Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Mixed post: Some old swaps, some sample reviews & a nail polish pic or two.

Here's a confession: I like writing sample reviews 'cause they don't require as much effort as complete ones ;).

*Tresemme Moisture Rich Conditioner sample review: The 8 ml sample was not enough for my long & thick hair. Maybe that's why the product didn't make an impression. Pretty average. Using the sample didn't make me want to try it.

*Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser sample review: This has tiny scrub-like particles in it, so I wouldn't recommend it (and didn't use it) as a daily face wash. When used once to twice a week, it left my skin clean and smooth without drying it out. It also made my pores invisible. I'm quite pleased with this product.

Next, a very very late Swap Update...

Since these swaps were completed back in late 2009, I can no longer remember what I'd sent out in exchange - but I doubt that anyone really cares, so I'll just skip listing that.

Swap 1 [The USA].

Pictured: Revlon Sugar Sugar Lip Topping in Lemon Drop, Pop Glitter Stix pencil in Coco, Eyeko Eye Cake in Pretty Eyes, and (probably my favourite from this lot) Mark Flip For It Fall Colour Kit in New York.

And guess what? The Mark Flip palette was an extra :D. Swapping truly makes me feel better about humanity, the people one comes across are so kind. I really should get into it again.

Swap 2 [The USA - the swapper I got my Wild & Crazy bright yellow shadow from].

Lots of Glamour Doll Eyes sample baggies (I won't list them all just now, but feel free to request if you're interested) and two eye shadow minis (Secretive and Slumber Party), two Still Glamorus eye shadows in Chic and Crybaby, NYX lipsticks in Rea and Sparkling Bronze, Elf's Candy Shop gloss tin in Coconut Craze, Mary Kay Satin Lips Lip Balm, a sample pot of LUSH Dream Cream, and a bracelet :).

I can't remember what the white thing over the Elf gloss is XD. But I'm fairly sure it's a Jane mineral face product that I got for & gave my sister ;). She also got the Elf gloss and NYX Sparkling Bronze lipstick.

Swap 3 [Scotland, the lovely lady I got my Sleek Safari palette from].

Actual swap: NYX eye shadows in Apricot Moose and Root Beer, and NYX Concealer In A Jar in Fair. Expected extra: Clinique Blended Face Powder in 20 Invisible Blend. (That's the glowing circle next to the L'Occitane sample.)

Unexpected extras: The aforementioned sample of L'Occitane Creme Tres Precieuse, a lovely Hello Kitty tin ^_^ (gave the mints to my sister ;D), mint tea, and a Space NK catalogue :D.

This swapper is brilliant with extras - she really picks them out to suit you ^_^.

Swap 4 [The USA].

Lime Crime !!!

Pompadour & Vixen. Vixen's Limited Edition. I'm so pleased about snagging these.

There'll be another Swap Update post coming up in the future, and that'd be all - until I arrange some new swaps ;).

Finishing off this somewhat erratic post with better pics of Serial Blogger.

I'm pretty sure it's discontinued :(, but I love mine and the pictures I'd posted before didn't really do it justice, and I'm wearing it now so I thought I'd retake.

And here's a close-up with flash...

Wearing two coats there.
It's even more gorgeous in real life when each bit of glitter reflects a different colour :D...

Plus, discontinued or not, I plan to eventually photograph every nail colour that I own ;).

Thanks for reading :).


Askmewhats said...

wow, so much makeup to play with ! enjoy!

Jennifer said...

Hey Cris :)! you succeeded in filling out the form! I saw your response on the spreadsheet :D

good luck to you!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

a lot of products!

lime crime!
that is one brand i would love to try out..i heard that they are good.

your nails look so nice!

Y said...

YAY! I love looking at your swaps because they are always so lovely and full of stuff! haha i sound so materialistic...

Cris said...

Thanks for the comments :D!

Nikki, I certainly will, I love this stuff :).

Jennifer, that's a relief XD & thanks for letting me know :).

Thiamere, thanks ^_^! It's usually easier for me to take nail pictures, getting nice face pics isn't easy.
Will have to do a Lime Crime look eventually ;).

Y, I love looking at people's purchases and swaps too :D. And I am materialistic...I like stuff :-P :).

Jennifer said...

what spicy food do you eat? and can you manage to eat the very spicy ones? :D

Anonymous said...

cute glitter nails! i want to remove mine soon.. it will be hell >_<

Anonymous said...

Cool items! Lucky you! I especially love the Glamour Doll Eyes sample bags! Pretty! ^_^

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