Friday, 10 July 2009

My Make-Up Collection Part 3: Hello Kitty Lip.

[No, this is not a tutorial on how to erase one's mouth >:-).]

(I had a comment on Hello Kitty Eye, something like, "I thought this was going to be a Hello Kitty eye look...", and well, wasn't & won't be a lip look this time either ;D.)

This is the case I keep my lip products in :). It's Hello Kitty ^_^, hence the nickname Hello Kitty Lip XD.

View from the top:

Alright, let's open it...

Scattered on top of most lipsticks and glosses are various lip palettes, glosses that aren't tube-shaped, small-sized products, and certain lip balms that are coloured enough to belong here & not inside the Rimmel Case ;).

Hard Candy Pin Up lip palette, Mark Candy Stripes lip gloss in Candied Apricot and Candied Apple, a Mark Hookup double-ended gloss in Sugar Almond (left) and Marshmallow (right), a mini Hello Kitty lipstick, Tarte lip balms in Thursday and Friday, Embodyment Organic Essentials Cherry lip balm, Hershey's Milk Chocolate Scented Lip Gloss (this is a lot more of a balm-like product despite the name :-/), MAC lipstick in Malt (in a sample pot), L'Occitane lip gloss in Rose Bonbon, Biotherm mini Glossy Shine Luminous Crystal Gloss in 130, Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in Champagne, and Oriflame Sweet Talking Lip Candy in Sweet Bubblegum, Sweet Caramel, Sweet Vanilla and Sweet Butterscotch.

These heart things are the tastiest lip product I've ever tried. It's sort of annoying because they're literally good enough to eat, and too often, I do >:-). Oh, and they're gorgeous too ;D.

After removing all the clutter on top, here's what is left...

Most lipsticks are located in the centre section, while the lip glosses are split into groups & live in the side pouches ;). I'll cover the glosses first.

Estee Lauder High Gloss in Ivory and Pearl, mini Pure Colour Crystal Gloss in Sugarcane, mini Pure Colour Gloss in Burgundy, Pure Colour Crystal Gloss in Raspberry Pop, and Pure Colour Cool Gloss in Cool Coconut.

Labello CareGloss & Shine in pink and nude (can't find a name on them :-/), Clinique mini Superbalms in Raspberry Tint and Mango Tint, mini Colour Surge Impossibly Glossy in Cream Soda and Camisole, and mini Glosswear For Lips in Air Kiss.

Mary Kay lipsticks in Pink Daisy and Pink Coral, and Liparazzi lip gloss in Velvet Rope and Stalker. Yes, these light up :D! Will do a review one day ;). Oh, and I'd love to swap for Premiere if anyone has it ^_^.

Palladio Plump 'N' Shine Herbal Plumping Lip Gloss in Frosting, Miners Double Trouble lip gloss (the pink one - no shade name given :-/), Tigi Bed Head Dumb Blonde lip gloss (which is what some will think of me after reading all this, I suppose >:-D), Dior Sparkle Shine Glitter Top Coat For Lips, and Wet & Wild Diamond Brilliance in 616 Rachel's Rocks.

L'Occitane Cherry Blossom Lip Gloss, Bourjois Rouge Pop Chic in Poupre Chic, Oriflame Plump & Gloss in Naughty Girl and Nice Girl, and Stila It Gloss in Striking and Inviting.

Bourjois Poupre Chic is rain-proof :D. And I'm referring to crazy flood-like rain. I'm always happy when it rains :), but a lasting-through-the-elements bright red lip colour just makes it better ;).

MAC mini Lipglass in Gold Charm, Lipglass in Cult Fave (Fafi), Totally It (Fafi) and Silly Girl, Pout Lip Gloss in Tickle My Fancy and Be My Baby, and Urban Decay XXX Shine Cooling Lip Gloss in Love Junkie.

For someone who allegedly dislikes glosses, I sure have a lot >:-).

And I happen to like lipsticks ;D...Guess what brand most of mine are by?

MAC >:-D! Of course :-P...Eleven and counting ;D.

Fresh Buzz, Pretty Please, Flowerplay, Fresh Brew (Hello Kitty), Fashion Mews (Hello Kitty), Strayin' (Hello Kitty), Not So Innocent (Fafi), Strawbaby (Fafi), Flash-N-Dash (Fafi), Fun 'N' Sexy (Fafi) and Utterly Frivolous (Fafi) - that was my first one ^_^.

Next, Oriflame.

Power Shine lipsticks in Rose Bite and Sangria Red, Matt Glam (that's how they spell it - why not 'matte', I don't know) lipsticks in Liz, Lauren, Jean, Audrey and Marilyn, Colour Attraction lipstick in Golden Forest (sadly, the pretty green tube's Limited Edition packaging :-P) and Visions Lip Love lipstick in Justin.


Estee Lauder and Clinique.

Estee Lauder Pure Colour Crystal Lipstick in Crystal Baby, Crystal Pink and Tiramisu, Futurist Full Treatment Lipstick in Divine Wine, and Pure Colour Long Lasting Lipstick in Sugar Honey, and Clinique Colour Surge Lipstick in Wow Violet.


