Friday, 5 November 2010

Busy days subtle look.

This is the sort of look to wear when you're late for work or an errand and have no time (or maybe can't focus enough) to do a full face, but skipping make-up altogether would be inappropriate.

It's a very easy & quick look that looks done but pretty.

I'm not even going to break it down into eyes/lips/face for this; I'll just go with bullet points ;).

*When you're in a hurry, you've got two quick & simple options for face coverage: a cream-to-powder foundation or tinted moisturiser. I went for the former.
*Next, under-eye concealer. Lack of sleep usually shows and that should be avoided.
*For the eyes, a shade similar to your natural lid colour (usually a bit darker than the rest of your face) but with a sheeny effect will do nicely. The sheen should be a natural looking colour. The specific colour family will depend on one's skin tone, but out of pink, peach, beige, gold or bronze, one or more will work. Sweep it onto the whole eyelid with a large brush (I actually used one of those mini cheek brushes that palettes come with).
*If you have good lashes, just curl them ;D. If you need your mascara, go ahead and apply some.
*If you're really knackered, you may want to skip contouring because when sloppily done, it looks worse than a bare face does. But if you feel up to it and your face just doesn't look right without it, then yes, you should contour.
*Cheek colour's easy enough: a natural flush shade of cream or gel blush applied to the apples.
*A soft and slightly glossy shade of lipstick that's close enough to your natural lip colour to be applied straight from the tube finishes this look.

Was having an unphotogenic day...That's why I look so annoyed.
I'd probably look worse without make-up though.

The pic below is kind of odd but it shows how lovely the shadow & lipstick are, so up it goes ;).

(Lovely make-up :D. Wish I could claim the same about my face...)

And this is me so desperate to get a satisfactory snapshot that I used an umbrella.

Everyone has their own bunch of favourite I'm-in-a-hurry products. I used:

*Pola 1/f whitening foundation in P32 Pink Beige
*NYX Concealer In A Jar in Fair (to hide my dark circles)
*Tigi Fixx-It Stick in Light (on blemishes)
*Bourjois powder in Miel Dore (to contour)
*NYC MarblEyes eye shadow in Tiger's Eye (I love this - if you come across any, get it)
*Tarte Cheek Stain in Flush (Note: if you can, get minis - these are huge)
*Estee Lauder Crystal Lipstick in Crystal Baby
*Various brushes & my lash curler :)

I may end up reviewing the Pola foundation cake. I don't use it daily so I wouldn't know whether it has long-term whitening effects, but it does make my face look fair, as you can tell from the pictures ^_^.

I didn't mention brows 'cause I didn't do anything to mine for this look other than comb them.
Also, you could probably add liner to the waterline (I'd go with white), but I forgot it >:-).

Sorry if this was badly written - I hope that I'll get better as I blog more frequently. Got another look planned for the weekend, and I do have a few old swaps I want to post, if only for the record.
Thanks for reading :).


Anonymous said...

you are glowing there! love the lips there...

Y said...

So glad to see you back! My fave "hurry" products" are just PF face powder, any lipstick, mascara and black eyeliner

Madiha said...

you look so pretty and glowing :)