Monday, 6 December 2010

Korres magazine gift sets photos & swatches.

Marie Claire Greece's December 2010 issue comes with a gift set featuring two full size Korres products. There are three different kinds: a lip liner & lipstick, mascara & eye liner, or eye shadow & eye liner. I ended up grabbing two shadow & liner sets.

The packaging's nice, sturdy cardboard.

My first duo consists of Smooth Cedar Wood Pencil in 12 Green White (though the Greek name for it is Light Green :-/) and Sunflower & Evening Primrose Long-Wearing Eyeshadow in 66 Pink.

The eye shadow packaging reminds me of Laura Mercier shadows, and so does the shade actually, I'll post swatches below so you can see whether you agree.

I think they packaged these randomly 'cause while both shades are lovely, I think that one would have to be fairly creative with their make-up to wear these together.

The second set consists of Soft Eyeliner Pencil in 2S White and Shimmering Eyeshadow in 46S Olive Green.

I own a lot of eye make-up, but white liner's a staple for me. Looking forward to trying out my new white pencil ;D.

Finally, here are two swatch pics.



The shadows are sheeny and slightly metallic; the liners are pastel, pigmented and very pretty :).

I hope the swatches have helped and/or are nice to look at XD. Thanks for reading :).


dodo said...

thanks for the swatches! I love the green color!

Jennifer said...

i wish i was in Greece to pick these up! such a steal, right :D?

Askmewhats said...

very pretty swatch and yes, it helps!

Make-up Addict said...

They're so pretty!! I want them :( Wish I was in Greece right now too! Lol xx

Anonymous said...

your swatches are so cute :) the colours are very pretty!

Cris said...

Thanks for the comments, everyone :). It's great to see that the swatches have helped ^_^.

Jennifer said...

Cris, are you from Greece too LOL? i just realized...:P

happy Xmas to you in advance, stay warm and pretty while i'm away xoxo!

Musicalhouses said...

I love Korres eyeshadows, they are super gorgeous :) And since it's the season - Merry Christmas :)

The Beauty-Addict said...

great blog you have here! newbie blogger here! it'll be so sweet of you if you follow me there too

Y said...

I love the swatches!