Saturday, 20 November 2010

Watercolour eyes look.

Once again, apologies for the lighting. I really must plan these posts better so I don't end up shooting by electric light, but at this point in time, I blog when I can.

This look was me trying out an idea I'd had for a while. I think it turned out nice :). I call it a watercolour-ish look 'cause that's what the shadows' effect reminds me of.

Skin: Finishing off my almost empty bottle of Tesco foundation. I might decide to swap for a second bottle, that stuff is so pale. For that alone, it deserves to be loved. I powdered with Bourjois Vanille as usual ;).

Eyes: Wet & Wild Envy cream eye shadow as a base, then I used a mini blush brush to sweep on NYC MarblEyes eye shadow in Aquamarine, keeping the application uneven. This is key to this look. That way the ratio of green vs. blue varies throughout & that was the effect I was going for. I lined my upper lashline with black gel liner, my lower waterline with white liner, and applied mascara on (curled) top and bottom lashes.

Cheeks: Bourjois Miel Dore to contour & The Body Shop Shimmer Waves in Rose to highlight.

Lips: Labello Pearl & Shine topped with Revlon Super Lustrous gloss in Pink Afterglow.


(Foundation not pictured 'cause there's so little of it left that I'm storing the bottle upside down XD.)

Eyes close-up (open)...Excuse the hair ;).

The idea for the eyes was actually two ideas that'd been swirling in my head: one, I was frequently using Tiger's Eye (my other NYC MarblEyes shadow) but had not tried Aquamarine & two, I was curious about using a cream base of a complementary but different colour than my main eye shadow (as opposed to a similar colour).

Combining them produced this :).

Eyes close-up (closed).

More pics follow...

The 'odd look' pic. I don't know what I was thinking...I mean that literally, not metaphorically. I kinda like this one - if I didn't, it wouldn't be here.

And yes, I love sweaters.

Me smiling :D. Taking a decent picture of me smiling is much harder than one of me serious, but people tend to like them so I try.

I wanted to put this one first & name the post "He says he reckons I'm a watercolour stain...", but then I thought that most people wouldn't recognise the quote and those that did could be annoyed by me using it for a make-up look, so this little musing ended up here. Oh, and the quote's from a Tori Amos song.

Another lovely & always relevant quote from the same song is, "Nothing's gonna stop me from floating." - I hope it'll always be true.

Thanks for reading :). And thanks to my new followers for following ^_^.


Jennifer said...

i love sweaters too <3!!!

Anonymous said...

oh yay smile.. you have a cute smile! personally i don't like teeth smile on myself.. i have big front teeth :P you look glowy!

Askmewhats said...

I love your huge smile photo :)s

fluff and fripperies said...

Hi there Cris! Just found you through lovelygirlybits blog, a fab Irish beauty blogger. Recently started out my own wee blog so have added you to my reading list and look forward to your posts. Love the watercolour look! Reminds me of a Chanel eye palette I own and must dig out, called Murano - all watercoloury seagreens and a pinky shade too.

Cris said...

Jennifer, that's nice :D.

Nic Nic, thanks & I think you look lovely when you smile and shouldn't worry. I hate smiling 'cause it seems to widen my face :-/.
And the flash may have enhanced the glow there ;), I looked less glowy in real life.

Nikki, thanks ^_^. I only really take smiling pics because I get positive comments.

F&F, thanks for the nice comment and for reading my blog, I hope it won't end up a disappointment. Will check yours out too ;).

Y said...

Your hair looks so shiny and healthy! What do you use?

Anonymous said...

heyy Cris!! i totally luv ur blog, n ur pics r gr8 too!! ^_^ i, too, hav trouble smiling in pics :(

anyway, i luv ur makeup kit posts, esp da lip balms one, dat's one of my favorites of urs!! :)

i've just started my own makeup blog (and yes, u r an inspiration!! ^_^) n hope u'll check it out n follow me as well as comment! :)

luv u n tc!!

All Made Up said...

gorgeous look!! so subtle and pretty and your eyes look great. I'd love to try the Tesco makeup but they dont sell it in any of my local stores!

Love you eyes, the colour is absolutely lovely and suits you perfectly :)

Cris said...

Y, I use Tigi Dumb Blonde shampoo & John Frieda Sheer Blonde lightening conditioner, along with whichever leave-in product I have around (I alternate those) ;). Hope that helps :).

RiZZiE, thank you so much, this is the first time I've been called a blogger's inspiration and I feel elated :). Following your blog ;).

Joy, thanks for the nice comment :), and I do recommend the Tesco foundation if you ever come across it. (I got mine from a swap.)

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm so sorry i never got to say this, but thank you so much for following my blog, it means alot to me! I'm gonna follow u back to return the favor, and your blog is VERY nice :)

Anonymous said...

were u sad before? haha I need to know how you get comments from other people, because I have trouble getting people to follow me :(