Saturday, 24 April 2010

Birthday look, cake & thoughts. 21 years old now...

So, today's my birthday.

[Well, when I started working on this entry, it was still Saturday, so there :-P. I wasn't lying when I typed that ;D.]

I am now 21, and to be honest I do feel old. One of my brothers is twelve as of the 19th, and I remember myself being twelve. It's really damn scary.

It's not the 'growing old' aspect of it that scares me. It's the change and how time passes, not in relation to me but sort of historically if that even makes sense, how things that I live through will be the next generation's past...

When I get gloomy, I force myself to stop thinking ('brooding' would probably fit better here), so here are my look, cake etc. & am being positive :D.

[I do feel wonderful for making it this far though. Thank you God.]

Face: The usual. Tigi concealer, Tesco foundation, Bourjois mineral powder & contouring powder from that fake YSL kit. And a whole lot of brushes. A foundation brush truly's brilliant to work with.

Eyes: First, a soft wash of NYX Apricot Moose. Over that I applied Sleek Eye Dust in Inferno. I lined my eyes with Too Faced's Ruby Slippers metallic pencil (lovely :D) and used the lighter end of Oriflame's Aladdin & Jasmine duo liner on my waterline. Curled lashes & threw on mascara [Avon SuperSHOCK] too, naturally.

Cheeks: Revlon Leading Lady Blush in Smoky Rose, applied lightly & diffused over the apples. An unusual way of wearing blush for me, but I thought it'd work here.

Lips: Stila It Gloss in Fetching. It is ;).

Here's a smiling pic, because after all this is a birthday post...

And I wish the one below hadn't turned out this blue...But my phone tends to do that.

I'll post the eye close-ups just to illustrate how out of practice I am where those are concerned. Must keep trying then :-P. It's the only way to improve.


The tradition of using paper numbers continues ;D. And here it is without them...

Oh, and of course I bought it. I cant't bake (and that's probably fairly apparent, lol XD). Thanks for reading :). Am passing out after I'm done with this - must get some sleep.

P.S. In retrospect, I like my smile from last time :). Maybe I'll like today's photos next year.


Jess said...

Happy Birthday, Cris! I hope, you you spent a great time with your friends and family!

Askmewhats said...

Happy Birthday dear, not feel old! I'm 31 and I still feel like I'm 18! hahaha :) Enjoy your bday sweetie! Hope you'll have a great one

Kim said...

Hope you have an awesome birthday! ^-^

~tHiAmErE~ said...

Happy birthday,hun!
i missed you!
it's nice to be able to read your post again

you look really pretty!
i love the pic where you are smiling you look really glowing...21 is not a bad age...i remember when i reached 20 i told myself that i'm really very old..but you know there are merits to being old..1 of the best thing is that you can do everything to your hearts content because you are of the legal age..

save me a slice of your cake,ne?

happy birthday,sweetie!

Y said...

Awww Cris! I know how you feel considering I'm 17 and well I feel like "whattt?! I'm almost 20!" >.<

Can you mail me a slice? Kay thanks. LOL

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!

a pretty bday look, still very youthful :D

the cake looks yummy! Hope you have a fab bday :)

Jennifer said...

happy belated birthday! the cake looks delish!!! :D