Wet & Wild, NYC and Essence.

Wet & Wild lipstick in 514A Cherry Frost and 519A Hot Red, Precious Metals lipstick in 762A Ruby Glam, Mega Colours lipstick in 909B Pink Suede and 907A Black Cherry (the packaging is completely different but both are named Mega Colours :-/), NYC Ultra Moist Lip Wear in 324B Cameo and Essence lipstick in 03 Romantic Secrets.


NYX, Revlon and Barry M.

NYX Black Label Lipstick in Nude and Round Lipstick in Iced Honey, Revlon lipstick in Nude Attitude and Silver City Pink, and Barry M Lip Paint in 100 Baby Pink and 123. At least I think it's 123 - the label has partially faded. As of me writing this, there's no 123 on the official site.


Various luxury brand lipsticks.

Dior lipstick in Golden Mirage, Orlane Rouge Extraordinaire Lipstick in 34, Cargo Plant Love lipstick in Nahinni, and Pout Full Cover Cream Lipstick in Mi Amore.


Last but not least, my set of mini Mark glosses :-P.

Glow Baby Glow minis in Girly Girl, Bubbles, Smooches and Blow Kisses, and Glow Baby Glow Luxe minis in Lucky Luxe, Choco Luxe, Flirty Luxe and Petal Luxe.

Swatches/reviews/looks on request ;). Next, I'll be presenting my cheek stuff, or as I like to call them, Face Enhancers :). Thanks for reading ^_^!

Oh, and to the one person who answered, "I don't know why you do these make-up collection posts anyway, they're so show-off & frivolous..." on my poll, thanks for the honesty - and I do it to keep a log of what I own, and because I enjoy looking at make-up :-P. I hope some of my readers do too :).

Blogger won't let me include more than 20 labels, so I can't mark this post with all the brands I own. Sorry :(!


Citrine said...

It would be even easier to do a hello kitty lips since she has no mouth...

Cris said...

Yes, but her face is all flat - I can make my mouth the same colour as my skin, but it won't be flat so it won't look right :(.

verina oei said...

omg,u got TONS of lippies !!

Askmewhats said...

you have so much lip products :D

Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous of your lipsticks! I LOVE lipsticks.

Kim said...

Tooons of lovely lippies! Sigh my lips are too small to wear lipstick well so I have to settle for glosses. Have you done a review or swatches on the Mark glosses yet? Those look intriguing :D

Also I don't see anything wrong with showing off a makeup collection. That's what collectors DO, right? Ah well, that's just my opinion~

mszcheysser said...

OMG! That's alot of lippies! woooow =D How long did it take for you to collect all that? And omg @ the person who made that comment... after all this is blogger, what more did they expect? Everyone does it. If they don't like it... tell them to get out! Lol.

Jasmin said...

awesome collection!

Cris said...

Thanks everyone ^_^!

Kim, haven't reviewed the Mark glosses yet, but they're brilliant in terms of quality and taste (XD), I love them :). I'll probably swap for more ;D.

I don't mind the person making that comment - it was a poll, and I left that as an option because I was wondering whether anyone would pick it ;).
And hmmm, I suppose the oldest lipsticks there are 3 years old. That'd be the Matt Glams. But they still work and feel alright, so I'm keeping them. Anyway, they've been discontinued and I love them too much - which is why I have 5 out of 8, lol.

Crystal said...

that's a LOT of lippies!

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

woaaaah your collection is HUGE!!

miku said...

Dude, I love your collection. I have about 6 lipglosses and three lipsticks. Total fail.

Cris said...

You should see some collections on - they scare me. Some are way larger than mine & they're for personal use 8-/.
I have loads of eye shadows, but I try to keep my lip stuff under control because they do expire ;). I think it's normal enough, for a make-up fan.
I am waiting on some more from swaps though XD.

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

Nice lippie collection! Its bigger than mine :) I think I've reached my max with lipsticks though, I have so many that I'm starting to buy similar shades...

lol I thought the watermelon jar was TM because I haven't touched anything yet and the only watermelon product I can remember is the TM.

Anna said...

That's quite a collection! I love the fact that you have many different brands (more than 20!!) and many many different colours, just goes to show how creative you are with your makeup! And gorgeous Hello Kitty bag!
PS: do you try to finish off lippies before they expire or have you had to throw out something in the past? I've never finished a lipstick in my life!!

Lisa Kate said...

Wow! This is an amazing collection!! I'm like you, for not liking glosses, I sure do have a lot :P

Miss.Friendz said...

What a lovely collection of lipsticks!!
I much prefer lippies over glosses :)

Cris said...

Lol :D!
Haven't tried the TM yet 'cause the lightest shade looks too dark for me :(.

Anna, hi & thanks :D! Haven't had a lipstick expire yet, but I suppose I soon will :-P...As long as I've used it a few times, I'm happy :).

Thanks for the comments everyone :D! New blog post coming soon, maybe even today...Sorry for vanishing like that :(. <3 you all for reading :).

javieth said...

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