I absolutely love the way it turned out :). [I may not be photogenic, but I can still be content with the way I look in real life :-P ;).] Had it not been for this contest, I would've probably never tried doing it. Thank you, Posey :).

Gotta send that entry e-mail to Posey now, good luck to me ;). And thanks for reading :), let me know what you think of this look ;D.


Askmewhats said...

you still look pretty , I hope you don't have insomnia! take care dear! and I love the make up!!!

Jenn said...

Thanks for the comment. Sometimes it's so fun to play with make-up at insane hours- you never know what you come up with. :) Love the liner. Good luck with the contest!

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

first pic is so cute!! you did a great job!! hope you get some sleep.. i know that sleepless feeling!

miku said...

that's very nice looking :)

Sammiebbz * said...

thas soo purrttyyyy! :-D love how u done the eyelinner! n yeah i shall do a mini review on the blush sometime soon sweeetie :-) XXOO

Cris said...

Thanks everyone :D!
Will go and try to get some sleep now :-P XD.

Citrine said...

Playing with makeup in the middle of the night, that really sounds like me (90% of my lip gloss (99% of of of eyeliner/ shadow) are consumed at that time...

I think you look cute enough to not need much skill...(You still have better skill that me though...)

P.S. I saw the venice eyeliner...Now I regret not getting it a while ago (it's back to being 5 dollars...)I could just chop with with a butcher knife...

Cris said...

Great, we have something in common XD! Lol.

And thank you :). But I'm not cute, it took me a long time to get those pictures >:-D. I'd never show my worst pics to the world, I'm too much of a perfectionist :-P.

And I love the Venice liner :D. Now that I do own the weird sharpener (lol), I plan to buy Madrid (it's this gorgeous deep blue, I have no other liner of that colour, and I have at least 3 magazine photoshoots with looks I want to copy that have used it ;D) and this beautiful green colour I forgot the name of...I think it was Dublin :).

Ji said...

love the red lips!<3
you look cute!^^

aquaracer said...

i wish i could rock red lips like you! hawt! :)good job, cris. and good luck on the contest!

Cris said...

Guys, they're orange ;).
It does appear reddish on the photographs though :o. This is the story of my life >:-), I aim for orange lips with fuchsia corners and end up with reddish orange :-/...
Thanks :), but to be honest I don't think I'll win - I don't even look as 'made up' as everyone else. But I'm still really happy 'cause I discovered this look because of the contest :).