Thursday, 17 February 2011

Illamasqua Throb inspired recreation tutorial.

For reference, here's the original pic...

(By the way, I know that my version's inferior, but remember that I'm not a professional & had to do this alone. I hope it's close enough and not too badly executed.)

I applied Jane tinted moisturiser to the sides of my face. For the heart area, I used my Pola whitening foundation in Pink Beige as a base, then I powdered the area with white eye shadow (from the Avon Smokey Eyes quad). I used my mini kabuki brush to powder.

I drew the heart with my Mocha Stick pencil from The Body Shop.

I filled in my brows with the black shade from my W7 palette using my Sephora Angle Brow brush, then shaped them & added some colour with a black pencil liner.

Trying to match the lid colour was a bit of a challenge & I'm still not sure I got that one right, but I used a shade from my W7 palette. I applied this on the lid & also smoked the lower lashline out a bit.

I lined my eyes with black mascara, using a gel liner brush. (If you have liquid liner, just use that; I had to improvise.) I made the line quite thick, then I went over it with silver (Oriflame Visions liner in Silver Snow), leaving a thin stripe of black right by the lashes. The black base really intensified the silver. I also tightlined with black.

I applied black mascara to my top lashes only, the lower lashes were left bare. I lined the lower waterline with a pale pink (Oriflame Visions duo liner in Thelma & Louise).

For my lips, I first shaped them with lip liner (defined edges & a heart shaped top lip), then I filled them in with NYX lipstick in Ulysses, blotted, applied another coat, and topped that with Estee Lauder gloss in Burgundy. I tried to match the original lip colour using products from my collection. If you like Illamasqua's lip colour, I'd recommend just getting that.

On my cheeks, I used Fashion 21 Fine Blush Powder in 1. (This is an Asian product.)

Finally, I drew on the little black heart with a black pencil, then painted it over with mascara.

Hope this helps & thanks very much for reading :).


Y said...

yay! Thanks for the quick tutorial!

Natalie Suarez said...

very cool! :)

Anonymous said...

o ok, just making sure :)
And thanks for the advice. I'll try doing that to make my blog more recognizable. lol

Anonymous said...

HAHA yeah its ok, I can take the critizism. My hand forgives u :P