Monday, 5 October 2009

A tag & my swap with Hanna ^_^.

*10 labels instead of 20 per post (which was not enough for me either)?!? Thanks >:-@.

[I'll do the Daily Essentials tag next ;). Must take the necessary pictures for it.]

So, I was tagged by the lovely ladies at Italian Beauty Blog and The Adventurous Purple Koala (check them out, I love promoting the Euro blogosphere ;D) with the "I think you are an awesome girl" tag ^_^. Thanks :).

Since I (as way too often, hmmm...) end up posting this later than I should've, I'll leave this open 'cause I'm not sure who has or hasn't been tagged. Any reader of mine can take it - if you regularly read this, I do think you're awesome.

Here are my ten facts...

*I've always wanted a middle name. Or three. Having one name is just...Boring :-P.
*My voice changes according to various factors, including but not limited to my mood, what I'm saying and the language I'm speaking. And I don't mean minor changes - I sound like a different person fairly often (which must be odd to others).
*I love having blonde hair and dark eyes, I think it's unique and (along with my pale skin) makes me stand out.
*I can't do that spreading-lipstick-with-your-lips thing. I just end up clumsily squishing them against each other, and if I wore lip colour while doing it, I would just mess it up.
*I'm a fast reader.
*I really like being in motion. Buses, cars, planes, trains - anything as long as I'm moving.
*I make up my own names for constellations. There's the V sign (as in Victory), and the forever (looks like the mathematical symbol for infinity, which is an 8 lying on its side), and more.
*My beauty ideal is pale. (You probably know that.) I honestly don't understand why people use fake tan to lose something attractive they naturally have.
*I love taking photographs of anything that's beautiful. That includes make-up. It does not include myself. (But for the blog's sake, I try to do 'look' posts as often as I can.)
*I'd love it if someone did a make-up video tutorial on Dior Midnight Poison. (I won't do one 'cause I'm not beautiful enough to pull it off without looking like a parody or worse, an insult to the original. Don't argue.)

If you do this tag, let me know, I'd love to read your facts ;). Oh, and coming up with mine was sort of hard...But there they are :).

For my latest Swap Update, I'll begin with a swap I'd arranged with a fellow blogger ^_^. I love swapping with other bloggers :D. So, here it is ;).

Swap 1 [Malaysia - this was a swap with Hanna ^_^].

(For my barely used Mary Kate & Ashley LA Style gift set, containing the perfume & a body mist, all in a blue MK & A pouch. And of course I was generous with extras ;D.)

I was supposed to receive two glosses and a lip liner, but after no swap showed up two months later, Hanna offered to send me a replacement & allowed me to pick some items from her list. Isn't she a wonderful swapper?

So, I got these...

Contact lenses solution minis ;), a Stila Lip Glaze Stick in Brown Sugar (not brown at all when worn - more of a sweet nude), an Estee Lauder mini nail polish in Satin Gold (so cute ^_^!), nail polish remover pads, two mini tubes of Lancome sunscreen, and a Cafe Chocolate lip gloss by Amuse.

I recommend that gloss for occasions when you need to look and feel more awake. It's a beautiful fresh rose colour and smells very strongly of coffee ;D. (If you can't stand the smell of coffee, do not get this.)

But then, three months after the first swap was sent...It showed up!

That did take way too long, but I was still happy to receive it :).

The Estee Lauder gloss looks squished and half empty because it now is :( - it somehow was punctured in the mail and ended up leaking all over the other products. But I've cleaned them up ;), and there's enough of it left for me to try out anyway :D.

The Eyeko wipe and lipstick sample were extras :). The actual swap was for the Estee Lauder High Gloss in Berry, Stila It Gloss in Enchanting (bringing my total of It Glosses up to five :D, of which it's my current favourite ^_^), and Stila Glaze Lip Liner in Nude ;).

Thanks again to Hanna for a wonderful swap ^_^ (we're currently through our second ;D), and I do advise my readers to check out her blog ;).

Swap 2 [Portugal].

(For my Elf quad in Nouveau Neutrals, and lots of extras ^_^.)

Bourjois eye liner in Fil D'Or - this was on my wishlist, and now I finally have it ^_^. She also made me samples of Avene Hydrance Optimale Riche Hydrating Cream and The Body Shop Moisture Foundation in 1 as extras :).

She added the foundation 'cause she'd noticed that I was perpetually looking for pale colours. I love it when people add extras specifically to suit me.

Thanks for reading :).


Y said...

omggggg. I loveee your swaps as usual. Hm, if I do the tag, I'll def comment and tell you!

Lisa J. said...

I see the swaps are still going strong!~ Good on ya.

Askmewhats said...

awww those are wonderful swaps :)

miku said...

I have a 'middle name' but it's only in baptism. I rock one name like you.

Toothfairynotes said...

Cool swaps!!! nice that you can swap things with ppl all over the world!


HaNNa_HuLLaBaLoo said...

Hey Cris,
Gosh now that ur 'promoting' my blog, I feel guilty for abandoning the dusty blog for ages. I hardly have time (and good net connection) since im stationed in here.

Glad that u like our swaps. I'm really sorry for the spoiled packaging of the 1st shipping. Hope we could swap again!

fuzkittie said...

Hey Cris! I've been MIA for a while but you're still the swap Queen!!! :]

Y said...

Hi! I nominated you for an award!

Cris said...

Y, thanks :D!

Lisa, it's how I get stuff :-P. I'm just lucky to find people willing to swap with me, lol ;D.

Nikki, thank you :).

Miku, I still would love more names...But I suppose that one's gotta adapt to what she has :).

Toothfairynotes, true, right ^_^?

Hanna, it wasn't your fault, you're a great swapper :). And of course we can swap again ;).

Fuz, glad to see you back :D & lol, I hope I always will be :-P.

Anna said...

Hello Cris! See, not only you're awesome, but interesting too! As happens to you, my voice also totally changes when I speak other languages, weird isn't it?? I also have three names in total (Anna being my first obviously!), but I seldom use the others. I like them very much but when I have to sign official documents it gets a bit bothersome :D xx